Cooper doesn’t know how close he is to signing


While most of the bottom 244 draft picks have signed, only three of the top 10 are under contract.

At least one of them has no idea when his deal will be done.  According to WECT-TV, Cardinals offensive lineman Jonathan Cooper is “uncertain” as to the status of his negotiations.

“I put it in my agent’s hands and they kind of do what they do and I play football,” Cooper said.

The seventh overall pick, Cooper could end up facing a request that he include offset language in his guaranteed money.  It’s one of the only sticking points in rookie deals; players in the top 20 (or so) get fully-guaranteed, four-year deals.  Most of the players in the top nine get to keep their money and whatever they’d earn from another team, if they’re cut during those first four years.

Some teams resist double dipping.  Last year, the Dolphins insisted on the use of offset language at No. 8, with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.  This year, the Dolphins at No. 3 (Dion Jordan), the Eagles at No. 4 (Lane Johnson), and the Browns at No. 6 (Barkevious Mingo) are expected to try to insist on offset language.

The Jaguars at No. 2 (Luke Joeckel), the Lions at No. 5 (Ziggy Ansah), and the Rams at No. 8 (Tavon Austin) have agreed to remove it this year.