Shrimp almost felled Adrian Peterson last year

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When Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reported to training camp last summer, everyone was curious to see how his torn ACL would hold up on the field.

By now, you know that Peterson’s knee was just fine as the back came within nine yards of setting a new single-season rushing record. What you probably don’t know is that the knee wasn’t the only health obstacle Peterson had to deal with last year. It might not have even wound up being the biggest one.

Peterson told Jim Corbett of USA Today that a bowl of gumbo almost threw a major wrench into his 2012 season. Peterson ate the gumbo, which included shrimp among its ingredients, and a short time later started having trouble breathing because of a previously unknown allergy that threw Peterson into anaphylactic shock.

“I thought I was Superman until I experienced that life-changing anaphylactic shock,” Peterson said. “I was eating lunch and gobbled down a couple of bowls of gumbo. Then, 15 minutes later, I’m in my dorm room resting up. My eyes started itching and my throat was swelling up. I could barely breathe.”

Peterson called Vikings trainer Eric Sugarman, who injected him with an EpiPen before Peterson went to the hospital. Peterson now carries two EpiPens with him at all times should he have another attack, although he’s doing his best to avoid them by avoiding the shellfish that had been his favorite food. Anyone who enjoys seafood knows how tough that must be, but it’s a small price to pay given the potentially fatal outcome from indulging in a lobster roll on a summer evening.

The good news for the Vikings and Peterson is that this is unlikely to affect him on the field unless a defensive coordinator decides to replace his players’ helmets with lobster shells.

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  1. I’ve eaten shellfish my entire life, including lobster, but last Memorial Day I ate lobster and had the same allergic reaction to it he’s describing. I had never had that happen before when I ate it. I’ve eaten shellfish since, but not lobster.

  2. Sick after eating a bowl of gumbo? Hmmm. Could another New Orleans Saints bounty program be going on here?

  3. Wow! I can’t imagine being allergic to shellfish. I am going to thaw out the once live lobster I got at the grocery story and have it for dinner tonight.

    I have a friend who once thought that seafood was spicy, only to learn as AP did by almost dying. Those food allergies are no joke because sometimes the ingredients aren’t always visible. Another friend is allergic to coconut, so he can’t eat anything without checking.

  4. I am shocked that he wasn’t suspended by Goodell for taking a banned substance after that EpiPen.

  5. Someone needs to get her baby daddy to pay for her to get nails did..It’s been awhile

  6. Shrimp are terrible creatures. I like to eat them but I wouldn’t want to be friends with any of them. They can’t be trusted, if they can do that to Adrian Peterson imagine what they could do to a normal guy like you.

  7. Convinced it is the only way to stop AP, Dom Capers was recently spotted in the Green Bay Piggly Wiggly buying three pounds of shrimp in anticipation of the first Viking/Pack game.

  8. Shrimp when handled properly does not cause these type reactions.

    Improper storage, and especially long term frozen storage, leads to something like this happening.

    Additionally, the “chef” way up in the north woods has to know how to prepare the unfamiliar shrimp.

  9. I’ve seen this happen a lot, in fact it happened to me once. I eat shrimp all the time, but once a restaurant served it with the shell still on and I didn’t realize and immediately started having a serious reaction. A lot of people aren’t allergic to shellfish but are allergic to the skin layer that comes over the shrimp. As long as I make sure to peel off the shell then I can eat them no problem.

    Some types of gumbo I’m just guessing might include the shells for greater authenticity or just to be dangerous for the customers that are allergic to the shells.

  10. Ya gotta eat Manale’s BBQ shrimp with their shells on! That’s where the flavor is at.

    Sop up the leftover goodness with french bread.

    A platonic experience, to say the least.

    The Y’ats will understand what I’m saying . . . .

  11. cometkazie says:
    Jun 24, 2013 1:38 PM
    Ya gotta eat Manale’s BBQ shrimp with their shells on! That’s where the flavor is at.

    Sop up the leftover goodness with french bread.

    A platonic experience, to say the least.

    The Y’ats will understand what I’m saying . . . .


    Yeah you right, brah.

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