Report: Police prepare to search water near Hernandez’s home


The authorities investigating the death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd apparently rested on Sunday.  On Monday, they’re back at it.

According to Kathryn Sotnik of NECN, police are preparing to enter a body of water near the home of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

The most obvious source for speculation is that they’re searching for the gun that was used to shoot Lloyd.  If so, it’s unknown whether the police have reason to think the gun is there, or whether they are just being thorough.

On that point, keep this in mind.  In the Pilot Flying J investigation, prosecutors quietly are securing guilty pleas and commitments to cooperate from lower-level executives as they work their way up the ladder to “senior management.”  In this case, there are two other men who possibly have decided to save their own skin and rat out Hernandez.

That’s where the reports of an arrest warrant, repeated visits to his house, and constant media scrutiny can help the police.  It has become virtually impossible for Hernandez to have face-to-face meetings with the other two men, making it difficult for them to get their stories straight.  And since the other two men apparently aren’t subject to round-the-clock media surveillance, for all anyone knows they’ve decided to cut a deal and let the police focus on the biggest fish in the bowl.

Either way, if the police emerge from that water with a handgun, it will be the biggest development in the case to date.

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  1. Hernandez is a terrible player, the pats won’t miss him at all now that they have a real tight-end in Timmy T.

  2. I am a Pats fan and I keep life in perspective. Football is merely entertainment. Life is not always entertainment. With that said, I hope the police find the gun and Odin’s killers are brought to justice and may justice be served.

  3. I don’t know who did what, or who knew. Either way, I am left to wonder exactly why it is some of these guys who are given the opportunity of a lifetime so readily throw it all away, if only by the company they keep.

  4. When the investigation is over, I think an “obstruction of justice” charge will be the least of Hernandez’s worries. I think the police are building a murder case against him. Do I think he pulled the trigger? No. But I think he was there when Lloyd was killed, which makes Hernandez an accomplice.

  5. I have watched a lot of “The first 48” in my time, and if this case was in that show, you can bet the accused would have to have been let go by now. Obviously, I think the police are trying to get all the evidence they can before bringing Aaron in for questioning, but man you have to think as time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent they aren’t going to get the evidence they need to charge him seriously in this… There are cases that they charge months after, but usually that’s in the case that someone started talking that wouldn’t originally talk. The first 48 hours are the most vital in these cases, and every second after that is critical. We are well beyond the first 48 hours of this investigation.

  6. Hernandez, the biggest fish in the bowl? I would expect the police and prosecution to be more concerned with finding out which one actually committed the murder and the extent to which the other two were involved. Not go after Hernandez just because he’s an NFL player or “the biggest fish” as you put it.

  7. Guy gets a $41 million contract to play for NE but prefers to be a punk gangsta. Buh-bye!

  8. “That’s where the reports of an arrest warrant, repeated visits to his house, and constant media scrutiny can help the police. It has become virtually impossible for Hernandez to have face-to-face meetings with the other two men, making it difficult for them to get their stories straight. And since the other two men apparently aren’t subject to round-the-clock media surveillance, for all anyone knows they’ve decided to cut a deal and let the police focus on the biggest fish in the bowl.”

    If this were the case, they would have arrested him already. It’s more likely they are leaning on Hendandez with the warrant, trying to get him to talk and turn in the others. More likely he told them there’s a gun in the water. If the other gave him up as the shooter and they had sworn statements then he’d be locked up. At this point, the evidence (that is public at least) isn’t as overwhelming as it looks. The victims own family claimed the Loyd had been driving the SUV for “few days”. As for the destroyed surveillance equipment and phone if they were unable to get anything off them, then they are only circumstantial evidence. If Hernandez is smart (is it possible that Gronk is the smarter of the two TE’s) he will give up his “boys” and get charges dropped to misdemeanors.

  9. Also forgetting that one if them killed the guy and could ” rat” out Hernandez because he is the big fish. Police would never believe he didn’t do it if one of the guys points the finger. Of course as a lawyer and a “journalist” it is all good for you either way.

  10. This case is getting very strange. I am starting to think the cops don’t have anything on Hernandez. Usually investigations are kept quiet. I just seems like alot of info is getting leaked to the media. Maybe the police are hoping that all this info leaked to the media will get Hernandez or one his boys to rat. They may need someone to rat due to lack of evidence.

  11. So if they do find the gun, that means they found the body, the gun, and that rental car all poorly or not at all hidden, and he tried to destroy his cell phone and surveillance systems in a way everyone knows wouldn’t destroy the actual evidence.


  12. it appears hernandez may be up the creek without a paddle. I continue to hope he isn’t the shooter but at this point he was at least too close to miss the overspray (blood splatter) this is taking on a different look then the ray lewis deal this was a friend not someone they bumped into at a strip club either way its beginning to look like his money may not save him!!

  13. Thank goodness last year’s offseason hoopla is all but a memory. Enduring an offseason which headlined ‘silly’ bountygate kills in the Big Easy does not compare to this avalanche of breaking news. No, this year’s offseason headline frenzy is all over a more ‘serious’ and “real” kill! Murder. Spotlight deserved. The real deal, albeit off the field.

    But God-del, are you watching this snowball? No comment? Anything from the NFL at all? You sure were quick and on the ball last year? Did Kraft send you a memo to hold back? You do know it’s gone beyond the NFL Network, it’s smack dab even on CNN nationwide too?

    So a change of venue now from last year: imagine the bigger circus that’s about to sink its teeth into Pats training camp! (If it even gets that far – pretty sure Hernandez will be detained by then, who knows.) Heck, this distraction might even overshadow Tebow’s presence, to be quite honest.

    Yet, still nothing official from the NFL on 1) a real kill (Hernandez) and 2) kill talk (Pollard)??

    Just makes me wonder more and more about the “agenda” the league has on the table. Btw, I’m not saying Hernandez nor Pollard are guilty of anything… due process and all that standard b.s. jus sayin… but I know this, those Pats will be in tough this year, with key Brady-weapons missing and heck, Brady won’t last forever?

    Belichick is a good coach, but not sure even he can navigate through all this though, never mind their need at tight end. Roger out.

  14. this process of getting people to turn on others with deals is so corrupt. How can any judge or jury accept the evidence of people who have so much incentive to lie?

  15. I find it interesting that the talking heads and football “experts” all have the Ravens having a mediocre year just because we traded Anquan Boldin…and got rid of the Aging defenders. HOWEVER, the Patriots are still rated very highly. Don’t tell me that losing Hernandez … dealing with GRONK’s myriad of injuries and surgeries and losing Welker wont have a major impact on the Pats this year. The only players Brady ever threw to were Welker, Gronk, and Hernandez.

  16. Did this guy not pay attention to how the Mike Vick case unfolded? It was dizzying how fast everyone rolled on eachother to save themselves.

  17. “The only players Brady ever threw to were Welker, Gronk, and Hernandez.”

    And Troy Brown, Randy Moss, David Patten, David Givens, Deion Branch, Ben Watson, Daniel Graham, Christian Fauria, Reche Caldwell, Jabar Gaffney. Perhaps it’s people’s faith in Brady and his ability to elevate the players around him that keeps the Patriots as contenders in many people’s eyes.

    I think like the other searches this may be a scare tactic by the police. Hernandez was involved and he is hiding something but he isn’t cooperating, if the cops keep him uncomfortable and keep him on his toes he may either confess or make a mistake.

  18. Who are “the two other guys” and where are they? We’ve gotten no information about them from the media, which seems strange.

  19. To dump this guys body AND throw the potential murder weapon in a lake so close to his home shows a complete lack of any level of intelligence.

  20. Let’s not jump to conclusions here. Maybe they’re looking for lost fishing lures?

  21. Who are the other 2 men, and why is no one asking? I find it very odd that no one is asking this question and or no one has found out. Doe’s anyon know who they are?

  22. Now it makes sense why he destroyed the video from his house. Couldn’t figure that out since everything happened else where, not sure yet on the house cleaning, maybe didn’t want dirt from the industrial park to be found at his house…

  23. Here’s what happened: They were up late doing cocaine at the club. Cocaine leads to impulsive decision to kill Lloyd.

    They probably had a few drinks and smoked some marijuana which, combined with the late hour, made them tired. They stashed the body/car less than a mile from the house so they could go back when they woke up the next day (probably around noon) to cover it up.

    I don’t think they were counting on a jogger finding the body, which is why it appears like a terrible cover-up – his own rental car less than a mile from his house? Seriously?

    That’s why he panicked and got a cleaning crew to wipe the evidence that Lloyd was ever at his house, GSR, and any other obvious evidence. The panic also led to the smashed cell and surveillance equipment.

    He may not have pulled the trigger, but he was there when it happened. Put them all away for a long time.

  24. Not for nothing but nobody knows the story of who shot him or why. Maybe his death was justice served just cause his family said he’s a good guy means nothing. I have never heard the family of a murdered person say my son was a dirtbag and deserved it

  25. Blessing in disguise for the Pats? Hernandez is a good pass-catching TE, but NE’s offense leans too heavily on the pass (this shows up in the playoffs). NE will need to find a balance while working in the new receivers/TE’s. I expect Brady to have the offense rolling by midseason, could be another MVP-worthy season for #12.

  26. Its taken a week for them to start searching for the murder weapon? The cops must not have anything on AH and are now grabbing at straws..

  27. Searching any body of water for a gun sounds like a major undertaking. Searching ALL nearby bodies of water for a gun sounds nearly impossible.

    My first thought is that they are searching this particular body of water because someone gave them a reason to…

    This certainly appears to be a pretty good site to receive any and all major and minor developments in this case (Tebow and Revis were virtually ignored compared to the coverage AH is getting here)

  28. Rumor has it that Putin tossed Bobby Kraft’s Super Bowl ring into that body of water.

  29. There’s something at play here that I don’t think any of us understand. The police are publicly posturing… but for what? I would venture to guess they do have Hernandez pegged as the murder suspect. Otherwise I can’t see why they haven’t arrested him for obstruction to apply a squeeze instead of using the media to do it for them.

  30. And another speculative article now saying that the 2 others are turning on AH with no facts to actually back that up…more AH is guilty articles to follow

  31. If Police are doing all this, it’s hard to imagine that Hernandez is not the prime suspect.

    In any case, I don’t see many good ways for this to end now. At best case for him there won’t be enough evidence to arrest him, and if that’s the case the Patriots should still cut him as soon as possible. Hernandez was supposedly friends with the victim. If that’s true, he should be trying to find the killer or giving the killer up if it’s one of the other guys, despite what involvement Hernandez may have had in illegal activity.

    Instead he isn’t cooperating at all it appears (dogs, lock smiths, lake searches).

    Pretty despicable and selfish even if he didn’t do it and he needs to be cut.

  32. This is what really happened.
    Lloyd: yo Hernandez, I don’t got the money for that pound of weed.
    AH: I need that $2000 bro
    Lloyd: I only got $1750, I smoked the rest
    AH: what!? Bang bang bang, you still owe me $250 fool!……uh oh…

  33. whether or not he pulled the trigger, he is the “biggest fish in the bowl” as this is likely a career case for the prosecutors involved in this suburban county. You can bet they are dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s in this investigation. It’s not like Hernandez is going to empty his bank account and flee the country, he is way too arrogant, and way too stupid to do something like that.

  34. Nothing is better than some of the legal analysis being provided by people that got their J.D. from Law and Order reruns!

  35. If only everyone shot due to gang violence got this much resources put into the investigation. Lloyd’s family should feel blessed. Most family’s never get the attention/justice/time that Lloyd is getting. Heck, most of these gang related shootings get one night of news and then it’s on to the next topic. Families of victims shot in the area must be wondering what about their child….

  36. Why is Hernandez the “biggest fish in the bowl”? Surely the idea of ‘justice’ is that somebody is treated the same regardless of their fame or wealth. Trying to nail Hernandez especially hard because he is famous is just as abhorrent as allowing people with money to buy their way out of trouble.

  37. You should reconsider the term “Rat out,” Hernandez. You’re villifying people who are making the right choice (or may be considering) and victimizing Hernandez and/or Haslam.

    It’s statements like these that make people less apt to come forward. Being a national media source you really should be better than that.

  38. Faux, the rule with first 48 is that they get their best leads in the first 48. Not that the case is solved in first 48. So, the fact that they found the 3 guys he was last seen with, searched their homes, found destroyed surveillance equipment and cell phones falls within that guideline. Now they are just figuring out and preparing charges.

  39. Okay guys, here’s what i think happened. AH was hanging out with the boys at a bar at rumors.

    they ended up on Fayston st. in dorchester, which btw dorchester is not a very friendly place, i should know i live there.

    they picked up their bricks of coke and drove to AH house to cut it up.

    they got the call that the buyers are at the industrial park waiting.

    since they’re all homies AH says Odin go make the drop, take the rental not my ride i don’t want it linked to anything.

    Odin goes, drug deal gone bad gets robbed and shot in the back trying to flee.

    AH and his boys heard gunshots and said oh sh*t call Odin, something doesn’t seem right.

    Odin doesn’t pick up, so they drive to the industrial park and see him dead, they panic go back to the house and start destroying evidence knowing cops will be there the next day.

    solved, drug deal gone bad.

  40. It’s also very possible that Aaronthol is cooperating thru his attorneys. I’d have to think that if he can plea down his obstruction charges by providing info about his 2 buddies who cant afford the same kind of legal representation/protection he’d be all over that. Which would also lend some reason as to why they havent taken him into custody yet. Too bad he drives an Audi and not a Bronco.

  41. If this was basketball and they were playing a game of horse, Hernandez would have g-u-i-l-t and the authorities would be shooting from the pond for the “y”

  42. Frylock I like hour theory except I would bet they were buying not selling.

    The murdered kid went to buy the drugs and got double crossed.

    Almost every one in the NFL smokes weed, they only get tested for weed 1x a year and they all know when it is. If you fail you can get tested more often. My friend who plays on a team is a smoke stack, always smoking 11 months out of the year

  43. I am often baffled when someone with nothing throws their life chances away with this type of crime. When someone WITH everything to loose commits this sort of crime, its even more perplexing.

    If Hernandez killed this man, its going to be relatively easy to solve – since something that would make a guy risk everything he has (when its a lot) has to be huge. They weren’t fighting over something small.

  44. >”It has become virtually impossible for Hernandez to have face-to-face meetings with the other two men, making it difficult for them to get their stories straight.”


    Can’t they just call each other on the cell phone?

    Oh wait…

  45. tjacks7 says: Jun 24, 2013 10:18 AM

    Hernandez, the biggest fish in the bowl? I would expect the police and prosecution to be more concerned with finding out which one actually committed the murder and the extent to which the other two were involved. Not go after Hernandez just because he’s an NFL player or “the biggest fish” as you put it.
    If someone orders a hit on someone else, which arrest is more important: the trigger man, or the person who ordered the hit?

    If Hernandez told his buddies to do the dirty work on Lloyd, he is indeed the one the police want most.

  46. I’m tired of the lame ass Tebow jokes. None of them are clever. Tim is the 3rd string QB learning under Brady, maybe can move up to 2nd along the way. He could play emergency roles at other positions but he doesn’t want to be a tight end. He gives Patriots options which they won’t discuss with you because there’s no reason discussing that helps them. Tim is like a foster kid who had terrible foster parents (Elway, Rex Ryan) now he finally has a stable home with a strict disciplinarian who matches his intensity. Everything is calm cool and collected with the Patriots. They will let Hernandez hang and move on if they need to. There is no circus. The operations continue, just like your office would continue without you.

  47. It seems worth pointing out that if this pond is near Hernandez’ house, then it is also near the murder site, which may well be more relevant.

    Also it is basic instinct to try and separate yourself from something illegal by a good amount of distance, I think it’s normally about 30 mins until people feel safe. So not really sure why people are making a big deal over proximity.

  48. “That’s where the reports of an arrest warrant, repeated visits to his house, and constant media scrutiny can help the police.”

    Washed up lawyer strikes again, if anything they can hinder the police. Also what if the other two are the men that actually did the deed, then your scenario gets thrown completely out.

  49. clarencewhorley- the only reason why i think they were the sellers is because Hernandez had his home cleaned the following day leaving me to believe he was trying to remove coke resin.

    Hernandez could get weed in the area of dorchester for free just because of his status and i’m referring weed to smoke. you usually don’t kill someone over weed, you just break their legs and get your money back eventually.

    they also searched a creek nearby his home with metal detectors and found nothing.

    the killer was most likely from nearby rhode island.

    if he did it he would be in jail by now, he’s not talking i bet because he knows the killers and has a lot to lose at this point.

  50. Who are the other 2 men ? Does anyone know? Why has there been no interest in these other 2 individuals? It seems like a conspiracy.

  51. Guess no one knows, or cares who the other 2 are, but I say they have to be the most intriguing of the bunch, and no one knows who they are.

  52. I have a theory. Suppose Hernandez isn’t the shooter. In fact; maybe is boys aren’t invovled in the way we think. Hernandez knows this victim through his sister. If I’m not mistaken his sister was friends with the victims girl friend. I wonder if his sister is the one he’s protecting. Maybe he engaged in the cover up to protect her. Now, I have know proof of any of this. It just seems to me if the police actually thought that he was the one who committed the murders he would have been detained by now.

  53. frylock73 says:

    Ok, that sounds a lot better than what I thought. I never even considered that but that makes a hell of a lot of sense.

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