Browns’ Mt. Rushmore voting opens

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The Browns weren’t always a struggling franchise, even if it seems that way.

Cleveland dominated the All-American Football Conference in the late 1940s, and then the NFL in the early 1950s.  And the Browns have had plenty of great players over the years, even if the great outcomes have been few and far between.

So it’s time to honor the four most significant franchises in team history.  Select up to four from the 12 listed below.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

41 responses to “Browns’ Mt. Rushmore voting opens

  1. Jim Brown, Paul Brown, Otto Graham, Marion Motley.

    The Browns do have a tremendous history.

  2. It’s fair to point out that Paul Zimmerman proclaimed Marion Motley to be the greatest football player in the history of the sport as late as 1984.

    Motley was, of course, way before my time, but by all accounts he was a great linebacker, and he averaged 5.7 yards per carry as a fullback. He was one of the first to break the league’s color-barrier, and served two years in WW2 during the early prime of his career.

  3. I voted Hickerson as my fourth, but on second thought, should have gone with Motley.

    I went with Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Lou Groza as my others.

    No disrespect to Paul Brown, I simply went with the men on the field of play.

  4. I know the Cleveland fans deserve to recognize the likes of Paul Brown, Jim Brown, and Otto Graham. But no other city keeps the franchise history when the team leaves town. These names belong to the Ravens. Did the Ravens get John Unitas? I am a fan of neither team, but fair is fair.

  5. The clowns haven’t been relevant since the 60’s. They can’t draft worth a hoot, can’t find an average coach and the owners are either crooks or simply don’t care.

    For such a loyal & dedicated fan base, they put up with more crap than the Bengals, Cards or Chargers (similarly older franchises that have more L’s than W’s)

  6. This was suprisingly one of the toughest votes behind other extremely franchises like Oakland,Dallas and Green Bay.I forgot about all the Browns history, speaking of history Pittsburgh later this week will be the toughest of all of them

  7. This was suprisingly one of the toughest votes behind other extremely franchises like Oakland,Dallas and Green Bay.I forgot about all the Browns history, speaking of history Pittsburgh later this week will be the toughest of all of them

  8. Steelers will be easy-there are 2-sucking first half of 20th century, steroid abuse 2nd half 20th century.

  9. Countdown to the comments by the Indy/Baltimore Mt. Rushmore whiners about consolidating cities….4….3…..2….1……

  10. The very fact that Cleveland was permitted to retain it’s history, colors and traditions speaks volumes about just how important a franchise it is. Yes, the current trend is hardly a high value to the NFL but with a Championship history second only to Green Bay, this is a team that helped shape today’s NFL. Paul Brown was one of the most influential coaches ever to work the sidelines. His innovations remain to this day. The only mistake in the whole Paul Brown saga was his being fired by that great decisionmaker and scalawag, Art Modell. The first of three serious lapses in judgement that helped shape the Browns that left deep indelable scars, the others being the near bankrupcy of the team, which led to the third, the near criminal tearing out of the heart of the city when he moved the team to Baltimore. Only now do signs point to a possible resurgance of the Browns, This team IS The Browns. The Ravens are The Ravens, and I salute them on their successes. I no longer hold a grudge personally and neither do most Clevelanders.Modell no longer is involved (kinda hard from where he is) and Ozzie is one of our greatest. Outside our division rivalry, we hold no animosity towards the Ravens. But be ready…here come the BROWNS…History does repeat itself!


  11. Very tough on the last pick. My choices were Jim Brown, Paul Brown, Otto Graham, and Leroy Kelly. I was torn between Kelly, Motley, and Groza! There is no one is the past 35 years that can hold a candle these six!

  12. The city should keep those names, it shouldn’t move with the team. The city made those teams and those players great, not the other way around.

  13. Jim Brown, Paul Brown, Otto Graham and . . . Bernie Kosar. Kosar, who was good but not great, doesn’t belong with J. Brown and Graham in terms of talent, or with P. brown in terms of impact. But the “Home Boy Makes Good” angle and his popularity warrants his inclusion as one of the seminal Cleveland Browns. And, btw, it really speaks to the Browns’ mediocrity in recent years when the latest players on the list of candidates played their last games with the team 20 years ago.

  14. Paul Brown, Jim Brown, Otto Graham and Lou “The Toe” Groza. Many will choose Motley instead of Groza…and they’ll be right too.

    But, like John Mackey with the Colts and Bilentnikoff with the Raiders, I’m partial candidates who have Awards named after them.

  15. I know he’s only a few years into his career and shouldn’t make the top 4, but Joe Thomas should probably be on the ballot.

  16. I didn’t vote for Jim Brown, because he’s a pompous, self-aggrandizing, hypocritical, selfish, overly critical yet professionally uninvolved jerk. He is one of the reasons I have hated the Browns since childhood.

  17. Well I have to say that Jim Brown is a Cleveland Great, but also a quitter too. Just like athletes that cheat he does not make my Mt. Rushmore. People who there deserve to be on the More

  18. I had a hard time deciding, but ended up picking Jim Brown, Paul Brown, Otto Graham, Ozzie Newsome.

    Bernie almost made it over Ozzie, but I had my QB (and one who appeared in a record 10 straight professional championship games).

  19. >Well I have to say that Jim Brown is a Cleveland Great, but also a quitter too.

    He quit because Modell wouldn’t work with him regarding reporting to practices late due to a movie schedule.

    That might have been the right call by Modell at the time, but since Modell proved to be a jerk in so many other ways, I’ll give Jim Brown a pass on it.

    Besides, he quit at the top of his game. We never had to watch over-the-hill Jim Brown play badly and get cut.

  20. Paul Brown, Jim Brown, Otto-matic and Bernie Kosar. I agree with rufustfireflyjr, Bernie was the hometown kid who wanted to play here. He outplayed his abilities and gave Cleveland everything. He represents the Browns.

    (Cool picture btw, classy way to sum up a legendary franchise.)

  21. PAUL BROWN: He doesn’t have a coaching tree. He has a coaching Amazon rainforest.

    JIM BROWN: Greatest player in NFL history; one of the great athletes the USA has ever produced

    OTTO GRAHAM: 9-time All-Pro; QB’s Browns to 7 championships (AAFC & NFL)

    MARION MOTLEY: NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team; NFL 1940s All-Decade Team; Highest career yards/attempt average in NFL history (5.7)

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