Voting opens for Chiefs’ Mt. Rushmore

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Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN features the Mt. Rushmores for the Raiders and the Chiefs.  It’s a rivalry that hasn’t been relevant in recent years, primarily since neither team has been.

So it’s a chance for fans of both teams to do some sitting back trying recapture a little of the glory of the days when both teams battled with something on the line other than bragging rights and/or the basement of the division.

For the Chiefs, the 12 finalists appear below.  Pick up to four, and then tune in Monday at 5:00 p.m. ET.

And while Chiefs fans will have to sit through the Mt. Rushmore of the Raiders and vice-versa, don’t forget that each Mt. Rushmore is preceded by a look at the team’s worst losses.

53 responses to “Voting opens for Chiefs’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. There are waaaay too many great Chiefs, to just select four. A more appropriate number would be 20. After the next decade with this dynasty team that Mr. Andy Reid is assembling, then you would need to add another 6-7 slots.
    4-5 more Super Bowl titles over the next decade will cement the Chiefs as the greatest organizatipn EVER

  2. Derrick Thomas, Marcus Allen, Lamar Hunt, and too many for a forth. Len Dawson, Christian Okoye, Andre Rison, tony Gonzales, Dale Carter, will Shields, Donnie Edwards, Benny Thompson, Nick Lowery etc

  3. A lot of great choices, but it all starts with Hunt and Stram. I also went with Dawson and Thomas, the face from the SB era and the face from the excellent ’90s era, respectively.

  4. Hunt, Stram, and Derrick Thomas and Tony G. Tony may not be retired yet, but if you’re the greatest at your position of all time then you go on the mountain.

    Stram could be replaced with Dawson, Bell, or Lanier. But Thomas, Tony, and Hunt are locks.

  5. I wrote third comment on this story. All I said was…”that’s great, but who are the Chefs?” Why was that deleted? Florio, are you in your feelings again? You wouldn’t take an internet blogging site personally would you? CMON MAN!

  6. How does not EVERYONE vote for Tony Gonzalez? This guy is the best TE ever to play the game by a landslide and has comparable numbers to the greatest WRs of all time. People that don’t include Gonzalez in their vote are absolutely clueless.

  7. Any list that doesn’t include the greatest tight end of all time, Tony Gonzalez, is incomplete.

  8. Excellent list to choose from and there are several combos I wouldn’t argue with, but, here’s mine:

    Len Dawson
    HOFer and Super Bowl winning QB

    Willie Lanier
    HOFer and first great black MLB (people forget that before Lanier, the general consensus was that, just like QB, blacks didn’t have the “mental necessities” to play MLB)

    Tony Gonzalez
    Future HOFer and greatest TE in history of the NFL

    Lamar Hunt
    HOFer and along with Al Davis (and a few others) the father of the AFL/AFC

    …which leaves quite a few great players off. But, that’s what happens when you can only choose 4.

  9. These Mount Rushmores are bogus. Hunt and Stram have to go on there, and that only leaves two spots for players. One of those has to go to Gonzales, leaving one for everyone else. That might work for some teams, but not for the Raiders and Chiefs, no matter the recent history.

  10. Why bother voting? The players that end up on the mountain will be the ones and only the ones Florio picks.

  11. If Pat Tillman can make the Cardinals Mt. Rushmore, shouldn’t Joe Delaney at least be in the 12 voting choices for giving his life trying to rescue 3 kids? He had more impact as a player than Tillman did.

  12. You should consider squeezing a stadium in that gap between face #3 and #4. Arrowhead Stadium is as storied as it gets and deserves honorable mention on this list.

  13. No Deron Cherry, Marcus Allen, Jan Stenerud, or Christian Okoye?

    My vote is Dawson, Allen, Cherry, and D. Thomas….but what do I know…

  14. As an old time Charger fan, there are some very tough choices. All you Chiefs fans can take them for what they are worth. I saw six that should be on there, so to me, any one of them would be worthwhile. Buck Buchanon, Willie Lanier, Bobby Bell, Len Dawson, Derrick Thomas, and Tony Gonzalez. All of them deserving. since I had to pick 4, I chose Bell, Lanier, Thomas, and Gonzalez.

  15. Having seen Chiefs games since their inception, I have to tell all the Derrick Thomas voters, he was third best in franchise history, Bobby Bell & Lanier were far better. I loved #58, but he’s #3 all-time on this team.

    Lamar Hunt has to be there, Len Dawson as well, Tony Gonzalez, being the best ever at his position, has to be there as well. The 4th spot is so tough, Stram, Buchanan, Lanier or my pick, Bobby Bell.

    Bell made 9-AFL/NFL Pro Bowls, was the deep snapper for years, played on every special team. The Chiefs didn’t blitz much back in the day yet he recorded 40 sacks. His 26 interceptions is a helluva total for a LB & so was his 8 TD’s.

    Hunt, Dawson, Gonzalez & Bell

  16. No Priest Holmes no dale carter no donte hall no Neil Smith no Donnie Edwards no Christian okye?

  17. A lot of good players but I think all lists have to start with Hunt. Two other shoe-ins have to be Stram and Dawson. For the fourth it’s up in the air but hard to argue Derrick Thomas as he’s easily the most iconic player in franchise history, although Lanier or Bell wouldn’t make bad picks either.

    While Tony G was a great player he never helped the Chiefs win anything and actually had a tendency to disappear in games that mattered. Not sure how people are even mentioning Marcus Allen. Emmitt Thomas, Taylor, Shields, Robinson and Buchanan all have to be considered tier 2 guys on this list.

  18. Why are so many people voting for Marcus Allen? He played on the team for five years!

    You really going to leave off multiple people from the D Thomas/Shields/Gonzalez/E Thomas list to make room for Allen?

  19. Lamar has to be on there, just no way around it. Next Hank Stram, so innovative, can’t leave him off. Sucks that there are only two spots left for so many players deserving, but had to pick Lenny the cool and Willie, the best middle linebacker ever. Tough choice to leave Bobby Bell and Buck off. So many great players not even on the list. Where is Janski, Eddy P. How about Mike Garrett? Seems to get lost in the shuffle of great Chief’s running backs. 65 toss power trap. Told you it would pop wide open.

  20. I’d like to vote for “ex-49ers QB”. Why isn’t that on the list? That’s been the guy behind center for much of the last 35 years after all.

  21. I understand the argument of Gonzalez over D. Thomas, but Thomas gets my vote because of the way he changed every game he played in. Tony Gonzalez might be the best ever at his position, but I never saw him completely dominate a defense the way Thomas would completely neutralize the opponent’s passing game. He was nearly impossible to block.

  22. I struggled with this one. When a franchise hasn’t had a great deal of success in the fairly recent past, it made it difficult to pick the more modern-day players (sorry Tony, between you and a Superbowl winning quarterback, I gotta take the quarterback). So it was Len Dawson, Will Shields, Lamar Hunt (naturally), and Hank Stram.

  23. Willie Lanier was as good as the get..but some don’t remember the fact that alot of people/players thought that Bobbie bell was even better then Lanier..they made up 2/3 of the best LB crew in NFL history ( I won’t argue those who say the 70’s Steelers LB crew the best)..but you have to give the Chiefs duo #1 or #2 of all time..Bell deserves to be on that I said..some even say Bell was the most complete LB of all time.

  24. Christian Okoye isn’t a HOF RB, but he was the best RB in the league for a couple years..If this Mt Rushmore is based on what players did for a franchise and fanbase. Then Okoye deserves at least a mention.

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