Bengals’ Mt. Rushmore debuts on Tuesday

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It’s the final week of the Mt. Rushmore process, and the final division gets rolling on Tuesday.

It’s the AFC North, and the first franchise up is arguably the most potent team of the four heading into 2013.

Yes, the long-forgotten Bengals have become a force lately, with a pair of playoff appearances and a high ceiling.  The ceiling hasn’t been high many times in the past, but the Bengals have still managed to get to a pair of Super Bowls — that’s something plenty of teams (14, to be precise) can’t say.

But every teams gets four on their Mt. Rushmore, and the Bengals’ finalists are listed below.  Vote for up to four, and we’ll pull the sheet off the mountain on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN at 5:00 p.m. ET.

34 responses to “Bengals’ Mt. Rushmore debuts on Tuesday

  1. Corey Dillon?! Really? The guy threw his equipment in the stands when he left because he hated being here so much. Why would we want him on our Rushmore? Hell I’d take Rudi Johnson over Corey Dillon just bc Johnson was more of a stand up guy and a decent RB. lol

  2. James Brooks was the best Bengal RB ever. Brooks had break-away speed, a great receiver, and was just tough as nails. He should be on this list.

  3. If either Paul Brown or Anthony Munoz don’t make the final cut then this entire list is a joke. The same could be said for Ken Anderson.

    My picks were:
    Paul Brown
    Anthony Munoz
    Ken Anderson
    Corey Dillon

    It was tough not to pick Boomer but it didn’t feel right to pick two QBs and leave off Corey Dillon who at one point in time had the single game rushing record in Cincy, breaking the mark of 275 then held by Walter Payton.

  4. Anthony Munoz
    Paul Brown
    Ken Anderson

    Write in: Ken Riley
    Fix the poll and get Chad off there and Ken on it.

  5. I’m thinking

    Paul Brown
    Chad Johnson
    Ken Anderson
    Anthony Munoz

    Mr. Brown should be on the list twice because he was just that good

  6. Not going to be popular, but I’m including Marvin Lewis. He has done more with less than any coach I can remember. Depsite a hamstrung scouting department and an owner that leaves chunks of unspent cap space in his wake season after season, Marvin is getting it done. How that man has kept his composure is beyond me. I would have thown management under the bus and been fired long ago.

  7. P. Brown, K. Anderson, and A. Munoz are the locks. Almost anyone else on the list would be acceptable for the 4th spot.

    I love Ickey Woods, but it’s a crying shame that he’s listed with the other people on this list. I can’t see how he’s there in place of James Brooks or Ken Riley.

  8. Isaac Curtis needs to be on the mountain if only for this reason:

    “The Isaac Curtis rule” should not be confused with the “Mel Blount rule”, which was a more stricter revising of “The Isaac Curtis Rule”. Because Isaac Curtis had world-class speed, there weren’t defensive backs that could keep up with Curtis and all teams would double and sometimes even triple cover him. In 1973 in his first year, the Bengals won the Central Division and faced the eventual Super Bowl Champions, the Miami Dolphins. Don Shula’s defensive backs didn’t have the speed to cover Curtis and decided that he would have them push, bump, and hold him down the field. After that game, the NFL defenses including the Steelers started doing the same thing to stop Isaac Curtis. Paul Brown wanted the rule changed, telling the NFL Competition Committee “What good is it for us to have performers, if they aren’t allowed to perform.”

    “The Isaac Curtis Rule”: A defender is allowed to block a receiver within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. After the initial 5 yards, any contact will be considered holding, which is a 5-yard penalty and an automatic first down.

    He was a 4 time pro-bowler who was the #1 Bengals receiver for a decade.

  9. Pacman Jones, Chad Johnson, Jerome Simpson and the super turd himself, Rey Maualuga.

    Too bad the list is only a max of 4, God knows there’s a lot more Bungal turds.

  10. Another write in vote for Ken Riley here.

    Ickey was wonderful in the Super Bowl year, but having him on this list would be like having Refrigerator Perry on the Bears list.

    This list will be different in about 5 years anyway when Geno and A.J. have more time.


  11. I also chose Paul Brown, Ken Anderson, Anthony Munoz, and Chad Johnson. 10783 receiving yards and if it weren’t for Chad (and players getting arrested), no one would have known the Bengals existed his entire time there lol.

  12. Anthony Munoz and Willie Anderson are no-brainers IMHO.

    With few other great choices, I voted for a pair of NFL MVPs — Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason.

  13. Don’t hate on Corey Dillon…do you have any idea how hard it is to run for 1100+ yards and an overall 4.4 average (first six seasons) for teams that were always either mediocre or terrible?

    I can respect not voting for him, given his somewhat short Bengal tenure and the way he left, but you should respect how good he was.

  14. No Ken Riley is a helluva horrible ‘dis’ to the Rattler!

    Tim Krumrie & even Mike Reid over Ickey Woods too!!

  15. should’ve mentioned this before. but we do this exercise in 5 years time, Geno Atkins (assuming he stays healthy) is on Mt. Rushmore for the Bengals

  16. James Brooks is also an EASY shoo-in pick over Reggie Williams, Willie Anderson or Ickey Woods (in that order) … even Carl Pickens gets a place before “honorable mention” Woods … as do LeMar Parrish & Bill Bergey …

  17. Leaving Ken Riley off show the ignorance of this poll, but I expected better. My 4 would be

    Kenny Anderson
    Anthony Munoz
    Boomer Esiason
    Ken Riley

  18. Assuming Ken Riley doesn’t get added, I had Paul Brown, Munoz, Ken Anderson, and Big Willie Anderson. I chose Willie mainly due him being a mainstay on the revitalized Bengal squad of the mid 2000’s. At the very least that group gave us hope after our dark age in the 90’s.

  19. Most potent?? Since When? It took the Steelers AND Ratbirds to both have sub par seasons just for them to make the playoffs..Ill admit AJ Green is the best WR in the North and their Defence is “Up and comming” but “Most potent” team is stretching it.

  20. Voted for three:

    Paul Brown
    Anthony Munoz
    Ken Anderson

    write-in: Ken Riley

    All due respect to Ickey, Marvin, and Cris, but there are more deserving guys at each of their positions (Brooks, Gregg/Wyche, Perkins) let alone omitting Riley, Krumrie or even Fulcher

  21. The list is incomplete without Ken Riley.

    Ken Anderson
    Anthony Munoz
    Boomer Esiason
    Isaac Curtis

    (Ken Riley would replace Curtis had he been on the list).

  22. Stupid not to have Riley on list.
    Top 5 Paul Brown, Anthony Munoz, Ken Anderson, Isaac Curtis and Ken Riley.

    First two are Hall of Famers and other three should be.

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