Bernard Hopkins tells RG3 to run from McNabb


Donovan McNabb has offered his advice to his hockey-playing nephew, but according to a boxer, other quarterbacks should stay far away.

In a bizarre rant, Bernard Hopkins told Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III that he should take great lengths to avoid the offered advice of McNabb this offseason.

What I would advise him: run from McNabb,” Hopkins told Fox 29’s Howard Eskin, via the Washington Post. “Run. Run. Run. And press charges if he tries to [connect]. Listen, seriously, this is an assault on this man. Listen. Run, and if he continue to stalk you, call the first police station, whatever town you’re in, and file a report. File a report.”

Hopkins wasn’t quite finished either.

“A fool can give you advice, not to be a fool,” Hopkins said. “So everybody has an advice to give, because someway, positive or negative, they have an advice for what to be or what not to be, . . . Even a homeless man, even a dopehead, this person or that person, they can give you advice. But is it the right advice, is the key.

“And if McNabb is giving him the right advice — help him not become you by giving him that advice, . . . I’m McNabb. I want to explain to him, I had an opportunity to play for the NFL. I conned my way through like I was somebody I wasn’t, . . . I blew it. I blew it. I’m letting you understand, RGIII, don’t choke every time. Or any time.”

Hopkins, a Philadelphia native, has apparently held a grudge against McNabb for some time, and this isn’t his first diatribe against the former Eagles quarterback.

So while we’re not sure seeking out McNabb’s counsel is anything RG3 should do, getting a restraining order seems a bit extreme.

Whether McNabb should get one for Hopkins is another question.

50 responses to “Bernard Hopkins tells RG3 to run from McNabb

  1. Silly comment. RG3’s running days are over. But he should limp away as fast as he can. Which won’t be very fast.

  2. What a bum. Conned his way into the NFL? 6 pro bowls, 4 straight nfc east championships. What a piece hopkins is, someone has brain damage

  3. You think the NFL has a problem with concussions? Boxers are much times worse. Your honor, I submit a Mr Bernard Hopkins as evidence.

  4. Mr. Hopkins, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  5. Hopkins should have ran away from some of those punches…dude sounds like a ruhtard

  6. Yea RG3. Don’t take advice from the guy with the good up bringing, productive citizen, pro-bowler, member of the board of trustees of a large university. Take advice from the ex-con boxer. That’s the way to go.

  7. one thing i would advise McNabb though, although i dont agree with Hopkins, dont seek him out to fight…dude can roll!! Just ignore him McNabb!

  8. Regardless of the current condition of Bernard Hopkins brain, you can’t dispute the facts.

    Bernard Hopkins: Champion and boxing legend. In his prime he won 21 fights in a row, 16 by knockout, 12 in the first round.

    Donovan McNabb: Best 2nd place QB since Jim Kelly.

  9. Look at that punch drunk fool. A good rule of thumb is to allow Hopkins to state his position and then take the opposite position.

    The question is, was he with or without straitjacket during the interview. Get this guy a Hannibal Lecter mask.

  10. Hopkins is absolutely right. Taking advice from Mcnabb will kill RGIII’s career, or what lil career he will have playing on asteroid turf in washington. I think Bernie hit it right on the head, (pun intended), Mcnabb never did anything other than help the Eagles remain superbow challenged.

  11. Anyone with even a small interest in the fight games knows Bernard Hopkins has the heart of a lion as well as winning multiple championships beating men half his age in the process. McNabb on the other hand is still searching for his heart and has no championships.

  12. B-Hop isn’t eloquent but he’s right. Everything Mac-5 has said since he’s been out of the league has been an attack of sorts … he sounds very bitter.

  13. All the people commenting against Hopkins knows nothing about Philly, I bet. I lived in Philly for 10 years and in no way am I an Eagles fan but, Philly doesn’t even have much love for McNabb. He is looked at as a whiner who never stood up for himself and is also looked at as a weak man. He threw up in the huddle while under pressure in the super bowl. Hopkins is loved by Philly. Hopkins is not a punch drunk boxer with dementia. He speaks very well, having met him twice, while he was speaking to at risk kids at one of Philly’s disciplinarian schools. When I first heard McNabb trying to give advice to RG3, I said the same thing- why would anyone want to listen to him? I mean, if you don’t have anybody else to talk to you about the NFL experience, I guess McNabb will do but, I’m thinking RG3 has any number of people that can give advice and also offer creditability. McNabb simply doesn’t have any to those that know him.

  14. And, anyone who is saying Hopkins got hit in the head too much, has never seen him fight. The reason he has lasted this long, well over 43 Y/O, is he is an excellent defensive fighter, who doesn’t get hit much. McNabb got hit harder and more often than BHop ever did.

  15. He’s right.

    Plus, no one should listen to a phony that takes no responsibility for his mistakes.

    It’s Mike Shanahan’s, T.O.’s, the Vikings, the Eagles, but never his.

    Anyone who bashes Hopkins and defends and absolves Donovan from any issues in the media should lose their job because they lack too much objectivity to be employed.

  16. mbhcu98 is on to something. The city of Philadelphia, the Eagles organization and Andy Reid supported and trusted McNabb but he threw them all under the bus. That is what Hopkins is upset about.

  17. Um, why all the hate for McNabb? He was a pretty damn good QB for a lotta years. Why wouldn’t RG3 want to listen to advice from him? Doesn’t have to use it, but at least listen.

  18. While I have respect for Mr.Hopkins as a professional athlete, and I agree with the advice about RG3 not taking McNabb’s advice (damn, that made me “finger-tied), he could have been a bit more benevolent!
    But make no mistake folks … Hopkins has owned way more championships than Mcnabb even hoped to win!
    RG3 is very intelligent, and will know who he wants advice from, and he’ll know whether to take said advice from
    whomever! But my personal thoughts on Mcnabb giving him advice would be … RU-U-U-U-NNNNN!! Sorry DMc, you had your time, but the ride is over!



    the thought of the clock winding down against new endland as they took their time to get the plays in makes me sick to this day.
    McNabb/Reid choked.. they can never live that down.

  20. My memory may be off, but I think this all stems from years ago when Hopkins visited an Eagles practice and felt that McNabb snubbed him.

  21. Bernard who??

    During his tenure with the Eagles, McNabb led the Eagles to four consecutive NFC East division championships (2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004), five NFC Championship Games (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2008), and one Super Bowl

    6× Pro Bowl (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009)
    NFC Offensive Player of the Year (2004)
    NFC Player of the Year (2004)
    NFC Champion (2004)
    Philadelphia Eagles 75th Anniversary Team
    NFL Top 100 Ranking (2011-100th)
    3× Big East Offensive Player of the Year (1996-1998)
    Syracuse All-Century Football Team
    NFC’s Player of the Month 9/05
    Big East’s Offensive Player of the Decade for the 1990s
    Big East Rookie of the Year

  22. Really Bernard who?? I know the NFL is the premier sport but B-Hop did it all. For most of his career he talked the talked and then walked the walk, unlike guitar hero Donovan who tended to shrink in the moment. He may not be smooth with his words but he is correct. He may hold a grudge that mcNabb snubbed him but that also probably showed him a little about what kind of person D-Mac was. So when you say Bernard don’t say 6 pro bowls, 1 second place trophy, 4 4th place trophies. You say….CHAMPION. Period. An before you talk about his last few fights, dude is pushing 50 and fighting guys half his age.
    Ask Felix Trinidad and Oscar De LaHoya who Bernard is..they remember.

  23. truth is everybody in Philly kisses Hopkin’s butt. McNabb chose not to, therefore the Hopkin’s diatribe.

  24. All you can do is shake your head. Bernard is a few donuts short of a dozen I think. He may have good reason to dislike McNabb, maybe they know each other, but you can’t argue with his record. He was a very good quarterback in a system that was very quarterback friendly. But he did a lot with and without a quality cast of receivers (aka Pinkston, Thrash, Mitchell, etc). He wasn’t Elway, but he earned his stripes and was better than most.

  25. McNabb ruined his relationship with RG3 last year after the draft when he said that RG3 would fail in Shannahan’s system “Trust him” he said. After the ROY had a rookie year of rookie years compared to 2 other future QB sensations as well…. isnt it safe to say the maybe McNabb is just flat out wrong? or at a minimum…throwing the ball 4 yards short on 3rd and 7???

  26. I’ll repeat it. Bernard who? Might not even be on my list of top 10 boxers in my generation. Philly will soon forget Hopkins.

    From 2000-2010 Only the Colts and GB won more games than the Eagles. 2nd or 3rd best QB in team history. They will be talking about him in Philly for years to come.

    Class act? Hopkins upset about a possible snub so he acts like a clown? It takes more class to not even respond to him. “It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile” – Sting

  27. Bernard Hopkins is one of the best boxers of our time, and is still a championship caliber fighter today.
    McNabb must have done something disrespectfull to Hopkins
    cause this aint the first time they had bad words. Plus McNabb has been saying all kinds of things about
    coaches and players too.

  28. for all of you ignorant people trying to ripp on Hopkins. let’s just say Hopkins and McNabb walk into a bar in South Philly there is only one guy buying is own drinks and his name if McNabb.

    McNabb was nothing but a choker, he palyed in a weak conference most of his career, he played in a weak divison most of his career. He was an ALTERNATE PRO BOWLER 4 times so please STOP brining up pro bowls. His team was the FAVORITE to win 4 out of 5 championship games and 3 of them at home. So when your team is the FAVORITE that means your team is better than the other team or has more talent. So to say he did more with less is a joke. maybe his receivers who have been better if he didn’t over throw, under throw or throw balls directly into the ground all the time. TWICE in championship games he had the ball on the final drive and against the Rams he threw a pick and against the Cardinals he threw propably 4 of the worst passes you would ever see thrown from a qb.

    The bottom line is the guy was a flat out choker and blamed everyone but himself.

  29. @rodericksilva…

    I say this often, and I mean NO disrespect, but if you dont know who Hopkins is, you must be in the younger generation. I dont agree with what he says about McNabb, and I am a Bronco fan that has little interest in the matter. But Hopkins was a good boxer that would fight anyone….and come to think of it, that may be why he is rambling on so much!!!

  30. For all you “McNass” kissers out there, take care … He threw everyone who made him respectable, under the bus! His receivers, linemen, coaches, teams, said RG3 would never flourish under Shannan’s offensive scheme!
    Hopkins, though not very eloquent, has never done that. And yeah, he’s an ex-con, so what?! Even with his great up-bringing, big college education, and all that other BS that was mentioned, it still doesn’t change the fact that where character is concerned, “McJabb” has none! And I believe a guy who owns world championships in multiple divisions,
    over “McChoke” anytime!

  31. Who is Bernard Hopkins

    Fought Tavoris Cloud on 2013-03-09 at the United States Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York.

    Won IBF Light Heavyweight title and broke his previous record of becoming oldest champion in boxing history. (At 46 he beat George Foreman’s record). Only 21 months earlier.

    He’s 48 and is the current IBF Light Heavyweight Champion of the world.

    Philly will never forget Bernard Hopkins.

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