Peterson used Wii to rehab ACL

Getty Images

Any player who has torn an ACL needs to go buy a Wii.  Because that’s what Vikings running back Adrian Peterson used in the early stages of his recovery from a serious knee injury suffered on Christmas Eve of 2011.

Peterson explained how the video game system helped his rehab efforts during a Friday visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

“I was able to do different ski games maybe like a month after the surgery to help kind of stabilize the knee and put that pressure on there and try to rebuild those muscles and get more power and strength in those muscles around the knee,” Peterson said.

While the process is inordinately more complex than playing video games, it confirms his dedication and commitment to getting back to 100 percent.  It also means that every athlete who tears an ACL will buy a Wii.

Or, at a minimum, add it to his wedding registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond.