Brian Urlacher isn’t interested in coaching or broadcasting


Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher doesn’t have a desire to play football anymore and it doesn’t sound like he has much interest in pursuing any other job associated with the game either.

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that Urlacher has shown no interest in either broadcasting or coaching as a way to remain involved in the sport while moving into the next phase of his life. FOX Sports would be interested in talking to Urlacher if the longtime Bear wants to move into the broadcasting booth, but Urlacher said he doesn’t think he’d be good at talking about the game he played so well. He did leave the door partially open to revisiting a move in that direction down the road, something that doesn’t sound like a possibility with coaching.

“I don’t think I would be a good coach,” Urlacher said. “First of all, I don’t want to spend the time coaching. I feel bad for them. During the season, they work 90 hours a week. I don’t want to do that.”

For now, Urlacher’s playing a lot of golf and enjoying not thinking about getting ready for training camp. That sounds about right for a man early in retirement, but it’s hard to believe that Urlacher won’t have some presence around the Bears or the NFL once he’s more settled into the post-playing part of his life.

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  1. He’s earned the right to relax as much as he wants, and if he decides that he doesn’t want to stay in football in his post-retirement life, more power to him. I look forward to him being inducted in Canton in 5 years.

  2. Urlacher is a smart guy. I expect unlike many players that he has wisely invested a good chunk of his money and will have no need to work another day in his life.

  3. It’s funny, so many people say that players are the game not coaches, but even though great players work very hard to become and stay great so many of those players don’t want anything to do with coaching because coaches work so hard (and get less pay).
    Great coach > any one great player.

  4. I never thought of Urlacher as being smart till he turned down the possibility of playing for the Vikings. He recognized Favre’s fatal error of ruining his legacy by playing for a second rate franchise and decided to retire.

    Like I said, smart man.

  5. I think it is 50/50 when it comes to coaches and players. Look at the Saints the were not great with out their coach. Then look at teams that have GREAT coaches and they are okay but not great like the cardinals. It takes both players and coaches.

  6. Ironic that the ones you actually wouldn’t mind listening to, don’t want a job in broadcasting.

    And then there is Warren Sapp, who could make a grown man cut his own cable feed in two.

  7. Big time Bear fan here.

    I’ll really miss watching him play and I’m glad he’s deciding to hang it up instead of try to revive his career.

    I bought his orange jersey last year when they fazed away from the old jersey’s knowing full well it will be worn just as many times as my Butkus, Ditka, and Payton’s jerseys.

  8. I don’t think he’d make a good coach either when he couldn’t even properly break down the film of that ST play he says was his best play ever. He’s not a cerebral player and he doesn’t understand the technical points of the game very well. The NFL is already jam-packed with coaches that only get half the job done.

  9. Sounds like someone made the right choice to retire .. And many teams made an equally right choice not signing him.

  10. Too bad I respect Brian Urlacher. He would be a great announcer. He could have given us true perspective at the end of the “Best Linebacker Ever” in the Super Bowl last year with Ray Lewis.

    Instead of Jim Nantz..Ray had a tough week answering questions about double homicide and payoff.

    Or this week..Ray is most overrated Raven ever.

    Who was overrating Ray the last 3 years of his career?
    Compare that to who is overrating Brady the last 3 years of his career.

  11. I think he would make a great announcer, and I’m glad he at least left that open as a possibility.

  12. I want the world leave Brian Urlacher alone and let Brian do what he like to do for himself. Golf is the only beginning for him to retired!

  13. considering Urlacher is about as well spoken as a mumbling ape, I wouldn’t imagine either of those vocations a successful possibility even if he did want to pursue them.

  14. Yeah, Brett made 20 million dollars with Minny. Urlacher was offered what he was worth: less than a million. Big difference. No one was dumb enough to offer more than a million bucks to washed up crybaby Brian.

  15. Bears fans, how do you have a good QB like Cutler and still not make the playoffs??? Christian Ponder beating out your team should tell you something.

    NFC North 2013:
    Vikings: 11-5 (with Matt Cassel)
    Packers: 10-6
    Lions: 9-7
    Bears: 2-14

  16. @chillyball:

    Well, at least you credit Cutler for being a good QB…The rest of your post is pure fantasy…To wit:

    1.) If MN goes 11-5 I’ll be shocked…And it won’t have anything to do with Ponder or Cassel, it will be because AP carried a mediocre team on his shoulders again.

    2.) GB at 10-6 I can see, but no way the Vikes win the North.

    3.) Detroit has made some nice additions this off-season, but it is unlikely they will improve 5 games in the standings.

    4.) For the Bears to finish 2-14, they would have to lose every game they play against teams not from Minnesota.

    But thanks for the laugh.

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