Nate Burleson: Reggie Bush is everything we expected and more


Running back Jahvid Best’s concussion issues took away a versatile threat from the Lions offense, but wide receiver Nate Burleson thinks that threat has returned in the guise of running back Reggie Bush.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Burleson said that Bush is as fast as he’s ever been and that he envisions opposing defenses getting stretched out trying to account for Bush without opening up too many other doors for the Lions. That element, which Burleson compares to watching a live action video game, is something that the Lions wanted to get from Bush and Burleson says the team is pleasantly surprised by what’s

“He’s everything we expected him to be and more,” Burleson said. “I knew he was a good running back. I knew he could catch the ball out of the backfield. But when he motions and gets into the slot or goes on the outside and runs a route, he didn’t look like a running back running a route. He looked like a receiver running a route. And that’s a really big difference and for people who know football, they know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Unbridled optimism is in full bloom all around the league in the sleepy days before camp and much of it winds up being forgotten before the first month of the season is out, but you can understand the excitement of the return of a home run hitter in the backfield after last year’s struggles without Best. Bush is going to get every chance to make his mark on the Lions offense and his success or failure to live up to the advance billing will have a large effect on how well the team performs in 2013.

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  1. This Lions offense is going to be running wide open all season! It’s going to be quite a show!
    So far now though, pft has pointed out in maybe 4- 5 different articles that the Lions success is going to be based on the success of Stafford, and then the success of CJ, and then yet again Reiff, and then the entire o-line, and then the secondary and now Bush………I would say it it is safe to say that ANY teams success is dependent upon the individual success of all it’s players and coaches… So can’t it just go unsaid?

  2. Burleson probably won’t make the team this year…too many injuries, too old, talks too much…

  3. For those that are concerned, “so what happens if/when Bush gets dinged. One thing different than when they originally put the offense in Best’s hands, this time they have a couple of “poor man’s” versions of Bush on the roster (Steven Miller, App State and Theo Riddick of ND) just in case.

    That way, they can still run the offense they desire if Reggie goes down.

  4. I have heard players say many great things about what this player does and how the Team is going to be so much better over decades of Lion football…yadda…yadda….yadda. It doesn’t matter what anyone in the Organization says anymore. Go out on the field and prove it. Results are the only thing I care about, not sunshine pumping.

  5. Bush will have a good year in Detroit…he was over rated when coming out of college, then got a bad rap after sharing time in N.O. He’ll shine here…

  6. As a Saint, Reggie wasn’t quite the super star he thought he was. He actually would have been given the ball more, if he moved it forward regularly. So often he spent more time juking and jiving sideways than gaining yards. It took him 3 years to realize he couldn’t outrun NFL players around the end. He was also regularly injured if he was given the ball too often. Don’t get your hopes up in Detroit. Reggie is alot of flash with average numbers.

  7. Bush is a much better player on grass. (See USC & Miami) Not so much on artificial turf. (See NO) Good Luck Detroit.

  8. For the short period of time Best was healthy in the 2011 season, we went 4-0. If Reggie Bush can do the same kind of damage as Javid Best … it will be fun to watch.

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