Calvin Johnson hasn’t enjoyed much team success


Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson both became slam-dunk additions to the Lions’ Mt. Rushmore.  When it comes to team accomplishments, however, neither enjoyed much success.

As Anwar Richardson of points out, Johnson has struggled through some awful Lions teams.  In this age of supposed parity, Johnson has appeared in one playoff game in six NFL seasons, and he has played for the only 0-16 team in league history.

That’s even worse than Sanders, who in a decade of perceived futility nevertheless had six playoff appearances, and who was never on a team that won fewer than five games.

As Richardson points out, Sanders deserved better — and so does Johnson.

The Lions seem to believe that 2012’s slide doesn’t reveal the true status of the team.  If they can’t prove that with a strong performance in 2013, Johnson’s career will be seven seasons long, with still only one playoff game.

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  1. How the Lions continue to allow Schwartz to coach that team is baffling to me. He has had way too much talent for the the records they have had. He should have been canned 2 years ago.

  2. And if he where a qb he would be mocked and chastised at every corner for not having playoff success. Its a team sport when talking about any position other than qb but when we do talk qb the losses are all their fault.

  3. Further evidence of Barry Sanders greatness. Often in arguments regarding who was better, Sanders or Emmitt Smith, fans of the latter will point to his 3 Super Bowl wins.

    Does anyone think Smith could have taken that same collection of Lions’ QB-less talent in the 90’s to 6 Playoff appearances?

    Nope. Didn’t think so.

  4. First thing that came to mind after reading the story header.. “Get used to it calvin, you signed long term with Detroit..” Youll never win there. Barry didnt, neither will you.

  5. In 2012 the Lions leading runningback never got on the field. The number two man was coming off a ruptured achilles, and number three was a walk on. Nobody feared the running game. They’re number two receiver broke his leg and number three had a melt down. They also led the league in dropped (45) passes. All they had was Matt and Calvin and everybody on the opposing team, the grandstands, and the TV audience knew it. In spite of the fact that our ONLY option was Stafford to Johnson, they both put up recordbook numbers… But people claim it wasn’t good enough. Maybe it’s because the othe teams had eleven players on the field.

  6. Being humble is one of the factors that makes Calvin great like Barry. He does deserve better, but he doesn’t whine about it like most wr would.

  7. Btw yes the 28 games would be correct instead of the 32 as the bucs came into the league in the 70s as an expansion team while the league was still playing 14 game seasons

  8. Jim Schwartz needs to go for them to be successful. How a defensive coordinator turned head coach can have such a terrible defense blows my mind. You aren’t going to win many games when you’re in the top 5 of points allowed on defense.

  9. The Lions have an excuse every year to explain how these terrible GMs are actually great GMs that are “making progress” for a “substantial future” because we are so “ready for a championship”.

    Bad Leaders = Legacy Killers

    CJ is rotting away layer by layer with every passing season of management futility.

  10. It seems the Lions overall talent is over-rated. They’ve got a superstar WR, above-average QB, and two potential (yet goofy) pro bowl DTs — everything else is average at best. Sure the coach is an immature hothead, but I’m not sure Lombardi would make this roster a SB contender.

  11. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?? Seriously, is that how teams measure success? Merely getting to the playoffs? How about Super Bowl wins. How many good players haven’t been to the playoffs recently and then won a Super Bowl? How many define their sad success by merely getting to the playoffs?

    Megatron has played in some dud seasons, but my guess is his mental toughness and general happiness is greater than Barry’s (sorry Barry). When’s the last time you saw Barry smile? Heck, he walked away from the game before breaking the records he would’ve broken because they weren’t winning. As an athlete, I don’t respect that. I respect what Barry did as a player, but not how he left. I don’t see Calvin doing that.

    It’s rare that a pro football player will get a ring over a possibly short career. I hope CJ and the Lions do. The Lions aren’t in it for CJ. CJ has to be in it for the Lions.

  12. Besides, last season was the fluke for this Schwartz-led team. 2011 was more in line with what this team should be doing. CJ knows that. The team is improving. He sees that. He’ll do his part.

  13. Deserves better???? This is the typical media play of filling a players head with garbage. As soon as any one player becomes bigger than the team…You have issues!!!

  14. The Lions are wonderful…and so is Calvin Johnson! We had a great season and then a slow one. It’s a young team and we’ll do great this year. Schwartz has my support for at least one more year!

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