Colts expect greatness from Vontae Davis

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The Colts think they got a great player with their second-round pick in this year’s NFL draft.

That player is cornerback Vontae Davis, whom the Colts acquired during training camp last season when they traded this year’s second-round pick (which turned out to be No. 54 overall) to the Dolphins. Last year Davis started 10 games and had three interceptions, and this year Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson believes Davis is on track to become an All-Pro like his big brother, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis.

We expect greatness from Vontae,” Grigson said. “Everyone knows what he is capable of. It’s time for him to turn the corner in his career the way his brother did out in San Francisco. We saw glimpses and impressive flashes last year, but we expect him to put it all together this fall.”

Davis struggled with injuries during his first year in Indianapolis, but he came on strong late in the year and was the AFC Defensive Player of the Week for the final game of the regular season. That’s the way Grigson expects Davis to play all the time this year.

43 responses to “Colts expect greatness from Vontae Davis

  1. Just as long as he more like his brother Vernon and not his other brother he will be ok. For those of you that don’t know their other brother killed an old man by bashing his brains out with a hammer, so he did indeed turned Hammer Time into Slammer Time.

  2. Philbin dumped Vontae do to lack of effort/attitude. Hopefully it was a wake up call. He’s got a lot of talent.

  3. We saw glimpses and impressive flashes last year, but we expect him to put it all together this fall.

    We said that for years. Good luck with that!

  4. From a Dolphins fan… he’s a great talent and a good kid, just immature. He showed up drunk to a practice in 2011, then couldn’t finish drills in Training Camp in 2012 because he was so out of shape – that was reason enough for Philbin and Ireland to believe he was unworthy of more patience and eventually a contract extension, and I agree.

  5. At times, they will get the greatness they seek from him….unfortunately, at times they will not…that is his history in his first four years…

  6. Like ANY coach would say we really got a turkey in that guy we gave up a 2nd round pick for.

    I assume Davis is “turning heads” and is really “impressive” in the mini camps and OTAs.
    Let’s see how he does against Calvin Johnson first before we put him in Canton.

  7. Did they consult Vontae’s grandma about those expectations?

    Vontae’s not always great… but sometimes he has to… you know… whats that word homie? ACT… yeah… that’s it. Sometime he gonna ACT like he great, for the coaches.

  8. i was surprised miami got rid of him, i thought he was able to be a top flight cb when he wanted to be, but miami def got the better end of the deal so far, was able to trade the pick for a possible beast in jordan with wake on the other side and i think jamar taylor will be a very good cb. but colts will have a good player.

  9. I liked vontae he was just jumped on double moves and gave up big plays at times but I wouldn’t have mind for him to stay in miami I just thought davis and smith had more potential then they ever put on the field

  10. u silly people, u do know his brother is mentally disabled right? and u bring him up in this, i hope u guys pray every night, smh

  11. Why would anyone believe Grigson, the current NFL Executive of the Year that put a playoff team together with a rookie QB, rookie RB, rookie TE and rookie WR. Oh yeah let’s not forget his rookie Head Coach.

  12. VD had a pretty good 2nd half of the season after he got healthy, dolphins didnt get the better of this trade, coach pags will get him to play at the level he needs too

  13. “Why would anyone believe Grigson, the current NFL Executive of the Year that put a playoff team together with a rookie QB, rookie RB, rookie TE and rookie WR. Oh yeah let’s not forget his rookie Head Coach.”

    I’ll give you the Quarterback, the Te’s, and the coach, but Vick ballard was just one of a number of ineffective running backs in Indy and um Reggie Wayne??

  14. The Dolphins traded at least 4 ints a yr….plus a good corner potential great corner when they traded Vontae. They got in place Jamar Taylor(CB from Bosie state) with that pick they got from the colts. Unless Taylor is worth at least 5+ int and turns into a great corner I think the Dolphins lost on that deal…so what if Vontae was a lil immature he was a good corner and good corner are hard to find.

  15. The Colts will be disappointed as the Dolphins were. Look at his three int’s last year, 2 in the last game. Both of those int’s were thrown way off the mark and right to Davis. Can’t wait to see him get roasted by Mike Wallace in week 2.

  16. As I have read a few times, many fans in Miami expected great things from Vontae as well! He had all the talent, proven family ability or the right genes, on & on… But there was something missing in Miami. He seemed aloof, did not try all the time or did not try his hardest; he was injured a couple times that seemed questionable.
    I think he may have been caught up in (he was a rookie first year in Miami & very impressionable) the opinion of several players saying they would not play in Miami because of what was asked about a certain draftee’s mother. So he didn’t want to be there. That’s fine. He needed to go & I imagine he will perform well for Indy. Just need to be careful with such life impacting decisions & actions. EVERYBODY makes mistakes, whether thru words, actions, opinions, etc…. What comes around, go’s around in our lifetime. The Dolphins are on the road to recovery from what happened and did get a good(who knows, maybe great) second round pick for that trade.?.?
    I hope the Colts get Vontae to perform. Maybe what was said can be put to rest and we can all move on.

  17. This is year 5 people. That means he’s at least halfway through his NFL career. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not going to happen.

  18. Vontae >Sean Smith…..Sorry Chiefs fans, Colts got the better corner from the Fins!
    Grimes>Vontae>Smith…… Sorry but Miami got the best one of the three and didn’t give up a draft pick to get him.

  19. Vontae for taylor isn’t the case it gave the fins an extra 2nd which allowed them to move up for dion jordan so more realistically it was vontae for jordan and taylor

  20. Guy plays like a pro bowler first 3 games then after that not much better than average.

  21. joemontanawasthegreatest says: Jun 24, 2013 5:30 PM

    Has all the tools, just lacks consistency.

    I have to say this to all of you out there that post things like this:
    Unless you consistently watch tape (and know how to watch tape), and know how to assess an NFL player’s strengths and weaknesses, then you’re just another guy who opens his mouth about stuff you have no clue about.
    Be a guy who shares something new instead of regurgitating other people’s info as if it’s your own.

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