Reporters, neighbors hang around outside Hernandez’s home


Police didn’t return to the North Attleboro, Massachusetts home of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on Sunday.  But the media was still outside, and neighbors were showing up, basically to gawk at it all.

According to the Boston Globe, more than 35 members of the media remain staked out at Hernandez’s home.  The player hasn’t left the house since returning from a meeting with his lawyer on Friday.  Two women departed in the late morning, returning in the middle of the afternoon.  Another woman arrived roughly 45 minutes later, and all three left at 5:20 p.m. — taking with them a dog.

On Saturday, Charlie Stagg from nearby Attleboro rode his bike to the Hernandez home, where he spoke to the Boston Herald.

“Let me ask you something,” Stagg told the Herald.  “If you had nothing to hide, wouldn’t you be standing out there on that lawn, screaming ‘I’m innocent!  I’m innocent!’  I know I would be.”

Hernandez’s behavior has suggested anything but innocence, based on multiple published reports regarding a destroyed cell phone, a destroyed surveillance system, the hiring of a cleaning crew to “scrub” his house, and a lack of cooperation with the police.  While in a court of criminal law he’s entitled to a presumption of innocence, Hernandez isn’t faring too well in the court of public opinion.

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  1. you idiots, anything he says can be used against him in court. Im sure he was told to shut it by his attorney. He doesn’t have to speak and if thats not good enough for you morons, do bad,,,cry me a river,,,

  2. The destroyed surveillance equipment and cell phone, very suspicious. I’m shocked that the fact that he is also being sued(or going to be sued) for allegedly shooting a man in the face isn’t a bigger story. Maybe I’m crazy, but that sounds a lot like attempted murder.

  3. As the time keeps passing it is feeling more and more like Hernandez might have been the guy that pulled the trigger and the other two are telling the cops that over and over.

  4. “If you had nothing to hide, wouldn’t you be standing out there on that lawn, screaming ‘I’m innocent! I’m innocent!’ I know I would be.”


  5. I wonder if Hernandez’ home owners association will fine him for all of the people in front of his house? It’s not like he ha enough to think about. As for the dude riding his bike, keep it moving and don’t be one of those idiots riding their bikes in street like its a car.

  6. mackie66 says: Jun 23, 2013 11:17 PM

    you idiots, anything he says can be used against him in court. Im sure he was told to shut it by his attorney. He doesn’t have to speak and if thats not good enough for you morons, do bad,,,cry me a river,,,


    That might be the right thing to do if you have a role in a crime and you want limit your culpability. But it’s the absolute worst thing he can do if he still wants an NFL career. The longer he bogarts/refuses to cooperate the more likely it is he will never play in the NFL again.

    But he may already know his career is over and right now he’s just trying to limit his prison time.

  7. he doesn’t have to speak, but his actions have done plenty of speaking, and they’re saying obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting a murder loud and clear.

  8. It’s amazing the things people will say or do to get on television. I’m sure their are people who live nowherein the area who are checking the scene out.

  9. As guilty as he seems / is…… Outside of blatantly leading the police straight to him via the rented car and dead body right by his house….. He’s doing everything he has to in order to save his own a$$….he has no choice but to destroy all the evidence, phones, and surveillance and shut his mouth…… I’m just really really curious what the investigators collected in those 5 evidence bags.

  10. Hernandez is under investigation in connection to a murder and is at least guilty of obstruction. All the while he hasn’t been arrested, doesn’t have to go to work, AND has three women at the same time at his mansion?… of now people, he is what you call WINNING.

  11. If they have arrest warrant? Why won’t they just arrest him? I don’t want to hear there just trying to scare him into talking. Put him in cuffs and take him away then he will get scared and start talking.

  12. what a bunch of pathetic losers (not so much the media but the citizens) really nothing better to do but look at a house all day/night? I’m bout to get off wk and find something to do.either a nightclub strip club watering hole booty call or just chill with my wife and watch a I ain’t even jokin.

  13. If I were one of Hernandez’ neighbors and saw my neighborhood being invaded by dozens of media people, I’d start handing lawn mowers and hedge trimmers to the reporters who are waiting for something to happen. You know, if you’re going to be standing on the lawn all day, at least trim some bushes.

  14. Yeah Hernandez should be afforded his constitution rights and given his fair and due process in court. Innocent unit proven guilty! Sweet judicial system….all the while authorities sit on their hands while Hernandez destroyed physical evidence that could help solve a murder…whether he did it or not he obviously has something to hide. Dude is a stain and you can tell by his swagger/behavior/actions throughout this entire process that he’s thumbing his nose at us and the law with rolled eyes, shrugged shoulders and smirk.

    Guess what Aaron, your ticket has been punched chump stain. No more NFL, no more money, no more endorsements, no more football. No more normal life. Have fun idiot

  15. Texans fan prayer: Lord please let the other two in the car that night be Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning. Oh, and Lord I pray Tom Brady slipped out the house that night and was in the trunk.

  16. Having watched the Scott Peterson thing from start to finish out here in Northern California, and how long it took them to arrest him, this feels exactly the same: Police come to the house, a few days go by, the police come out again, a few more days go by, the police confiscate a bunch of stuff, more days go by. Occasional shots of the suspect outside his home, sometimes on a cell phone. The day comes they have enough evidence, and the arrest warrant is issued.

    My guess is the outcome will be pretty much the same this time around.

  17. They don’t have an arrest warrant. That’s what the media has reported which is what the police “sources” told them to report. It’s a ploy to scare him into talking/doing something stupid. If they had an arrest warrant the mass state police would have came and got him the second they got the warrant. It sounds to me like they don’t have any kind of air tight case so they are just killing time putting out the info they want out there to try and make something happen. And on a side note I wonder how many autographed pieces of “evidence” found its way into those boxes. Look for Brady to Hernandez Christmas cards hitting eBay after this is all said and done.

  18. Hernandez is sitting inside saying “you got nothin’.” They searched his house three times and floated the rumor of a warrant, but nothing has happened. He likely figures he did a good job detroying / cleaning up any evidence and feels pretty good about himself, especially with each day that passes without an arrest.

  19. The only thing he’s doing right is NOT talking to the press. You may want to go out on the lawn and proclaim your innocence, but all you’d end up doing is answering a bunch of twisted up questions so these reporters can write more stories. Some people need to realize that the media isn’t looking for justice, just headlines/money. It would only do Hernandez harm to talk to them.

  20. Is it a crime to destroy ur own cellphone. ( u can always get data n numbers from the company so the phone doesn’t matter unless he recorded a killing doubt that)

    Is it a crime to call a maid to clean ur house. U don’t pay the bills why do u care

    Is it a crime to destroy ur own security system it’s his house he can do what he wants. Did they have a warrant to enter house before he destroyed it or after he destroyed it

    Reason they haven’t arrested him. They don’t have enough for a case yet Sure he looks guilty because it was his friend why would u not wanna help if it was ur friend unless u had sumthing to do with it

  21. He is not winning in the court of public opinion cause everyone that is not a Pats fan is saying he is guilty and PFT keeps posting an article and speculating on his guiltiness every time someone linked to the investigation farts. Wait for real facts before speculation

  22. I am struck by the irony that a NE Patriot is about to get hung in the court of public opinion because he destroyed a video tape. The same technology that assisted the Patriots in winning three tainted Lombardi trophies.

  23. Could anyone be faring well in the court of public opinion? PFT and other media have rehashed this story with an accusatory bias allowing readers/listeners to “assume” AH’s guilt. I don’t know if AH is guilty, merely a witness, or innocent; but every time AH passes gas, it is sniffed with a nose of conspiracy.

  24. One thing I’ve been curious about is, what did the cleaning crew clean up?

    Was it possible that it was just the day they were due at his house to clean it?

    Don’t you think if there was a pool of blood they’d of called the police after they left.

  25. Do you suppose they taught him how to dispose of video recordings in training camp?

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