Titans don’t want Jake Locker to rely on a wristband


Heading into his first season as the Titans’ offensive coordinator, Dowell Loggains sees something he wants to change: Quarterback Jake Locker’s use of a wristband.

The man Loggains replaced as offensive coordinator, Chris Palmer, liked Locker to wear a wristband with all of the Titans’ plays, so that all Palmer had to do was call out a number and Locker would call the play that corresponded to that number on his wristband. But Loggains doesn’t want Locker relying on a wristband. Loggains thinks quarterbacks sometimes use the wristband as a crutch, and so Loggains will call in the full play to Locker instead and expect him to know it without seeing it written on his wrist.

“My thing with the wristband is I believe the quarterback should know the gameplan well enough,” Loggains told the Nashville City Paper. “If the headset goes out, then he should be able to call the game. . . . We’ll use a wristband for emergencies only, but we won’t call the plays in like we used to that way.”

Wristbands have been a controversial subject at times, especially during Donovan McNabb’s season in Washington, where a hullabaloo arose over a story that McNabb was refusing the coaches’ request to wear a wristband because he thought it would look like he didn’t know the offense. In Tennessee, appearances aren’t the concern, but potential over-reliance on a wristband is.

Titans head coach Mike Munchak said that when he was an offensive lineman, he thought quarterbacks could command the huddle better if they weren’t looking down at their wrists.

“We’ve done it both ways, but I think it’s kind of nice sometimes, especially as an offensive lineman, when the quarterback is looking you in the eye telling you what we’re going to do,” Munchak said. “He’s calling the play, he’s looking at you, he’s making plays, you’re getting eye contact.”

That’s what the Titans will get in the huddle from Locker this year.

27 responses to “Titans don’t want Jake Locker to rely on a wristband

  1. I agree, wristbands are for high school. A quarterback is more than capable of memorizing the plays, part of the job. Eye contact is key for having command. Gotta show off the eye of the tiger, something all qbs SHOULD have. RT17 does!

  2. They should all have iPads taped to their non-throwing arm.

    How could that go wrong?

  3. Well lets hope the OC gets his plays in faster than the folks calling plays in that same manner for the Browns last year. The QB’s got so frustrated both Weeden and McCoy were getting DoG penalties due to the coach taking so effin long to get them in.
    Best of luck Titans fans

  4. Kinda weak to rely on a wristband. Even fast foods employees can remember orders after they given. What does that say about the mental capacity of a Pro QB that can’t remember and repeat a play a few seconds after hearing it.

  5. Im not sure if this really is a big deal.
    Tom Brady Big Ben kurt Warner Alex Smith are just a few that use or used wrist cards. Three of those four won SuperBowls.

  6. Good luck with that. He already struggles and now you want to add more of a burden and make him overthink even more?

    Texans will make the playoffs three years straight while the rest of the AFC South toils….

  7. Still amazes me that grown men making millions need “eye contact” among other psychological motivators just to do their job…….

  8. The Skins didn’t want McNabb to wear the wrist band because he didn’t know the offense, but rather because he couldn’t keep two plays in his head at once. That’s he always appeared out of shape and asking them to re-run the play in his ear during hurry up O.

  9. That makes no sense. Reading a play off from a sheet of paper on your wrist by itself doesn’t mean that you actually know what it means. Comprehension of the offense is shown when the play is run. This is just basic rote memorization, and quite frankly I can see this failing. How often do you see road QBs holding both their hands over their ears just to try to hear the OC over their headset? Tell me, how easy is it going to be to try to get the play in when the 12th man is going nuts, and you’re trying to call in “banana go foxtrot 32 able tango indigo 93”? Instead of “play fifty-three”? Remember, you not only have to get the play in to the QB, but you have to be able to get it in in enough time so that the QB can actually fully relay the play to the players as well. It just seems like asking for more DoG penalties.

  10. Steve McNair played both with and without wristcards–and he excelled in both approaches. In other words, there’s nothing to see here, folks.

  11. I could be wrong but I believe Troy Aikman was the first in the league to wear plays on his wristband. Three Superbowl championships. Worked out pretty well.

  12. and as a die hard fan of the team, I dont want the titans to rely on Jake Locker.

  13. The Titans are a terrible franchise. They should play in the arena football league. When they let Jeff Fischer go they lost all chances of being a winning club.

  14. I don’t think eye contact should make you a better lineman or does it? Locker should know the plays but thinking the team will do better if the QB ‘looks you in the eye’ says something about those players IMO.

  15. Of course the QB needs to really know the offense. That’s a given. But wristbands are a tool…and a very effective one used by some of the top QBs in the game. An NFL offense has HUNDREDS of plays and variations. That’s why the wristband idea came about in the first place. To turn the question around, are the Titans suggesting their offense is going to be so unsophisticated that wristbands won’t be needed while guys like Tom Brady do need them?

  16. It just him not the wristband only andy dalton n Christian pinder were the only QB from that draftclass were albe to take there team to the playoff which mean locker and gabbert a bust regarless if they have playmakers or not

  17. With Palmer, Hasselbeck wore one too and it certainly wasn’t because he wasn’t “smart” enough. Some OCs like wristbands to streamline sending the plays in, some don’t.

    Of the things you can pick apart in Locker’s game, his intelligence or work ethic when it comes to studying the playbook have never been on the list of concerns.

  18. Dowell Loggains should probably be more concerned about his QB not wearing a neck brace this year.

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