Terry Bradshaw prepares for his own Vegas show

Getty Images

During his playing days, Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw tried to be a singer.

Some would say he failed.

Actually, he’s not that bad.  In fact he’s good enough to allow the gregarious co-host of FOX NFL Sunday to host a new Las Vegas show that opens on June 28 and closes on June 29.

It’s called “America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde . . . A Life in Four Quarters,” and it features Bradshaw doing things he normally doesn’t do on TV.

“This show has so much; it’s the story of my life put to song and dance,” Bradshaw tells Las Vegas Magazine.  “For the audience [there] really is only one thing to remember:  Have fun.  The whole show really is a shot at me — that’s why it’s called America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde, because that was always the knock on me, that I was stupid.  But I’ve taken stupid and turned it to smart.  If I screw up, hey, I’m used to screwing up. I just hope [the audience] understands I’m not Engelbert Humperdinck!

Bradshaw appeared on Friday’s Tonight Show to talk about his upcoming Vegas stint and all sorts of other things, and as usual he was funny.

Most importantly, he’s still alive.  More than six years after we declared him to be otherwise.