Hernandez situation could persuade other players to be careful during down time before camp


Regardless of who pulled the trigger and whether a cover up ensued, 27-year-old Odin Lloyd has died.  That tragedy all too often gets lost in the fascination with the Aaron Hernandez situation.

This doesn’t means far less important issues relating to the case are irrelevant, such as the possibility that Hernandez will be suspended even if he isn’t arrested or the question of whether the Patriots can recover a large chunk of his signing bonus money.  But they are far less important than the basic fact that someone murdered a 27-year-old man.

One less-important-but-relevant fact could actually help other players avoid mischief and mayhem in the six-week lull between the end of the offseason program and the opening of training camp.  With the Hernandez incident occurring at the tail end of the first weekend of the post-OTA break (for all but a few teams), all other NFL players have received a vicarious reminder of how quickly it can all change.

A single bad decision made in an instant can wreck everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve.  Career gone.  Money gone.  Freedom gone.  Stigma permanently attached.

Regardless of what happens with Hernandez, the events of the last five days should give others players inclined to dance of the line of legal conduct the cold spray of water that could help them get through the next month or so without finding trouble.

Last year, 15 player arrests occurred in June and July.  Even though an arrest can ultimately be meaningless if charges are dropped or reduced dramatically, it’s the arrest that creates bad P.R. for the player, the team, and the league — and it’s the arrest that players ultimately should strive to avoid.

This year, two arrests have happened in June.  Hernandez could end up being No. 3.  Given the coverage and the gravity of the case, if the Hernandez investigation doesn’t persuade the rest of the league’s players to stay out of trouble until it’s time to go back to work, nothing will.

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  1. meh…short of locking these guys up there isn’t much you can do. They are grown men, if a player needs somebody to hold his hand to keep him out of trouble then he’s not worth it.

  2. This seems like a little more than a ”bad decision” during “off-season down-time.”

  3. As a Redskin fan I don’t worry. Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have made sure that there are 53 highly talented and CHARACTER rich individual in the locker room. The only thing that will be busted here are the opponents coverages when RGIII throws touchdown after touchdown to Garcon, Moss etc… #ThankGodImaREDSKINSfan

  4. It may have a short term effect, but by no means will this cause a large portion of current and future players to keep their nose clean.

  5. Come on bengals players its that time of the season for the arrests. Don’t be out shined

    Detroit lions players are keeping an eye out on this situation

  6. Policing players during the off-season sounds l ike a waste of time. These are grown men we are talking about.

    If the league really wants to change he culture then they need to start holding the offenders accountable for their actions. Players can get suspended for PED violations but only a fine for a DUI offense? Or a slap on the wrist for an alleged sexual assualt? That’s a ridiculous precedent to set.

    If the league wants to strike fear in the offenders they need to be consistent with their punishment. Start holding your players accountable. The NFL is so gun-ho about player safety on the field, but it is this same policy that should be implemented off of it to protect guys like Hernandez from themselves so they won’t hurt others.

  7. These guys never learn. They are who they are, and no one is gonna make them change. Oh occasionally you’ll see a story about a current or former player who changed their ways. But that is the small minority.

    Poor backgrounds mixed with money and the invincibility of youth will produce reckless behavior 99 percent of the time.

  8. Nicely written MF! I’ve been waiting to read or hear someone remind us that the tragedy here isn’t Tom Brady possibly losing a weapon, Odin Lloyd losing his life is the tragedy.

    I would love to believe this incident will send a strong signal to players. Sadly I don’t think it will.

    Too many have this belief it won’t happen to them. Too many people believe their hangers on are their brothers or whatever. Too many have the belief they are smarter than everyone else.
    Politicians, corporate heads, celebrities, athletes, it happens in just about every walk life.

  9. The Hernandez situation is extreme even by modern NFL standards. I doubt many players who aren’t psychopaths need to be reminded not to shoot or kill people. And for those who are true problem children, no amount of reminders or safeguards would keep them from ruining themselves.

  10. Does everyone else find logicalvoicesays as hilarious as I do ?
    She alone proves the point women know absolutely nothing about football……..

  11. “A single bad decision made in an instant can wreck everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve.”
    This situation is far from a “single bad decision”. It sounds like this guy has a lifetime of them. It’s just that THIS one will probably be the one to finally do him in.

  12. You want to scare players from behaving poorly, start with a lifetime ban for convicted DUI. I don’t care if it’s your first time, if you’re driving drunk when you could easily afford a cab from cali to Maine you do not deserve to pay in the nfl. The Hernandez situation is near unpreventable. It will happen every ten years or so. But if you start with kicking the DUI’ers out of the league maybe losers like Stallworth won’t kill people.

  13. LogicalVoice, I’m glad you’re a Redskins fan too….you would be an embarrassment to the other 31 teams

  14. Hey, I heard from an unnamed law enforcement source that an arrest warrant has been authorized………oh, and they’re searching his home……..

  15. One mans life is over and the lives of the other three that were in the car with him will be changed drastically. It’s dangerous to jump to conclusions too quickly, but all the circumstantial evidence from the investigation so far does not point to a happy ending for Aaron Hernandez….would not be surprised if he was in police custody by Monday night.

  16. Why should it be so hard for young men in their 20s to stay out of trouble? I liked to party when I was that age, and I never got arrested. When I found myself in questionable situations, it wasn’t difficult to figure out what the right decision was.

    They can’t stay out of trouble because they have too much money? I think it’s a lot easier to get into trouble when you don’t have money.

  17. Humbolt,
    Good post, I agree. That said, I’m guessing you grew up with grownups who held you accountable as well.

    A lot of these guys who do this terrible stuff have been idolized and excused their whole lives for anything bad they do because they have football talent. Add that to possibly coming from a bad family background, adding money and not leaving the hangers on gang banger types they grew up with, and a feeling of invincibility football players must have to play through pain and come back from injury and that’s just a recipe for disaster.

    The worst thing about all this with AHern is that he seemed to realize that he was on the wrong path and needed to turn things around. After he got his extension, he claimed he would go about things the right way. But he didn’t do it. And now a young man is dead due in part to that. So even when guys do seem to get it, the lure of all the above in my first paragraph sometimes is too great.

  18. Are u kidding me? It’s never a single bad decision that puts these guys in deep trouble. It’s either a pattern or a series of bad decisions… Young and loaded with money, sports or not, can be a bad combo…

  19. What it should be teaching them is to cut bait on their dead-weight hoodlum entourage.

  20. Hey bigdawgdaddy, you must know that ” logicalvoicesays” is a woman because I can’t tell from the post. When I read ther comment I thought that was a stupid comment. However, don’t be a lazy ass mysoginist because someone doesn’t know sports OR Redskin’s history.

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