Raiders Mt. Rushmore was easy for two, hard for two


Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN included the Raiders’ Mt. Rushmore.

It was easy to name two of them:  Al Davis and John Madden.

For the other two, it got a little more difficult.  I picked Fred Biletnikoff and Gene Upshaw.  PFT Planet picked Marcus Allen and Howie Long.

So who Erik Kuselias and Shaun King wanted on the mountain, and check out the voting results by watching the segment.  And then feel free to add your thoughts below.

51 responses to “Raiders Mt. Rushmore was easy for two, hard for two

  1. How can you leave Tom Flores off? 2 SB Rings

    The last one would have to go to Cliff Branch or Jim Plunkett


  2. Al Davis should get two spots. One for the sane one and one fo the demented one that ran the team the last 15 years.

    Mark Davis’ hair should get a spot to.

  3. Probably one of the most difficult teams to only choose 4 spots.

    But I don’t think Madden coached long enough to deserve a spot. Especially when you’ve got a guy like Jim Otto who played 15 years and is still around the organization. Hall of Famer who never missed a game due to injury. A Raider through and through.

  4. No to Howie Long. The Raiders are known for being the badssa, renegade team of the NFL. For that alone, Jack Tatum should be right up there.

  5. Al Davis
    Fred b
    Marcus Allen
    Tim brown Or howie long. Can’t go wrong with either

    But no John madden sorry that’s a joke

  6. Davis, Upshaw, Lamonica, Tatum

    Madden is more known for his video games and announcing than he is for being Raiders’ coach. Close call but the Raiders are known for downfield passing and violent defense. Upshaw is just awesome.

    With that:
    Davis – can’t deny
    Upshaw – maybe best player in their history
    Lamonica – mad bomber
    Tatum – vicious as they come

    Long-No. Allen-tough cut but no. Tim Brown, eh. Biletnikoff-tough cut…maybe replace Lamonica.

  7. sbdt says:
    Jun 24, 2013 7:21 PM
    No JaMarcus? You must have lost your JaMarbles!
    He’d be too big to fit.

  8. Is it true that JaMarcus Russell works at the snack bar outside the Raiders Mt. Rushmore ?

  9. I would think you have to include George Blanda no?

    Maybe. Then Tom Flores? or who is the most influential player?

    Could be Davis, Madden, Flores, Blanda.

  10. Sad that Flores finished last. I would put cliff Branch or Timmy B. ahead of Fred B and that’s just the WRs! Flores was part of all 3 Super Bow wins and now is the radio guy.

  11. Those who don’t say Madden doesn’t belong are too young. Madden is a huge part of the Oakland Raiders…

    Now Howie Long? He wasn’t even the best lineman on his team. Greg Townsend was.

  12. whynotusecommonsense says: Jun 24, 2013 8:03 PM

    Probably one of the most difficult teams to only choose 4 spots.

    But I don’t think Madden coached long enough to deserve a spot.
    He won 100 games in 10 years. That’s a nice clip.

  13. I know this is a Raiders story but in the video they do mention Tecmo Bowl Bo and considering the Bucs did draft him first overall and got nothing out of it I felt the Bucs deserved a mention since Haddix was the defensive Bo Jackson of Tecmo Super Bowl.

  14. I have to wonder if John Madden has to be one of the most overrated coaches ever.

    I don’t disparage his knowledge of the game. But every coach who has been with the Raiders, has been said to have had to do what Davis wanted.

    So if every coach of the Raiders was essentially a lackey to Davis, why is Madden exempt from the same status?

    Why is he so great, if he was essentially doing what he was told to do, just like every Raiders coach?

  15. I like the old Raiders… ( Pre Marcus Allen ) those were the teams I hated to see the Steelers play. Somebody was leaving on a stretcher..on both teams! If any Raider should be on there though it should be Marcus Allen..

  16. I agree with Davis and Madden. Had Upshaw and Tim Brown in place of Howie and Marcus. It’s obvious the vote slants to a younger crowd, hence Howie and Marcus trumping all of the older guys. But really you couldn’t go wrong with any of the guys on the list and even some who didn’t make that cut.

  17. I can’t believe allen got in. he didn’t even want to be recognized as a raider. how can you guys put up a player that doesn’t even want to be a part of the organization at one time? and howie long, for me, didn’t epitomize thhe raiders D that people feared. and for all you guys saying madden shouldn’t be in… um winningist coach in nfl history not gonna do it for you? sadly with this fanbase its a popularity contest and some don’t know about true history of the raiders or the value of players they’ve had.

  18. Seems to me like the majority of those who voted aren’t really Raider fans and don’t know the extent of the organizations history. Not to say Marcus Allen and Howie Long aren’t great Raiders but Mt. Rushmore worthy? No way

  19. OK People here is what it should be, hands down.

    First let me say this forum kind of sucks because you cannot reply to other’s postings. All we get is an endless stream of comments but no conversation. If there are 200 comments and I agree or disagree with #2, I can’t reply under that posting. It’s stupid. Anyway … back to the topic at hand. The Four Raiders should be …

    1. Al Davis (obviously)
    2. Jim Otto (obviously)
    3. Tom Flores
    4. George Blanda

    Mount Rushmore is about foundation. It’s not about Reagan or Clinton or FDR … it’s about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson … I don’t know why Teddy is on there except for maybe right place at the right time.

    Al Davis is the Raiders.
    Jim Otto is Mr. Raider.
    Tom Flores is one of only 2 players in NFL history to win rings as player, assistant coach, and head coach. He was the Raiders 1st QB. He still announces the games.
    George Blanda is a major reason why the Raiders had the mystique they had. Last minute wins, too old, not good enough but wily enough to “just win baby.”

    Al Davis
    Jim Otto
    Tom Flores
    George Blanda.

    There are no other choices.

  20. I would have to say that the Raiders, like a couple of other clubs, would need 2 monuments. One would be a leadership panel carved in relief with Al Davis, John Madden, Tom Flores, Art Shell, Daryl Lamonica, George Blanda, Kenny Stabler, and Jim Plunkett displayed front and center and Ray Guy, who changed the punting game forever (talk about a kind of leadership) in the background. Mt Rushmore would be for those 4 who personify the Raiders. Otto for being in the Center, Biletnikoff for bending/pushing the rules to the max, Upshaw for helping establish the left handed team and being part of the best 2 lineman to play at the same time, and Tatum for being the best at being the hardest hitting, nastiest player. But having Marcus Allen, Long, Hendricks, Casper, Haynes, Hayes, Branch, Cannon, and others on the short list makes sense also. Lest anyone forget, there was a time when the Raiders were the best team in all of pro sports, period. Silver and Black, that is what it is all about.

  21. Have to have won a SUPER BOWL!
    Al Davis
    Tom Flores
    Howie Long
    Lester Hayes
    Art Shell
    Willie Brown
    Ted Hendricks
    Fred B.
    Gene Upshaw
    Marcus Allen

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