M.D. Jennings wants to be known for more than the “Fail Mary”


Packers safety M.D. Jennings has played in 34 regular season and playoff games over his first two seasons, but he’s found that people only want to talk about one of them.

That would be the infamous Monday night game last September when Jennings appeared to make a game-ending interception until Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate got his hands on the ball and the replacement officiating crew ruled that the two players possessed the ball simultaneously. That meant a touchdown for the Seahawks in what’s become known as the “Fail Mary” and it has brought Jennings more attention than anything else he’s done on the football field.

“Man, everywhere I go it always comes up,” Jennings said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “If I’m out somewhere and somebody recognizes me, it’s always about the Monday night play….I wanted to go out there and make another play because I don’t want that to be how everybody remembers me.”

Jennings has gained weight and become more vocal as part of his effort to become a fixture in the secondary after starting 10 games while Charles Woodson was injured last season. If he holds off Jerron McMillian, Jennings will get plenty of chances to make plays that push last year’s mess in Seattle further into the background.

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  1. There was a great article at ColdHardFootballFacts.com that goes over the play frame by frame. Their conclusion: the ball went through Jennings arms and the reciever was the first one to actually have posession and he never lost it.

  2. MD Jennings and Jerron McMillan are not bad players but people who really follow the Packers know the player they miss the most from the SB team is Nick Collins. That was a huge loss underestimated by the media and fans from other teams. Collins was in that Roger Craig Hall of Very Good category – notch below Canton. So much range and a ballhawk.

  3. McMillian and the Packers showed tremendous character and resiliency in overcoming that travesty of justice, and spotting the hapless, tasteless Vikings and Bears an extra game each on the division race, and went on to easily win their 2nd straight division title. Lesser teams would have collapsed.

    The greatest coach of all time once said “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” Vince would have been proud of how the Packers responded to the challenge.

  4. It’s YOUR teams’ fans that won’t let it die, Jennings. The grown-ups of the world understand that one bad call (IF it was a bad call)doesn’t decide an entire game.

  5. The ref got it right. Packers fans just can’t seem to let go the fact that they were beaten. Not that they lost but that they were beaten. Pathetic.

  6. I do believe we repeatedly hear how the Saints cheated when they pounded the Queens in the NFC Championship game. And a Vikings fan using the word pathetic-how ironic.

  7. Wait a second — gaining weight and being more vocal is going to make him a better safety? Did he pick up these unique training tips over 5 buckets of wings with Warren Sapp?

  8. packer trolls should look at the proof in the “Cold Hard Football Facts .com” pudding. Just where coach McCarthy looks for proof a couple of dozen times a day! oops he’s been looking for proof in jello pudding, I’m sorry.

  9. One just needs to watch the sports science episode were the whole thing was broke down into super slow mo as well magnification. The conclusion was the seahawk player never once had two hands on the ball and never even had a whole hand on it until they hit the ground. The Packer player ha posession the whole time. Lets not forget also receiver clearly pushing the defender down. There is a reason it was the most publicized play last year thats because it forced the NFL to settle because of the atrocious call.

  10. For those of you who say the ref got it right are clearly wrong and jealous because you root for teams who are dumpster fires and can’t compete with the Packers.

  11. For those of you who don’t know, the Vikings were knocked out of the playoffs by the Packers, and the Vikes have never won a Super Bowl.

    That being said, is anyone shocked that there are more Vikings fan morons here saying that Packers fans won’t let this go, than there are Packers fans complaining about the call?

    We all know your team sucks and always has sucked. We don’t think less of you. Except Rick. We all think less of Rick. And Contra, too. And anyone else trying to detract from the Packers glorified history to make yourselves feel better.

    Ok. We think less of you.

  12. It’s hilarious that every Packer fan forgets the huge PI gifts from the refs to even keep them in that game. The ref got it right because the Hawks were the better team that day for 4 quarters.

  13. The end result did not have a direct effect on how the season ended, so it’s water under the bridge……BUT, I watched it frame-by-frame too. Yes, it was in the receivers hands but he DID NOT CONTROL IT TO THE GROUND! He took one hand off of it while it was still simultaneously in the possession of the defender. When the ball THEN did not touch the ground, possession goes to the defender (because he wrestled control of it.) But as someone pointed out earlier, it’s more important to Vikings fans that we care (and complain) than the truth. It’s over….I let it go before the next game was played. Viking fans hate us so they’ll do anything to keep any story alive if it has any chance of putting us in a bad light. So sad.

  14. Keep windexing that empty trophy case Vikings fans and obsessing about the Packers. Embarrassing that over half the comments are from you hating like usual.

  15. I’m a Bears fan. It was an abysmal call. And yes, in this case the refs DID determine the outcome of the game. If on the final play the Packers are leading, and due to a bad call (well, a bad call and a missed call) the Seahawks take the lead as time expires, then they were the reason why the Packers lost. And don’t give me that whole “well they shouldn’t let it be that close”. Bullcrap. It’s the NFL, and these are two Super Bowl contending teams. Of course it’s going to be a close game, and it’s a given a couple plays would decide the difference between winning and losing. We’re not talking about San Francisco and Jacksonville here.

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