Lions sign veteran Chris Hope



Because of the uncertain status of safety Louis Delmas, the Lions are going to have question marks in the secondary.

They tried to provide a short-term answer Monday. According to Tim Twentyman of the team’s official website, the Lions have signed veteran safety Chris Hope.

Hope played in all 16 games for the Falcons last year, starting four. He’s also played for the Steelers and Titans, but hasn’t been a regular starter since 2010.

Delmas’ troublesome knee limited him during the spring, though no one has said much about his prognosis. Hope at least gives them a smart veteran for cover until they know more.

12 responses to “Lions sign veteran Chris Hope

  1. Actually Rick, there aren’t many people living in Detroit, and the largest percentage that are left are drug dealers. The Lions represent the whole State of Michigan, not just the City of Detroit. Whats happening in Detroit is a mess, but the rest of us Lion fans love our Lions even though it seems Hopeless most of the time. The fans that are left are true fans and not bandwagon fans. We fill the stands even though most of us wish the Ford family would sell the Lions to a Competent owner. Delmas should never have been resigned because he is a waste of cap and personnel space. He’s a great player when he is healthy, but he’s never 90 to 100 percent. It hurts the team, so yes I’m very happy we got Hope.

  2. Detroit is actually pretty awesome. I used to live about an hour away and I always had a great time when I visited. I also never felt threatened or unsafe in any way.
    After one super long night I walked out of a concert at Cobo Hall and got completely lost. I was almost two miles from my hotel when I met a homeless guy who offered to walk me all the way back. When we got there after about 25 minutes I tried to give the guy a twenty dollar bill and he absolutely refused to take it. When I tried to stuff it in his pocket he ran off.
    I would have to guess that most of you who make these kind of comments about Detroit have never actually been there. It definitely has its share of problems but I’ve never had anything but positive experiences there.

  3. @twelsh36446 when I read your comment my initial reaction was anger but then I realized that I can not hold your ignorance against you, because I have lived in Detroit my entire life outside of going away for college and I have never sold drugs and never will because contarary to your beliefs there are actually a large population of citizens in Detroit that actually work legitimate jobs! #golions

  4. twelsh36446, Speilman baits all the time, so who knows what he really believes.

    Detroit, has many issues, but it is not hopeless. So, twelsh36…whatever the rest…you can only speak for yourself for Detroit. You can’t even speak for the rest of Michiganders. It’s arrogant of you to think you can, as a matter of fact.

    As far as Spielman, this is what Detroit is as a sports team…it’s never lost a single major league to team to another city, as you have the NorthStars or the Lakers or almost the Twins and the Vikings, for that matter.

    So, the D is apparently doing something better than the twin cities. Keep on hating and we’ll keep on laughing.

  5. This is the first time in many years that the Lions and Hope were in the same sentence.

    I feel bad for most of the fans of the Lions. They have been able to watch 2 once in a generation players (Sanders/Johnson) while management squandered opportunity after opportunity to put together a contender.
    It seemed like they just got out from Millen’s shadow and then all the character flaw players were drafted. Been a tough stretch for sure.

  6. I love these guys (who live in trailer parks and eat creamed corn out of can) making weak and unoriginal comments about why Detroit is bad.

    Detroit’s sports franchises have long histories. And as lks311 has pointed out, the fans are so great that there’s *never* talk about a major league team leaving Detroit. The Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings all play in downtown, not the suburbs.

    Keep dogging the Lions. Take us for granted. Look past us towards the next game. That’s just the way we like it. At the end of the season we’ll be wearing the NFC Norris division crown – and you guys will still be talking the exact same trash.

    In Detroit, you learn to be self-reliant. What the rest of the world says doesn’t mean squat.

  7. That leaves 8 guys competing for the 5 spot.

    Or they could keep 2 if Spurlock is retained to play ST and be 6th on the DC. But they might already be going deep on RB/TE/OL keepers so I think Spurlock is out anyhow. They also thick numbers at every position on defense that are worthy of competing for a roster spot so it will be extremely interesting to see who makes this team.

  8. @ twelsh36446 i live downtown & have family all over the city, i have to say your behind the times there aren’t alot drug dealers in the city any more that was in the 80’s, early 90’s. I’ve been here my whole life the drug trade in Detroit isn’t as bad when a Democratic President is in office, Clinton & Obama years weren’t like the either Bush or Regan when the city was over ran with drugs.

  9. It’s a lazy joke for people that have never been to Detroit try and tell us how terrible it is. I am an out of state Lion fan but visit the D every year for over a decade and always stay in the city. Nothing but great times and good people. Sure every city has it’s ‘bad areas’ but that is just poverty which every city struggles with. I love Slows bbq, table games, theatres, music in the street, humble people, amazing sports town. Don’t try and paint a picture of a place you’ve never seen, it’s cowardly.

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