Last spot for Chiefs Mt. Rushmore comes down to Thomas, Gonzalez

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The Chiefs have a special place in AFL history.  The problem is that their recent history isn’t very special.

And so their Mt. Rushmore is skewed to the past.  The Pro Football Talk version has Hank Stram, Len Dawson, and Willie Lanier in three of the spots.

The fourth, for me, came down to linebacker Derrick Thomas and tight end Tony Gonzalez.  Both were dominant at their positions, with Hall of Fame credentials.  Neither played on teams that enjoyed much success, particularly in the postseason.

Thomas had more playoff success in his time than Gonzalez, and the tragic circumstances of Derrick’s death ended up being the biggest factor for me.

PFT Planet put both on the mountain, omitting Lanier.

The full segment from Monday’s show appears below, with more discussion and debate and the full results of the vote.

35 responses to “Last spot for Chiefs Mt. Rushmore comes down to Thomas, Gonzalez

  1. Priest Holmes current Chiefs records.

    Most career rushing yards (5,933)
    Most career rushing touchdowns (76)
    Most career total touchdowns (83)

  2. I love both Derrick Thomas and Tony Gonzalez but both are (were RIP DT) running game liabilities.

  3. Are you kidding me?

    Derrick Thomas is right there next to Lawrence Taylor, Deacon Jones, Reggie White, Bruce Smith…..

    Derrick Thomas ate D coaches alive and made there life hell. Coaches like… Greg Williams, Dick LeBeau, Bill Cowher, Jim Johnson, Nick Saban, Jim Schwartz, Wade Phillips, Ritchie Petitbone, Pete Carroll, and Dick Jauron.

    So he was not a TE that scored, he was a disruption on the field every play of every game. Derrick Thomas was a beast among men.

  4. derrick Thomas.I usually don’t comment on chiefs affairs,however leaving derrick Thomas off would be a crime.just ask the Seattle seahawks about him.7 sacks in one game.

  5. Are you seriously suggesting that Lamar Hung who founded the NFL and changed the landscape of professional football is not in the Mt. Rushmore. Everyone you’ve selected owes a debt of gratitude to Lamar and you guys need to reconsider quickly. That’s embarrassing for you all.

  6. Who picked the chiefs players, Len Dawson was not a great QB, he was no Manning, Marino, or Elway, heck he wasn’t even drafted by the chiefs, hank strahm is a lock, but Derrick Thomas is arguable one of the top two greatest LB to ever play the game, and the fact that Otis Taylor wasn’t even on this list shows me how little people know of the history of the NFL Otis Taylor was a bigger faster version of Michael Ervin, he was un stoppable when the ball was thrown his way, and no bobby bell he was a beast. Tony g should be up there he changed the position forever and pretty much had broke every record for a tight end before he ever left KC

  7. Yeah tragic circumstances… Police reports indicate that Thomas, who was driving, was speeding at approximately 100 m.p.h. even though snow and ice were accumulating on the roadway. Thomas continued weaving erratically through traffic until the time of the accident. Thomas and one of the passengers were not wearing seat belts and both were thrown from the car; the passenger was killed instantly. The second passenger, who was wearing his safety belt, walked away from the scene uninjured. The family then sued GM for 73 million Dollars.
    Yeah put him ahead of Gonzalez….

  8. Len Dawson goes on the hill because he was the QB who threw 17 passes in a Super Bowl that was won by his team’s running game and defense.

    Tony Gonzales is far and away the greatest tight end ever to play the game, a guy who is producing at an All-Pro level in his 16th season, at age 36, at a position where age takes its toll as early as it does for running backs. He’s left off.


    Oh, by the way, being on a team that was 110-65-1 with seven trips to the post-season doesn’t really constitute “not much success”. In a league where 31 teams go home every year, I think Derrick Thomas was pretty proud of the teams he played on.

  9. Gonzo shouldn’t even be considered a Chief.

    The idiots let him go and he’s going into his 5th year as a Falcon.

  10. No Lamar Hunt? The AFC Championship Trophy bears his name.

    Without Lamar Hunt there would be no Kansas City Chiefs Mount Rushmore or any other for the old AFL/AFC teams.

  11. “…their Mt. Rushmore is skewed to the past.”

    and yet you leave Lamar Hunt off the list. Wow.

    It’s not like he did anything for the sport of football.

  12. It is a close call, but I have to go Derrick Thomas. I’m really surprised neither list has Lamar Hunt on it. IMO, Hunt is #1.

  13. No Lamar Hunt? You have to be joking right? There would be no Kansas City Chiefs without Lamar Hunt, there would be no Hank Stram without Lamar Hunt, there would have been no AFL without Lamar. The name of the ‘Super Bowl’ was created by Lamar for Christs sake. This needs to be changed now and Stram taken down for Hunt.

  14. Oh yeah by the way, Thomas left 7 children by 5 mothers….no will thus they were all in public housing. Great role model to put on KC Rushmore.

  15. There wouldn’t be a Chiefs without Lamar Hunt.

    The NFL wouldn’t be what it is now without Lamar Hunt.

    If it has to be between DT and Gonzo, I think DT deserves the spot.

  16. Stram is only on there because of all of the publicity he got for that sideline video. He sucked much of his time as coach. No room for him on here.

    Number 1 has to be Tony Gonzalez. 2nd all time in catches, over all RECEIVERS in history except Jerry Rice. 13 pro bowls. Double the receiving yards of the next closest tight end. He should be in the top 10 players of all time. No other Chief has achieved anything close, on an individual level. By far, far and away, the best Chief ever. It is preposterous that he is not one of the four.

    Number 2 has to be Derrick Thomas. He was the 2nd best rush linebacker in history, behind LT. He changed games singlehandedly. He was dominant, and clearly the prime reason that the Chiefs were so excellent for a decade. A dominant, dominant player. Best defensive player in the NFL in several different seasons.

    Number 3 is Bobby Bell. He was better than Lanier, period. Maybe the best defensive player of his era.

    Number 4 is Marty Schottenheimer. No coach was ever more cursed in NFL history. His teams had the best record in the NFL twice in 3 years, and but for Lin Elliott and Grbac, he would have been on the list. He gave us the best and ONLY good Chiefs decade since the 60s.

    Lamar Hunt watched his team flounder for decades, and never lifted a finger to do anything about it. He did not care about winning. They incented the coaching staff for winning preseason games, so that the Chiefs could sell more season tickets. He cared about money more than winning. We won 1 championship in 50 years, even though part of the time he was in a 10 team league. No place for him on this list.

  17. Ummm…there is no Chiefs or AFC for that matter without Mr. Hunt. He didn’t just own the team, started it from nothing. He did the unthinkable and was way ahead of his time. AFC Champs are handed the Hunt trophy and after that they play in the Super Bowl, coined by Mr. Hunt. To not include him is wrong. Stram, another man ahead of his time. “I” formation, two TE set…Stram. Most wins in AFL, only one to win two championships in one year (AFL and Super Bowl. Hank was also a great man. Tony G IS the BEST ever at his position…ever.

  18. The trophy for the AFC champion is named after Lamar Hunt. Thought that should be enough for everyone that had any clue about the Chiefs or the NFL.

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