Inconclusive video fuels decision not to charge Jones-Drew

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The video was supposedly conclusive.  It conclusively isn’t.

It’s not clear what the grainy, choppy surveillance tape from the Conch House in St. Augustine shows, but it doesn’t conclusively show Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew punching a security officer, or anyone.

The video, obtained and posted by the Florida Times-Union, proves nothing, in our view.  With the standard for a criminal conviction being proof beyond a reasonable doubt, there’s no way a conviction would have been obtained.

“Based on the facts and the law, the state cannot establish the charge beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt,” prosecutor said, via

It doesn’t mean Jones-Drew is out of the woods.  He can still be sued, since most civil cases use the lower standard of “preponderance of the evidence” (basically, 51-49). Ultimately, it may take a jury finding for Jones-Drew to get the alleged victim’s lawyer to realize that the evidence isn’t as clear as he thought it was.

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  1. I admit … I was hoping the evidence would be conclusive enough to have MJD under house arrest for the Jags week 1 contest against the Chiefs.

    Was that wrong of me? I’m Sorry, MJD.

  2. These players are all savages. The NFL should declare itself a zoo and keep these guys in cages in order to protect society in the offseason. The owners can charge admission and make more money. You could go see your favorite players and throw peanuts at them.

  3. The only thing I could figure out is some chick got pushed into the water. None of the security were worried about plucking her out, they wanted to get their shots in during the melee.

  4. I wonder if the bags of money MJD used to pay off the security guard had large $ on them.

  5. And this a huge reason individuals should seek to protect their rights, and not feel coerced into “cooperating” when not legally compelled to do so. You talk yourself into trouble, not out of it.

  6. Jones-Drew has always walked around this town like a self-entitled d*ck. Always tried to like the guy, but everywhere he went, there was a large entourage looking to start trouble and harassing females to the point of lawsuit……

    Hope he goes to jail and rots, or at least breaks his leg. I’d rather have Lawrence Phillips running the ball for us….

  7. That’s funny. For rich people you actually have to videotape them in the act of committing a crime to bring charges against them. I guess eye witness testimony is only for poor people.

  8. That’s funny. For rich people you actually have to videotape them in the act of committing a crime to bring charges against them. I guess eye witness testimony is only for poor people.
    Come on, give me a break. You don’t think they interviewed any eye witnesses. There was a bunch of pushing and shoving and who knows what. There was nothing conclusive. The only reason they were going after MJD in the first place is because he has deep pockets. Looks like they were trying to leave to me and the bouncers ran up and started pushing them out.

  9. I see MJD leaving at beging and then his friend being pushed by bouncers later…Maybe it’s me, but i did’t see MJD any more

  10. Interesting bit of information on the supposed victim. Not saying he is lying but some of this stuff is probably relevant (and admissible):

    Howard, who is listed as a St. Augustine resident, is no stranger to the court system.

    The St. Augustine Record covered a civil trial in 2005 in which Howard claimed he was wrongfully arrested, imprisoned and battered by St. Augustine Police after a fight at the 1999 Cathedral Parish Fair.

    However, the jury found in favor of the police.

    “If any of the jurors had kids that were in my shoes, I don’t believe I’d get the same verdict,” Howard told The Record in 2005.

    Witnesses for Howard testified that officer Peter Presti spontaneously smashed him in the head with a flashlight as the two had a confrontation after Howard’s fight with another teen. Witnesses for the police department testified that Howard lunged at them after being told to leave a volatile scene.

    Courts records show Howard has faced criminal charges several times, but he has not been convicted.

    The Times-Union also reported that Howard has been a professional boxer, with his last fight taking place in 2011.

  11. “ravensbob says: Jun 25, 2013 2:34 PM
    He can get past this when he is living in London.”

    Ha, it’s much worse in London. It’s absolutely Big Brother in London where there are the most cameras in the world. The police sit on their arses watching people commit the crimes and then go try to find the perps.

  12. So… all that evidence on Aaron Hernandez, breathlessly reported by the media from all of those unnamed, unconfirmed sources – might not be so conclusive after all either.

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