It’s Mt. Rushmore time in Oakland, but Raiders fans may call it Mt. Davis

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As the Mt. Rushmore process enters the home stretch, we enter the home of the Raiders.

Good luck, Oakland/L.A./Oakland fans, whittling our list of 12 finalists down to four.

Cast your votes now.  The finalists will be revealed at 5:00 p.m. ET/2:00 p.m. PT on Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

Don’t you like how we included the PT reference?  Of course, some will point out that the ET came first, confirming yet again the existence of an East Coast bias.

70 responses to “It’s Mt. Rushmore time in Oakland, but Raiders fans may call it Mt. Davis

  1. Davis, TIM Brown, John Madden, and then put Pete Rozell up there just to piss off AL! (RIP, of course)

  2. May not be flashy, but I go with Al, Otto, Shell and Upshaw. All Hall of Famers. All life long Raiders. All top 2-3 at their positions ever. Al is/was the Raiders for nearly 50 years. Otto is known as Mr. Raider. Shell was also a 2-time head coach of the Raiders. Upshaw played in Super Bowls in 3 different decades as a Raider, before leading the Players’s Union for 2 plus decades. There are other worthy options, but not as worthy as these 4, in my opinion.

  3. Al Davis – One of the legendary figures in NFL history (whether the many longtime league owners/officials like it or not)

    Gene Upshaw – One of the great guards of all time, 2-time Super Bowl champion, only Raider offensive player on NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team, NFL 1970s All-Decade Team

    Jim Otto – 10-time All-AFL, 3-time All-Pro, #63 NFL Network All-Time Top 100

    Willie Brown – AFL All-Time Team, NFL 1970s All-Decade Team

    It must be said that the Raiders could easily have three (if not more) Mt. Rushmores full of worthy honorees. But if limiting it to just four names, I went with Al Davis and the three greatest Raiders of them. Not the three who are probably the most famous today (Madden, Long, Allen), but the three greatest.

    I know the three players I picked all played primarily in the 1960s and 1970s. But let’s face it, that’s when the Raiders were THE RAIDERS and employed, as the LA Times put it in Al Davis’ obituary, their “shrewd tactics.”

  4. Tom Flores may be the most underappreciated guy in the history of the NFL outside of Oakland Raider fans versed in history. Flores won championships as a player, assistant, and 2 as head coach of the Raiders. He’s now on the radio broadcast and a lifelong Raider. Any list has to include him IMO! Crazy that no one has him in there in these comments.

  5. Otto
    Pick ’em-Madden, Howie, Hayes, Biletnikoff, Branch, Haynes, Tatum, Allen, Snake, Blanda, Plunkett, Christenson, Van Eeghan, Tooz, Alazado, Millen, Rod Martin, Upshaw, Shell, Brown

  6. al davis, john madden, jim plunkett, and jack tatum.
    davis and madden are a given… plunkett because he won 2 superbowls, and jack tatum because he’s one of the best defensive players in team history

  7. wow that was not easy, and your list didn’t even have guys like jack, Bo, wiz, ben, jim, seabass, george, jim, shane, lester, van eaghen, or rich

  8. Mr Davis….. is Mt Rushmore!
    Tom Flores.
    John Madden
    Howie Long

    If that who I have I have to choose from. I can think of plenty that weren’t even on the list.

  9. Davis, Madden, Upshaw, Brown.

    Don’t sleep on Timmy as the Hall of Fame committee shamefully has. He was a premiere player in this league for more than a decade going to 9 Pro Bowls and is still in or around the top 5 of all time in meaningful receiving stats. He didn’t get the ring that the older guys did, but he was key to 3* AFC Title Game and 1 Super Bowl appearances in his career.

    * Would’ve been 4 if not for Tuck Rule.

  10. Davis, Shell, Upshaw, Brown.

    No wrong answers but Shell and Upshaw belong together and could not leave Old Man Willie off.

    Toughest leave offs were Biletnikoff and Otto.

  11. Let’s not forget Rich Gannon. All he did in his 6 seasons with OAK was get 2 All-Pros (1 more than Stabler), 4 pro bowls (same as Stabler), an NFL MVP award (same as Stabler), and was the last QB to take us to the SB. In 2002 he set the franchise record for single season passing yds – and it wasn’t even close. In fact he holds 3 of the top 5 season passing slots for the franchise. He could hurt you with his legs, racking up 529 rushing yds and 4 rushing TDs in 2000. The man was a yardage machine, and I just regret that we didn’t get him 5 years sooner.

    But of course, Stabler can flash the bling. So case closed.

  12. Should go by decades and by offense and defense because there are too many that should have their own but I will go with their first super bowl win and say Al Davis, Art Shell, Jim Otto and Gene Upshaw on offense and my four for defense would be Willie Brown, Lester Hayes, Mike Haynes and Jack Tatum with alternates George Atkinson, Ben Davidson, Ted Hendricks and who helped the defense the most, Ray Guy.

  13. Raiders need a mountain range, not just one puny mount. They should have been allowed to have Cincinatti’s mount, Carolina’s and Jacksonville’s as well as Atlanta’s.

  14. Tough one…

    Al Davis
    Art Shell
    Fred Biletnikoff
    Jim Otto

    While Stabler is a tough one to leave off, he just wasn’t good enough for long enough. I do like the fact that Flores is on the list; he may be the only two time Super Bowl winning coach that hasn’t even sniffed the HOF.

  15. It appears that Davis,Upshaw & Shell seem to be the 3 consensus amongst many.

    I voted for Madden along with the other three.

    Why? Well, the fact that Madden’s overall winning percentage including playoff games ranks second in league history (record books). Madden also won a Super Bowl (a must!) and never had a losing season as a head coach…never! (consistency!). He also has a winning record against all other future HOF head coaches he faced. (contemporaries!)

    But that’s not all, he did all of the above with arguably the most un-coachable team (lunatics) in NFL history….that’s what made me decide on Madden.

  16. The Raiders are/were all about instilling fear into their opponents.

    No defensive player the team ever had instilled more fear than JACK TATUM.

    No offensive player the team ever had instilled more fear than CLIFF BRANCH.

    Very disappointing to see either left off this list.

  17. Willie Brown spent the first four years of his career as a Bronco, Art Shell coached in Kansas City and Marcus Allen retired as a Chief. We’re talking about Mt. Rushmore here. Playing or coaching for a hated division rival immediately crosses you off my list, especially for Shell and Allen, who made conscious decisions to become Chiefs.
    It’s Al Davis, John Madden, Jim Otto and Ken Stabler, hands-down.

  18. The only way they should build a mount rushmore is if they move back to LA.
    Look at the list.
    There’s no one from the second Oakland era.
    They’re mostly all from before the move and a few from the LA years.
    Don’t build it in Oakland.

  19. Willie Brown
    Al Davis
    Jim Otto
    Art Shell

    We can wax poetic about the glittery names, but these players were the foundation of the Raiders.

  20. So many Hall Of Famers. So many GREAT players, Coaches, Execs, etc. HARD to pick 4 BUT heres the 4 that make the most sense. IN ORDER

    AL Davis
    John Madden
    Jim Otto
    Gene Upshaw

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Davis

    Davis, well duh
    Madden , see above
    Flores , How many rings ? hmmmm
    Plunkett only 2 time winning qb not in the hall (which is bs)
    How can you argue what anyone picks ? there all worthy

  22. Once again, the evidence is overwhelming: The RAIDERS are one of the greatest franchises in the history of sports.

    From impact, to legacy, to the MANY of the greats who wore the best uniform in the history of sports.

    The RAIDERS are global. The other 31 teams are national.

    These are the facts and they can not be disputed.


  23. The greatest Raiders of all-time is too big of a list to write down, but if I had to pick my Top 4, in order, they go.

    1. Jim Otto
    2.Gene Upshaw
    3. Art Shell
    4. Jack Tatum

    To me these four men personified what being a Raider is all about. They dominated their positions and set the Gold Standard for their positions. They were all game changers, especially Tatum. He was the hardest hitting SOB, I’ve ever seen play professional football. He had the rare ability to separate a receiver from his uniform, to the point that they rarely ever ventured over the middle. And if one did they surely paid the price for it. All four of these men were drafted by the Silver and Back. It was hard to keep Willie Brown off the list but he started his career with the Oilers and Broncos before being traded to the Raiders. Nonetheless he is an all-time Raider legend!

  24. Al Davis is the one guy who belongs on the Mt Rushmore and also the Hall of Shame for destroying the franchise the last 10 years, destroying 2 communities, and a once great stadium with Mt Davis.

  25. Al is a lock.

    Shell and Upshaw must go together (Otto should too but)…

    I go with Old Man Willie to represent the Defense over Otto and Biletnikoff.

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