Theismann wants to replace Huff on Redskins broadcasts


Well, now we know why Joe Theismann recently defended the Redskins’ name:  Theismann wants to work for the team.

Specifically, he wants to replace Sam Huff on the team’s radio broadcasts.

Theismann disclosed his interest during Monday’s edition of The Holden & Danny Show on 106. The Fan in D.C.

“I certainly would have an interest if the opportunity was presented,” Theismann said when asked if he’d like the job.  “I’ve done everything you can do in the media, including radio.  I think the Redskins are on the verge of becoming a force in the NFL.”

He then went on to do that which every member of the local radio team is supposed to do.  He gushed about the team, relentlessly and endlessly.

By that standard, he should be hired.

45 responses to “Theismann wants to replace Huff on Redskins broadcasts

  1. I can see it now, next years broadCAST (get it, CAST, I know some of you won’t) crew will be RGknee and Joe Thighsman.

  2. We already do a shot every time he talks about his leg injury on a regular broadcast. Imagine how drunk we’ll be when he’s calling RGIII and talking about his leg every week.

  3. So he can critique RGKnee as the second best QB in Redskins history.


  4. You Colts fans are just about more aggravating than Seahawks fans. Geez! Some people can make a site like this so unbearable. On the subject now. I really don’t care who is in the radio booth. I’m a tv type of guy. Good luck to whomever is in the booth. HTTR!

  5. You would have to take 100 Theismans to equal 1 Huff! Joe has prostate issues!

  6. Have Larry Michael (or anybody other than Theissman) replace Sam Huff. Bring back Frank Herzog for the play-by-play.

    Actually, it would be good to have someone who knows the difference between the inside zone and outside zone.

  7. I’d love it! There are very few former Super Bowl Champions that have as much experience as Joe does calling games. He’s great on our pre-season tv telecasts and I always enjoyed him and McGuire together on Sunday nights. I hope as least his name is in the running. #HTTRedskins

  8. Please. Just. NO!
    There is a reason why NFL Network dropped him.
    He is beyond awful.

  9. joe’s prostate is giving him fits; and the prospect of him trying to replace part of the sonny and sam team is giving everyone else fits… and no matter how much beta sita sterisol you take, it doesn’t help.

  10. Noooooooooo! I am the biggest skins fan on earth, and I can’t stand the guy. Aside from just sucking at life, in the booth he gets names wrong all the time and constantly talks about his own career. Not good traits in an announcer. Heck he called Santana Moss by the wrong name TWICE in one game and at the time he was our biggest star

  11. There are serious health risks here. Anyone else in the booth is likely to be asphyxiated when he sucks out the oxygen to support his non-stop talking.

  12. No. Please. No.

    This is the man who coined the word “formation-ing” when describing an offensive pre-snap formation shift.

    Joey Sunshine is the worst.

  13. Nothing against Joe, but the logical move would be to move Doc Walker into the booth from his game day job as sideline reporter. He knows the game and would no longer be getting the leftover air time now that Sam Huff has retired.

  14. I like Theisman personally and hope he gets a great gig somewhere else. But I would rather walk the center lane of the DC Beltway during rush hour than listen to this guy talk for three hours.

  15. For the love of prostrates everywhere, please God no!

    And as if Larry “Snyder Spokesman” Michaels isn’t enough?

    I had trouble tuning in before.

  16. Met Joe twice, once at McDonald’s, once at the airport. Real nice guy, loves talking football. I don’t understand all the hate.

    He sure won’t be napping the way Huff was towards the end.

  17. Sorry folks, but I like Joe and his expert analysis. If you actually sit and listen to what he has to say instead insulting him, you will find that he does know the game very well. He would be an excellent replacement to Sonny, but I would like to see Cooley, Arrington, or “Doc” take Sam’s spot. Preferably Arrington to set up a nice D, and O tandem between Arrington and Joe. I listened to the interview live, and he was not begging for the gig, he was asked a question, and answered exactly the way I thought he would. Believe it or not to all of those outside of the DC area, but most ex players remain in the area, and are adored by the fans. This fan base is crazy about the ex redskins, and appreciate what the players have done for the team, and the community. That includes the players that had left for another NFL organization. We are true die hard fans. That’s a fact!! HTTR!!

  18. Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins

  19. Joe would be a good choice for the radio gig.
    Hopefully his booth will be close to the Men’s
    room!! It could always be sponsored by “Super Beta” Prostate Medication!

    Even when I first started broadcasting, I’d be hit with sudden urges to go – so I always had to know where the closest bathroom was. My prostate was really getting to me. Does any of this sound familiar? That’s because many men over 40 have issues that come with an aging prostate. When I found out about Super Beta Prostate – the most widely used supplement for supporting a healthy prostate – I decided I should try it. With over 5 million bottles sold and a trusted 10 year history, it’s no surprise that it works! Wow, what a difference Super Beta Prostate made for me! I no longer have to go so frequently and I usually sleep through the night. It works for me, and now I wake up refreshed, ready to tackle anything.

  20. I don’t mind Joey T that much but I know there are tons of Skins fans that don’t. My first choice would be Brian Mitchell and my second choice is the most logical, Rick “doc” Walker. However, Doc willnot not say Redskins on the air and that could be a problem! My next choice would be Chris Cooley or John Riggins.

    To Coltslosecoltslose! Joey T had his Tib/fib (aka shin) broken by LT, nothis his femor (thigh). For a joke like that to be funny you have to get the body part right!

  21. Joe probably needs the money for his alimony payments. Anything to keep this clown off of television is OK in my book.

  22. It didn’t occur to me what a no-brainer this was till hearing the local chatter last night. Chris Cooley. He knows the game — the modern game, not Joey Sunshine’s yestergame. Knows the offense. Is hilarious. Wants nothing more than to be associated with the Skins forever. Has another 30-35 years left in him as an announcer for the team. Would be a perfect foil for Sonny.

  23. florio is right, pretty obvious brown stuff on your nose there joe.

    oneProblem with joe is that people dont like working with him. he isnt that good and his commentary is condescending at times.

    I love the qb jt and thanks for the memories but if dan snyder wants to impress me, he needs to mend fences with other redskin greats like darryl green, john riggins, art monk, more & more. Another bad move by snyder if he hires joe to fill this position, something the coach has no control over.

    it made me sick seeing ex steeler randel-el hired as team spokesman – really dumb. During games id yell for him to go back to pittsburgh. Dan snyder has alienated a good many ex redskin greats and sadly, given his people skills, there may not be any turning back.

    Sonny gets stroked by dan, dan gets stroked by joe t…

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