Chargers’ Mt. Rushmore omits L.T.


The Chargers got their Mt. Rushmore on Friday.  And the greatest running back in team history didn’t get a spot on it.

Sure, PFT Planet opted to give LaDainian Tomlinson one of the four positions.  For me, however, L.T. ended up at No. 5.

It didn’t help that he played for a franchise that has included men like Dan Fouts, Charlie Joiner, Lance Alworth, and Junior Seau, my four choices.  It also didn’t help that Tomlinson’s teams never made it to a Super Bowl, despite having more talent than Fouts’ Chargers and less intense competition than those San Diego teams faced.

Cementing the decision was Tomlinson’s opinion, as expressed last year on NBCSN, that he’d rather have a Hall of Fame career than a championship.  While his accomplishments are worthy of Canton, that mindset hurts him when it’s time to pick the men who are the faces of a franchise that, based on his own admission, ultimately took a back seat to Tomlinson’s individual goals and ambitions.
The full segment from Friday’s show appears below, along with the L.T. debate and the outcome of the voting process.

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  1. What he said was he would rather have a HOF career than being the 53rd guy on a championship team. BIG difference.

    Talking hands down best running back since Barry. And he isn’t top 4 player on a franchise. Come on. Clearly left off because controversy equals web page hits on a slow Sunday.

  2. I’m sure LTD and the rest of the other players omitted from your Mount Rushmore are saddened that they aren’t elected. I’m sure It’s akin to not being drafted in fantasy football for them.

  3. Sometimes I just don’t understand you. You always default to your personal bias rather than judge the player on his performance. You and many others continue to base these decisions on the “good for the team” concept, or whether they went to another team. It….Is…A…..Business. The owners, GM’s and Coaches have no problem with sending you down the road after they have used you up. Bottom line he is a HOF running back and the best player the Chargers ever had. This is a sad commentary on this site.

  4. The only Charger who should have come ahead of LT in votes was Dan Fouts (and maybe Junior Seau). He may never have made it to the big one, but I’ll be damned if Tomlinson wasn’t one of the most exciting RBs to ever play the game.

  5. He had close to 3,200 carries compared to Shaun Alexander’s nearly 2,200 carries. Both averaged 4.3 YPC.

    I think the voters who picked SA should have considered who they were voting for over here before still placing that vote when they can see how this comparison should have boxed him out.

  6. Once again i’ll ask you, why in sam hill are you polling “pft planet” if you ignore the results and post your singular midset as the “official” mt rushmore?

    Omitting LT is a big mistake, btw.

  7. As a raider fan this guy was the chargers for years. Time after time this guy would break open the game in the 4th after we held him in check for the first 3 quarters. Only player I hated and had to watch him play because he was that good

  8. What is wrong with you Florio? You have a poll and then don’t abide by the results of said poll. For an internet blogger / washed out attorney, you sure have a high opinion of yourself.

  9. I will always remember LT as the guy who sat on the bench due to bruised lady parts and wearing a nice warm coat as his QB was out there playing with a tore ACL. But he’s a classy guy, after all, he told us he was.

  10. Maybe its just me but Fouts was a QB who flurished with the best WRs and TE available. With this said he was a product of a system that even Jim Hart succeeded under “AIR Coryell” . That should have been the fourth! Dan Coryell changed the franchise!

  11. Joiner and Alworth were both very good but I can’t buy them being more worthy than Tomlinson. He is top 5 all time rushing yards and top ten in all purpose yards. 2nd all time in touchdowns.

    Come to think of it, the idea that Joiner and Alworth are near the same plane is ridiculous.

  12. So a guy that got less than half the total yardage per game (Joiner – 56.0) than Tomlinson (116.6) is on the mountain but LT isn’t? I’m sorry, did Joiner lead the league in receiving yards or receptions a couple years and I missed it? Does he hold the record for most TDs scored in a season?

    Serious credibility issue here.

  13. Charlie Joyner over LT?!?! Who has the TD record in a season? Did Joyner ever have more than one year with more than 7 TDs? Sigh….bias or stupidity? Which one is it?

  14. I’d put LT up there in place of Seau. Seau was great, but not as great as LT. Joiner I had to think about too. But I think he belongs up there. At some point Phil Rivers is going supplant one of those guys – after he wins two or three Super Bowls wearing bolts.

  15. LT is the best all around back I’ve ever seen. I live in Minnesota, and last year Ben Leber, who is a radio host in the Twin Cities and played with both LT and Adrian Peterson, said he’d rather have LT if it was one game for the Super Bowl (as a Vikes fan, I naturally would disagree haha). No doubt Adrian is a better pure runner than LT (perhaps the best ever), but LT can play every down. He’s still an extremely dominant runner in his own right, he was AMAZING out of the backfield (100+ receptions in one season for a RB is crazy), an amazing blocker, and of course, could even throw a TD or 2 a year. The last three things Adrian somewhat struggles with. LT was the textbook definition of an all around back. And about his comments on the HOF, I completely agree with him. They shouldn’t be held against him for this Mt. Rushmore thing. In football, you can only control so much as one play can change a season (contrary to basketball that has only 5 guys on the court). No one can honestly argue with a straight face that Eli is a better QB than Peyton. Super Bowls are more of an anomaly than a bust in Canton.

  16. It’s absurd for Tomlinson not to be there. He was the leader of a perineal playoff team during the 2000s that is not represented at all. He was also one of the best 5-7 backs in the history of the game. Don’t feel like that can be said for Fouts ,Alworth or Joiner. This is hogwash

  17. Saying your rather have an hall of fame career more than a championship is so blatantly ridiculously and not uninmaginably, coming from him, selfish! I think that just shows how much all he cared about was his stats. He probably will be in the HOF one day, but I am glad that he’s not on the charger mount rush more! Because it is the CHARGER Mt. Rushmore not LADAINIAN TOMLINSON Mt. Rushmore! I for one couldn’t be happier that he was left out because football is a team sport not an individual sport like golf. Maybe he was a great team player who put his team first, but based on that one statement HE made. I’m going to think otherwise and always consider him a selfish player who didn’t deserve a championship! Because championships are for great team players and, like I said, based on that one statement I will never consider him a team player. Selfish players at most deserve a HOF bust if they were good enough and he was. So deserving of a HOF bust? Maybe. Deserving of a Lombardi trophy and spot on the CHARGERS Mt. Rushmore? That’s a big NO!

  18. I know I’ll prolly get a bunch of thumbs down for this, but here goes

    Shouldn’t Tomlinson be in over Seau?(RIP) Don’t get me wrong, Seau was good, but Tomlinson is one of the greatest backs ever. Seau wasn’t even the best LB in his division (RIP Derrick Thomas), let alone the greatest of his generation. Again, not taking anything away from Seau, I just think Tomlinson should be up there over Junior. Fouts is one of the greatest QBs of all times, Alworth, one of the greatest WRs. Joiner is just a classic Charger.

  19. To say that he’d rather have a Hall of Fame career than a championship may sound backwards, but I don’t think so. If every player strives for a Hall of Fame career, then the championship should just happen as a result or byproduct of that many dedicated players on a team. It’s a collective effort and not everybody put in the dedication and hard work that Tomlinson did. If they had, then who knows what the Chargers would have been capable of doing?

  20. I disagree that LT’s teams did not face stiff competition like Fouts teams did. I will say I was not alive during Fouts’ tenure but Tomlinson’s Chargers came of age and competed with Tom Brady’s Patriots, Peyton Manning’s Colts, and Pittsburgh’s defense which was perennially ranked in the top five for the length of San Diego’s run. It’s not like they lost to Mark Sanchez’s Jets every year. LaDainian Tomlinson single handedly carried the Chargers on his back until 2008 when Rivers began to take over. This is a joke. Like other posters have said, why even bother with the polling if you already had the final four set in stone? I feel like Charger fans watch this team more than any media member (especially any EAST coast member) and should know better.

  21. Myth 1: LT sat on the bench and pouted instead of playing during the playoffs. He sat on the bench because he was injured and had no burst. It would hurt his team to leave him in. He was devastated. That is why he left his visor on.

    Myth 2: LT said he would rather have a HOF career than win a SB. What he ACTUALLY said was that he’d rather have a (long) HOF career than be the 53rd man on a roster for 1 year and his team wins the SB. EG, who was the backup center on the 1997 SB winner? Do you even know off-hand who won in ’97? But you know who LT was: the man who scored more rushing TDs than anyone in history, a Significant record that will continue to stand for the foreseeable future. SBs will always be the achievement of the whole team. Lots of average players have won SBs. There are great teams and there are great players. Can’t we enjoy them both?

  22. Okay Mike, you say Joiner over Tomlinson and give LaDainian grief because the team never won a Super Bowl with him. Please remind us all of how many Super Bowls the Chargers won with Charlie. While you’re at it, give us all a break down comparison on Pro Bowls and All Pro teams for both players. Of course, it took Joiner 5 years to get into Canton. If you’d care to bet me that Tomlinson won’t be a first ballot inductee, I’ll give you some really good odds. And then I’ll get your money!

  23. In no particular order it should have been….

    Lance Allworth
    Kellen Winslow
    Dan Fouts

    Junior had a productive career but all time he’s no where near those 4.

  24. Great job SD fans! Tomlinson doesn’t deserve this honor. He was a selfish player and never led his ultra talented teams to the promised land, but I guess he doesn’t care as long as he ends up in Canton. Now if the HOF could just hold out a couple of years before they let this punk in. Icing on the cake.

  25. Joiner over Tomlinson and Winslow??? You gotta be kidding me. Joiner only went to three Pro Bowls. It’s strange he is even in the Hall of Fame.

    If you can’t dampen your hate for LT2, then go with Winslow. Credibility killer twice over.

  26. The younger voters who did not see Lance Allworth play do not understand how good
    he was. When The AFL and NFL merged
    Lance was the first player from AFL inducted
    into the Hall of Fame. Bambi as he was called
    was never shut out as he caught at least one pass in every game he played ( 105 ).
    Lance snagged 85 TD and 19 yard average
    per catch over his career.

  27. Nice how some of you are so insistant that we not confuse an outstanding pilar of the San Diego community and the best all-around back since Sweetness with your crack addicted child rapist. Wouldn’t want to sully the good name of Lawrence Taylor, now would we?

  28. Those of you who question Tomlinson’s toughness should know he suffered a detatched muscle and took cortisone shots TO THE GROIN so that he could play against Indi in 2008. Rivers earned a lot of respect by playing with a torn acl, but he didn’t play very well. When Michael Turner and Darren Sproles are on your roster, you don’t play the injured guy.

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