Tomlinson says players get used to having Hard Knocks cameras around

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The Bengals soon will be welcoming NFL Films and HBO back to training camp, for the second installment of Hard Knocks since 2009.  But with only 13 of up to 90 players still on the roster from the last all-access rodeo, it will be weird for most of them.

Former NFL running back LaDainian Tomlinson says that won’t last for long, for the most part.

Tomlinson experienced the Hard Knocks life (the Annie reference for is our burgeoning Broadway demographic) in 2010 with the Jets, and he recently talked about the situation with Richard Deitsch of

“The hardest thing about it is getting through the first few days,” Tomlinson tells Deitsch for his weekly Media Circus column.  “After that, you kind of forget the cameras are around.  But you always had to watch what you were saying and what you were doing because you don’t know whether the camera is around or what it will capture.  There is a bit of hesitation at times to say things or do certain things.  I felt at that point in training camp you are trying to build camaraderie and the chemistry of your team so it was weird to have cameras around to capture such moments.”

On one hand, it becomes good TV if the players let their guard down.  On the other hand, it can be problematic if, while letting their guard down, they say something that should have remained in-house.

Either way, the players have to deal with it.  They don’t get to vote on whether Hard Knocks will be coming to town.

Hopefully, one of them will let their guard down enough to gripe about that for the cameras this year.

7 responses to “Tomlinson says players get used to having Hard Knocks cameras around

  1. Hard Knocks is a terrible program, if it wanted good ratings then it should film the Colts, they are the class of the NFL.

  2. I love this show but I don’t want my team to participate in it. I can’t see how this isn’t a distraction for any team that does sign up.

  3. hard knocks is NOT a distraction and a team that is on hard knocks CAN be sucessful….

    ie: The New York Jets were on hard knocks the same year they went to the AFC Championship game for the second year in a row….

  4. Not only did they win the division it was the highest rated up to that point for Hard Knocks. Not sure how the following seasons faired but everyone that says the Bengals are boring and no one wants to watch them you’re wrong and that effects the season results wrong again Bengals did sweep the AFC North that year and made the playoffs,so I’m expecting the same results. Who Frickn’ DEY!

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