Search yields apparent “evidence bags” from Hernandez’s home


When police showed up at the home of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on Saturday, one possibility became that the authorities were executing the reported “paper” warrant for his arrest on obstruction of justice charges.  It quickly became obvious that there were too many cops for something that simple.

As explained by the Boston Herald, the authorities engaged in a multi-hour search of the Hernandez property, scouring the house, cars, and even a “playhouse” (which some reporters described as a doghouse) on the lawn.

The search included multiple K-9 units and a locksmith.  Per the Herald, police left with what appeared to be multiple evidence bags.  FOX 25 in Boston described them as large brown bags, pegging the amount at “several.”

More than a dozen state police officers were on the Hernandez property for roughly four total hours.

The search arises from the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd.  Video evidence reportedly shows Lloyd and Hernandez together last Sunday night/Monday morning.  On Monday afternoon, Lloyd’s body was found in an industrial park close to the Hernandez home.

Police reportedly believe Hernandez destroyed his cell phone and his surveillance system, which has led to reports he’ll be charged at a minimum with obstructing justice in a murder probe.

The NFL and the Patriots have remained quiet on the matter.  Hernandez went to the team facility on Thursday, but he was asked to leave, reportedly due to concerns that his presence would spark a “media stakeout” at Patriots headquarters.

85 responses to “Search yields apparent “evidence bags” from Hernandez’s home

  1. Even if he didn’t pull the trigger, theres zero doubt that he knows who did. They dont search a home unless they have something solid, and to walk away with “several” bags of evidence certainly suggests that he is indeed busted for something.

  2. Upon hearing these multiple reports of a players legal troubles on a team other than their own, a collective sigh of relief could be heard coming from Dallas metropolitan area…

  3. He is very likely involved… at least in a cover up. With that said, it sure seems like the police don’t have much hard evidence so they keep looking. That is why he is not yet arrested.

  4. In the criminal justice system, athlete crimes are considered especially heinous…I would love to see a former rapper shake down the former gang banger. That would be must see TV

  5. His street smarts are guiding him along with a good lawyer. Doesn’t hurt that Ray Lewis led the way in obstructing justice and becoming a star and an espn talking mumbling head.

  6. If the other dudes don’t flip on him then I’mma gonna guess that any prosecution of him for capital murder will be one of those “circumstantial” cases you see on 48 Hours or Dateline……….and they do seem to win those teevee cases…..

  7. The police have searched his house three times now and taken “evidence,” which is great. However, the more I hear these leaks about having a warrant with Hernandez’s name on it without actually making an arrest tells me that they don’t have much to go on and are hoping to smoke him or someone else out.

  8. Millions of dollars, adored by two rabid fan bases in the gators and pats, models falling at your feet…and murder finds its way into your wheelhouse.

    At what point does the nfl get serious about the message it sends to fans and sponsors? This type of off field destructive behavior seems to be much more common in the nfl, than any other profession. But then again you just can’t fix stupid.

  9. You know your life is in the crapper when u want go to work, and your told to go home.

  10. I just can’t believe how some people can be so stupid? He had won the game of life… and then just threw it away.

    You know OJ is sitting in his jail cell every night thinking “25000 a month and all I had to do was play golf and stay out of trouble.”

    Hernandez, I think you are going to have a lot of sleepless nights in prison

  11. What is going on with Florida? How can the person in Flordia file a civil claim, when he would tell police who did it? Can he now be charged with obstruction? If he would have said who shot him, this murder may never had happened.

  12. On another note, I’ve got a great new idea for a TV commercial:

    (Show clip of Florio cranking out posts trying to keep us up to date with the circus in Boston)

    Guitar Player 1: “How happy are the folks that switched their car insurance?”

    Guitar Player 2: “Happier than Mike Florio getting new article ideas after an NFL player commits a felony.”

  13. Boy, that new CBA that gives the players more time off and more freedom during the summer certainly is paying dividends, isn’t it? What kind of idiot throws away as much as this young man has by cavorting with such low-lifes to begin with? This is just more damning evidence that these young men don’t have the emotional intelligence to do the right thing. smh.

  14. I’ve looked at these situations in the past. The worst thing for the Patriots is that this will cause a distraction from playing football in the upcoming season. Whenever anybody in the Pats organization talks to the press they will be bombarded with Hernandez questions. This includes Kraft, Belichick Brady and every other player. This changes the mentality and focus in the locker room. There is no way to avoid the detrimental effect this will have on the team. And if there is a trial then the media circus will be extended for many months. The best thing Hernandez can do for his team is to plead guilty to a lesser charge so the Pats can put this all behind them.

  15. Man. The conclusions people jump to on here. That Hernandez hasn’t been arrested yet says nothing about the case. The state isn’t in a hurry. They can, and should, take their time.? Where’s he gonna go?

    And the “evidence” bags. Easily could be filled with Hernandez’ clothing to check for hand-gun residue; not a sign they have something concrete.

    Finally, people who say Hernandez should’ve come clean. If you’re in close proximity to a murder case–guilty or not–you keep your mouth shut, at least to let things unfold a bit.

    That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that Hernandez pulled the trigger himself, but jumping to all these conclusions when you haven’t the foggiest idea? And people on here complain about the media…

  16. If the arrest his, due process starts. They are getting there ducks lined up. If they were fishing, he’d be in custody. The are likely taking their time doing forensic analysis on DNA and computers/cell phones. In the meantime, I guarantee you people involved are getting nervous and someone’s gonna crack. It’s not like TV shows folks. There’s a method to the madness. I’m sure a high profile case like this has all the big dogs out. Bad news for AH.

  17. Does obstruction of justice carry jail time? Just wondering if there’s a chance he could walk from this.

  18. The lack of focus on the other two men is quite conspicuous. They are rarely mentioned and their names haven’t been released.

    This doesn’t seem to bother the media at all. What’s up with that?

  19. I’ve read several posts over the last few days wondering why the authorities haven’t issued the warrant yet.

    One legal “expert” on the radio had suggested that the reason for the paper warrant was to make it clear to Hernandez and his lawyers that they are in fact ready to make an arrest for obstruction of justice. By dangling the paper warrant, it gives Hernandez’s camp one more chance to come clean about what he knows to avoid that charge.

    He said they don’t want to rush to arrest him without giving him this chance because once he is arrested, that is the point at which he pretty much clams up for good.

    I realize I’m no attorney but I did drive by a Holiday Inn at some point recently I’m sure.

  20. By the way, the body was found late Monday afternoon, and supposedly had been there for a bit, supposedly being shot in the early morning hours that day.

    There is video on Hernandez and the fellas being with the victim late into the night, leading into those wee hours.

    They can see what Hernandez and the boyz were wearing, on that video. If they killed Lloyd, there would likely be blood spatter on those clothes.

    Along the lines of Ray Lewis’ infamous white suit, I would ask; Where are the clothes Hernandez and the other two were wearing on that video?

    Have the cops found them? If so, did they test clean, or dirty????

  21. If they had cold hard evidence against Hernandez he’d already be in jail. They may have very little evidence that can be presented in court other than the obvious obstruction. They don’t want him for that, they want him for murder or conspiracy.

  22. “Too many cops” to execute an arrest warrant? This is Boston we are talking about. Though if Hernandez were to go into hiding, they could just do door to door searches again…..

  23. The cops have nothing on this guy. If they did he would be in custody. There trying to scare him into talking or one of his associates into talking. Unfortunately it looks like Hernandez has been in these situations before and he ain’t saying nothing

  24. First, why are they waiting 5 days to conduct an extensive search and if there was any incriminating evidence, Hernandez is a bigger idiot then I thought. Somehow, the lack of an arrest tells me that they are not going to be able to get a murder indictment meaning he won’t serve much time.

  25. Something tells me that, if he didn’t completely pulverize the hard drive from his security system, they’re waiting to see what can be extracted from it.
    It’ll probably be bad…

  26. The NSA knows who he called, who he texted, and where his phone has been. If the government is going to collect this information, why don’t we start using it?

  27. It is one thing to obstruct justice, when the police and the politicians know you are not the killer with no premeditation and no motive, and no past history of violence. – Ray Lewis

    It is another when you obstruct justice, might be the killer, destroyed evidence of you doing the killing, with a history of violence – Aaron Hernandez

    Ray’s white suit is just a shiny piece of metal that represents the glimmer of hope by Patriot fans to ever see Aaron Hernandez on the field again. I guess they aren’t too particular, tuck rule, etc..-really whatever it takes.

  28. I highly doubt that Hernandez pulled the trigger, I don’t think he’s that dumb. But he’s dumb enough, obviously, to be protecting his boys by not snitching. What’re you doing Aaron?!? These guys aren’t and will never do the same for you, they’re leaches to your fortune. Man up, confess, do some time, and rebuild your life. You’re young. But don’t be young and stupid. These people ain’t worth it.

  29. Hernandez is guilty of something or a statement would have been released by his lawyer. What I don’t understand is why his cellphone was handed over in pieces rather than lost? Same goes for the security system. You can’t erase the system in most cases but you can remove it. He could of claimed that the system was not being used and whoever removed it did not need to. I would be surprised if drugs are not a part of this incident. The victim was his sisters boyfriend and was probably involved in it. The question is was the victim caught in a drug deal gone bad or was this retribution for stealing drugs or money. I doubt it was retribution because that would have been handled in a better manner. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

  30. I didn’t know they had gang bangers from Bristol Connecticut! That’s what happens, these spoiled kids grow up to have their own money and think they can do whatever they want. All I see is a confused Justin Beiber with tattoos. STOP IT, You’re not from the streets fool! Hands down the Toughest dude ever out of Bristol!

  31. It’s clear that they don’t want to settle for a obstruction charge; they want the whole thing.

  32. They been saying they have a warrant for his arrest for three days now n still no arrest, this means he’s doing a Ray Lewis, being involved in the crime then making a deal to save himself, that should put an end to his wanna be gangster life.

  33. I wonder if people have thought about maybe the cops aren’t arresting Hernandez because their case is incredibly weak and if they move forward now Hernandez’s lawyer would rip them apart.

    So really, everyone who is calling for Hernandez to be arrested now before the cops build a sufficient case against him want Hernandez to be found not guilty on all charges.

  34. I bet Tim Tebow is saying…great I just left one media circus is NY now I have to come here. At least they wont be writing about me any time soon.

  35. Look, the guy is in deep poop here, though everyone should give him the benefit of the doubt until some kind of guilt is proven. It does irk me that he can be charged with obstruction of justice for destroying his own cell phone and surveillance system, both of which he lawfully owns and should be able to do any damn thing he pleases with them…including destroying them. Now had he done that AFTER a court order not to, THEN I could see a O of J charge.

  36. Let due process happen if he’s guilty of something then it will be revealed but I’m not gonna sit here and say this man is guilty or a murderer because I wouldn’t want it done to me.

  37. It is one thing to obstruct justice, when the police and the politicians know you are not the killer with no premeditation and no motive, and no past history of violence. – Ray Lewis

    It is another when you obstruct justice, might be the killer, destroyed evidence of you doing the killing, with a history of violence – Aaron Hernandez

    Ray’s white suit is just a shiny piece of metal that represents the glimmer of hope by Patriot fans to ever see Aaron Hernandez on the field again. I guess they aren’t too particular, tuck rule, etc..-really whatever it takes.

    Do you really believe what you just posted? I feel for you if you say yes.

  38. In 2013 a crack footballing unit was sentenced to prison for crimes they did not commit. These men promptly escaped through the Los Angeles underground. Today still wanted by the gov’t and Roger Goodell, they survive as footballing soldiers of fortune….If you have a problem…if no one else can help….and if you can find them….then maybe you can hire….the Aaron-Team

    (Cue music montage of Aaron Hernandez, Jeremy Stevens, Ray Lewis (as BA), and PacMan Jones)

  39. The reason he hasn’t been arrested yet, is the authorities are looking for more than obstruction charges. ANY decent lawyer would have him out on bail within a day. The obstruction charge is a secondary charge, and not what the cops are looking for.
    At this point right now, the cops are trying to sort out who pulled the trigger. Hernandez is going to be charged with nothing less than accessory to murder.

    NOW, for all the people that are wanting the Pats to cut him now, they can’t. They have to wait until he is arrested, and not able to report to camp, THEN they can go after the prorated signing bonus that they gave Hernandez last year. If they cut him, they are going to cost themselves a cap hit of around $10 million.

  40. It seems obvious to me that Putin was angrier with Robert Krafts joke regarding his Super Bowl ring than initially believed. Sounds like a KGB hit-squad, and some planted evidence. How’s that for a joke, Robert?

  41. The one thing that’s interesting is how it took the investigators 5 days to do this extensive search and take 5 evidence bags out of the house. Factor in the K9’s… seems like once they were able to look at whatever damaged film or cell phones that were confiscated and or other evidence…. it made the investigators zero in on collecting exactly the type of forensic evidence / clothing from hernandez’s house to allow for an arrest of murder. Factor in the report about how he shot the other dude and basically got away with it. He probably thought he could get away with it again.I think he will be arrested for murder shortly.

  42. Do you really think Aaron was the guy who shot him in the face? Pleaseeee! Don’t be naive to what the media sells. Who would you sue? A friend who works a dead end job or your rich friend?! C’mon this case was dropped then reopened as soon as all this happens. Media games, my guy.

  43. You guys don’t get it. They’re just building their case. They want to have a full list of evidence for the sit down with him and his attorney. Then they’ll give him the option to talk or go to jail for life. I’m guessing at that point, he cuts a deal but still does several years. End of career.

  44. For those doubting the evidence and lack of arrest…. have you thought maybe, just MAYBE they are trying to make an ironclad case for more than just obstruction? Once he is arrested due process begins. OJ had a mountain of evidence against him and got off because investigators had some mis-handlings and the DA couldn’t make the case air tight because of it

  45. I’m really hung up on why no one is hounding these other two guys.

    Perhaps these “acquaintances”, known to have been in the company of Hernandez and Odin that night, have given the police enough information to piece together what happened and perhaps indicate that AH is the trigger man.

    Now all that remains is finding evidence that is strong enough to stand up in court, hence the repeated searches and saber rattling about arrest warrants.

  46. I honestly can’t believe so many people think the DA (or whomever prosecutes the case) would carry an Obstruction of Justice charge to court.

    The maximum may be 7 years, but most people do not serve any time at all (as the charges are dropped) those that do typically serve no more than a year. Imagine having a great set of lawyers defending you against that. Yeah.

    The reason they haven’t carried the arrest warrant through is because they are using it as tactic to get more out of AH. They aren’t going to carry anything less than accessory or conspiracy to commit murder to a judge with a lawyer like Hernandez has.

    That said, I (as a Patriots fan) hope he gets what he deserves, whatever that may be.

  47. So maybe the reason no ones heard from the other 2 guys is that one or both of them have fingered AH?
    And then they do another search of his house and walk out with several evidence bags?
    Seems like the they might just want more/some physical evidence.
    I too am not a lawyer, but at least I pulled INTO the parking lot at a Holiday Inn a few days ago and didn’t just ‘drive by’. HA

  48. For all the Patriot fans that want to bash Ray Lewis..

    Do a search on:
    Ray Lewis Atlanta Legacy Not so Storied.

    “The investigation remains raw with Ken Allen, who had just been promoted to his dream job as an Atlanta homicide detective. Allen was put in charge of the investigation but saw it hijacked by political forces, which ultimately caused the case to collapse at trial.

    “The focus of the case was Ray Lewis, not necessarily because of the evidence but because he was a celebrity,” said Allen. “It was like they were star struck and saw this as a case that could make a career.”

    Just say no to Jim Naantz

  49. I’m starting to be really happy that the biggest negative news on my fav team was the punter getting drunk and swimming in a sewage infested canal!

  50. His stocking is falling like a rock in Dynasty PPR FF leagues.

    Is Jake Ballard the answer or just a band aid is the real question here.

  51. Recapping just the evidence:

    1. Odin Lloyd, a friend of Hernandez, found dead near rental car that was registered to Hernandez. Gun shot to the head.
    2. Body found 1 mile from AH residence
    3. Surveillance has shown AH and 2 other individuals were with Lloyd hours before the death occurred.
    4. AH destroyed his home surveillance footage
    5. AH destroyed his own cell phone
    6. AH had professional cleaners clean his house the same day of the murder
    I’m no Columbo or Sherlock…but Hmmmm? lol

    I agree with the others who have said the delays in warrants being served are either tactical/strategic or process oriented to make sure all the facts are clear, especially regarding
    the other 2 men who may be involved. “Measure twice, cut once” kind of thing.
    At the minimum, Hernandez appears to be looking straight down the barrel of accessory to murder, destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice and at the maximum….who knows.

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