Giants consider upping their offer to Vonta Leach


Free agent fullback Vonta Leach may soon receive an increased offer from the Giants.

After previously hoping to sign Leach to a minimum-salary deal, the Giants have stayed in touch and are considering upping their offer to him, according to the New York Daily News.

Leach has been the NFL’s first-team All-Pro fullback in each of the last three seasons, but the Ravens released him in a salary cap move. The Giants’ interest suggests that they’re not confident in fullback Henry Hynoski’s recovery from knee surgery.

The Dolphins have been viewed as the favorites to land Leach, but the Dolphins reportedly wanted to get a deal done with Leach by the end of last week if it was going to get done at all. The Texans are also reportedly interested in Leach, although their salary cap situation makes it unlikely that they’d be able to sign him to anything more than the league minimum. If the Giants are serious about upping their offer, they could very well be the landing spot for Leach.

29 responses to “Giants consider upping their offer to Vonta Leach

  1. Leach is a great fullback. One of the unsung heroes of the Ravens the last few years. Too bad he was a salary cap victim. To ask him to sign at such a low salary is a travesty. But that’s the way the companys are doing business these days.

  2. Would be a great move for the Giants. I’d love to see it happen if they aren’t sure about Hynoski.

  3. He could wind up back with the Ravens. They offered him $2M and he thought he could get more elsewhere. If he can’t – they will take him back, I’m sure, and not penalize him for trying the market.. Part of Ravens’ plans.

  4. The Ravens reportedly still offered him $2 million to stay. This is looking like a gross miscalculation on Leach’s part. The Ravens Nation is sorry to see him go and would certainly welcome him back.

  5. Leach was great but Ravens drafted a great fullback/receiver in anticipation of this very situation. That’s what makes the Ravens’ organization the type that leads its players to a championship season as opposed to three straight years of ever increasing disappointment.

  6. I was sorry to see Leach go-he is quality player and a leader in the locker room. He would greatly help David Wilson for the Giants. The Giants need that running game to work especially in cold weather. Leach blows up linebackers and would be a good fit. Good luck Vonta-we wish you the best!

  7. leach is a great player and a great raven who would be welcome back with open arms. however he was not a salary cap victim. he just wasnt worth the money he was set to recieve given the lack of fullback usage in caldwell’s offensive scheme. whoever gets him is greating a great player and a great character guy. hopefully he will accept a reduced price to come back to baltimore. either way best wishes and go ravens!

  8. Can he tackle, cover wideouts or tightends. Sack the qb? Well then it really don’t matter now does it

  9. The 2 million the Ravens offered looks like a good deal now. Does the Oz man still have that cash on the table?

  10. Leach only played something like 30% of snaps for the Ravens. Still, he is the toughest players in the NFL. After every game his helmet looks like its been to a war zone. So tough, Steelers fans respected him.

  11. To be honest, with Leach leading the way anything through the A, B or C gaps, linebackers/secondary will not be able to see Wilson behind him. Wilson’s fantasy draft stock immediately shoots up.

  12. I am amazed that this guy is receiving such little interest. I know a fullback is no longer vital but I for 1 or 2 million he could help so many teams become more versatile in their offenses. Would be an excellent fit for the Giants.

  13. Jerry Reese needs to work his magic and get this guy signed. With the youth and speed that our running game will have this, having a stud fullback like Leach will make our offense extremely difficult to stop. GO BLUE !!!!

  14. It would be tough for the Ravens to take him back because once a player is released they take the cap hit. It would also set a very bad example to future dealings with players.

  15. As a longtime Giants fan I’ve learned that reports speculating on the future of the team should be taken with a grain of salt. The Giants are one of the most tightlipped franchises in the NFL, and anything that says the Giants are “considering” doing something, is most likely a rumor created by an outside source.

  16. There’s no question about it. He knows how to compress another man’s spine better than any other FB in the business.

  17. People act like Hynoski is out for season. He will be back by the time the season begins. Why would Leach come here to split time at a position where he won’t get more than 10-12 reps per game?

    The Fins make the most sense, even though they have Lane and Clay.

  18. The fact that they are considering increasing their offer, probably is an indication of Miami’s offer being pretty strong. The issue is probably length of of the contract, probably 1 yr at this point.

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