Shaun Phillips says he took less for Broncos


The Broncos turned to Shaun Phillips as a cheaper alternative, after losing Elvis Dumervil to a cheap fax machine.

But the veteran outside linebacker said he was fine with that, as he turned down more money to join a team he thinks has a chance to win a Super Bowl. He’ll make a non-guaranteed base salary of $1 million, with another $2 million available in incentives. But he thinks there’s a bigger payoff.

That’s why I came here, to be in this situation, to be with a team that is right there in the mix,” Phillips said, via Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post. “I want a chance at the whole thing, and that means you’re with a team that believes it, and you’re with a team that will do the work.

“This team will put in the work. A lot of teams say they’re good, but the ones that really go after it, that’s what you want to be around, that’s what you want to be about.”

The expectations for the Broncos are high, and while Phillips is a productive player, he’s not a like-for-like replacement for Dumervil, so the defense might slip. But as long as quarterback Peyton Manning is there, and setting the agenda with his work ethic, players such as Phillips will continue to take less to take a shot.

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  1. I don’t see dime neck making it through the whole season this year and I don’t think Osweiler is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback so I think he may have just cost himself some money for no reason at all.
    Also it will be interesting to see how long it takes people to figure that ol’ horseface is basically a fraud once Manning is gone. Denver is in serious trouble when that happens.

  2. Elway has invested in the front 7 of the D over his time and I think we won’t see a major drop off with Sly Williams this year, Derek Wolfe in his 2nd year (6 sacks last year) and Robert Ayers, for all the grief he gets, played quite well subbing for Doom last year. Broncos have a solid rotation now with Phillips and Knighton also.

  3. or when the bolts win yet another vince bombardi trophy to add to the 47 they’ve got in their trophy case.

  4. 2012 Stats
    Elvis Dumervil: 11 sacks, 54 tackles
    Shaun Phillips: 9.5 sacks, 50 tackles

    All else equal, I’d probably take Dumervil, but not at 8x the salary. Especially since he has been injury-prone. Also consider that Dumervil, despite his pass rushing expertise, was a liability in the run game and often came out of the game.

  5. Yep…the paper tiger Donkeys won’t win squat as long as ole one-and-done is there. Gonna be awesome watching them win nothing again.

  6. I hear a bunch of hater dummies in here, dumerville 11 sacks with von gettin double teamed, phillips 9.5 sacks with no double team and is better against the run, with von gettin doubled we wnt miss dumerville at all. Phillips will b just as productive thanks to von and 10 times cheaper, wes welker with louis vasquez and a supremely upgraded d-line manning even healthier no fumblin mcgahee anymore, jammer playin safety, broncos will dominate nxt year u haters

  7. Seems like every time you have a bunch of veterans jumping on one team to make a superbowl run it usuall turns into a complete disaster, much like Philly signing Asomugah.

    Super teams rarely work. I don’t blame Shaun Phillips in the slightest.

    The reality is, Phillips wasn’t going to lead the Chargers to any future superbowl, to think he’s going to suddenly do it in Denver is just as unlikely, and fortuantely the Chargers didn’t have to overpay to keep a guy who wasn’t going to helps get closer to the goal in the first place.

    Good for Denver, Good for Chargers. But I see it as a better move for the Chargers.

  8. You people are aware that Manning has won a Superbowl, right? Your hatred for the Broncos, which ensures you make bias statements, only makes yourself look and sound ignorant.

  9. Too much hate on this thread. Charger fans are only bashing Denver because they know their team isn’t going anywhere this year. Remember where your new HC came from, bolts fans.

  10. The problem wasn’t a cheap fax machine, it was the idiot horse faced operator.

  11. The Broncos are not the team to beat in the AFCW………they are the team to beat in the AFC !
    with all the players the ravens lost and the fact that they pretty much “lucked out” last year and the Pats losing Welker and probably 2 tight ends.
    Both teams will suffer setbacks.
    while the Broncos have upgraded several positions and Manning admits he was rusty and just getting a feel for the new team and scheme at years end.
    the Broncos will coast to a division title and are widely considered mos likely to represent the afc in the SB.
    I concur

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