Cowboys sign Travis Frederick


The Cowboys and Anthony Spencer have stopped talking contract, but the team has reached an agreement with their first round pick from April’s draft.

Calvin Watkins of reports that the Cowboys have signed center Travis Frederick. Like all first-rounders, Frederick’s deal is for four years with an option for a fifth year that the team can exercise at a salary equal to the average of the 3rd-25th top-paid centers in the league.

With Frederick under contract, the Cowboys have now signed all of their picks.

Frederick was installed as the team’s starter pretty much the moment they handed in the pick, which some pundits thought was a reach at the end of the first round. Frederick said during offseason workouts that he was determined to prove people wrong about that assessment and it would be a major boost to the Cowboys if he’s able to do that. Their interior line play was not good at all during the 2012 season and they’ll need that to change in a big way if they’re going to find their way back to a winning record.

10 responses to “Cowboys sign Travis Frederick

  1. Front office keeps saying they think he’ll be an anchor and fix the line. And it’s possible, but I wonder why they just keep trying to fix the Oline with one player, instead of trying to fix the o.line through unconventional ways and small tweaks,

  2. Sorry I didn’t mean to say instead, its that they keep tweaking the o.line and make small adjustments to fix the problem, instead of just fixing the problem. Its obnoxious and short term thinking that jerry has plagued this franchise with.

  3. So did they pay him the 1st round money he was drafted at, or the 3rd round grade the coaches gave him pre draft.

  4. Another chess piece moved in the correct place by the grandmaster Mr. Jones. The championship team is almost assembled. CBS has America’s Team rated at #2, just behind Denver. This is most likely correct and most experts should assume they will be facing each other in the Super Bowl this season.

  5. Perhaps Jerry Jones has learned his lesson at last, that you win games at the scrimmage line.

    He just spent his 1st pick in the draft on a OLineman for the 2nd time in the past 3 drafts.

    Before he took Tyron Smith in the 1st 3 years ago, he had drafted OLine in the first round exactly 0 times.

    Jimmy Johnson tried to get it through Jerry’s head back in the 1990’s that you win or lose the game with the big guys up front.

    Might have finally sunk in.

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