Bucs could have 20 unrestricted free agents in 2013


The softening of the free-agent market has resulted in shorter contracts, which means that more and more players are having their contracts expire every year.  Which means that more free agents are hitting the market.

In Tampa, the Bucs currently are scheduled to have 20 unrestricted free agents in 2014, according to PewterReport.com.

The biggest names are receiver Mike Williams and quarterback Josh Freeman.  As to the former, the team reportedly is working on an extension.  As to the latter, it’s a wait-and-see approach.

It’s a risky proposition for the Bucs.  If Freeman has a big year, it’ll cost extra to keep him around in 2014.  And then the question will become whether his performance in 2013 was a one-year blip or the start of a trend.

If the current coaching staff and administration believed Freeman is the future, they wouldn’t have used a third-round pick on Mike Glennon in April, and they would have signed Freeman by now.  With so much money devoted annually to cornerback Darrelle Revis, it appears the plan is to keep the quarterback compensation low during the time Revis is in Tampa.

If Mike Glennon becomes the starter at some point this year or to start 2014, the Bucs will have four years of Glennon at minimum salaries, making it easier to keep Revis around.  The moment they choose to give big money to a quarterback, it will become a lot harder to continue with the $16-million-per-year commitment to Revis.

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  1. I would have traded Freeman by now, this is going to be a costly maneuver. They already spent a lot of money including a 1st round pick on him, and they did that when they weren’t ready to compete for a title then or shortly after then and they still aren’t ready. They are probably just going to throw a lot more money on him and come up well short of being a championship team over the next several years.

    By the time Revis’ contract is up they will very likely have a cap problem already lined up for the future years after he comes off the books.

    But by then they won’t be in Tampa any longer.

  2. “With so much money devoted annually to cornerback Darrelle Revis, it appears the plan is to keep the quarterback compensation low during the time Revis is in Tampa.”

    Doesn’t sound like the formula for success to me.

  3. That’s BS. The Bucs want to pay Freeman. Going on the cheap with a rookie QB is not the way to build a championship. Especially in a division with other top tier QB’s like Ryan and Brees. To do what the article is suggesting its almost like they’re insinuating the Bucs want Freeman to fail. Suggesting the Bucs can only pay Revis or give Freeman a new contract is ridiculous.

  4. Content if he leaves the Bucs and missing his own Kids football camp = see ya. If you can’t take competition then you shouldn’t be a starting NFL QB.

  5. You fail to mention that Freeman already is taking almost 10 mil against the cap for 2013… A new contract won’t be too too much more than that anyway. Maybe another 4-6 mil a year. That won’t exactly cripple us.

  6. And to think the ESPN “Brains” complained that the Bucs GM failed to spend the current $18 mil+ cap surplus on more “offensive toys” for Freeman in 2013. FYI: The Bucs finished 2013 50 yards short of having a 1500 yd. RB and two 1,000 yd WRs, despite having two Pro Bowl OL on IR. Instead of being concerned about how the Bucs Defense will stop the saints, Falcons & Panthers offenses, “Experts” should be wonder how those offenses will get on the field.

  7. Just rehashing the same tired gossip column story again I see. Acquiring a young qb in the draft for the purpose of depth @ the position isn’t that complicated, but that won’t stop you from trying to make a controversy out of it. Starting qb’s do have injuries from time to time in the NFL and it’s good to have a contingency plan. I know, earth-shattering news. The season can’t get here soon enough.

  8. “like they’re insinuating the Bucs want Freeman to fail.”

    Wanting him to fail and preparing for it are 2 different things… After all the games JF has played, it only makes since at this point to be prepared for it…. Only “homers” and JF fans can’t seem to fathom JF might actually play horribly this season and be sent packing… NO matter how strongly anyone may want him to remain a Buc.

  9. “If the current coaching staff and administration believed Freeman is the future, they wouldn’t have used a third-round pick on Mike Glennon in April”

    Did you say the same thing when the Pats took Mallet?

  10. Josh Freeman is a good QB. He’s ENTERING year 5. That’s when elite guys take the biggest step.

    Mike Glennon will be lucky if he’s good enough to land the #2 spot, much less become a starter. The kid just is not that good.

    Which makes this article a joke to be honest.

  11. So the guy leads his offense to a number 9 ranking last year and its not enough proof to anyone that he is good enough for an extension even after he had a good 2010. Freeman is the future, Glennon is future trade bait. The Florio team needs another tire to kick between Hernandez updates becaise this is ludacris.

  12. So what. The Giants will have 27 unrestricted free agents after this year, including Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Justin Tuck, Corey Webster, Antrell Rolle and Linval Joseph among others.

  13. To put your major money in a corner, is absurdity raised to a new height. If Revis does show full recovery from the ACL injury he will still only be involved in those plays directed to his half of the field. If Revis shows himself to be 100% again (unlikely), opposing teams with the tools will simply favor the receivers away from him, making that high dollar position veeeery expensive indeed. For this, the team is going to go the cheapskate route on quarterback? Are they nuts?

  14. The Bucs planned ahead of time for this…When everyone was mad that the Bucs let players walk away and passed on others. Mark Dominick was planning ahead of time for three contracts, Freeman, williams, and Revis the other players who will become free agents are not key players

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