Mike Shula wants Cam Newton to be smarter rusher


Cam Newton has been a dual-threat option for the Carolina Panthers during his first two seasons in the NFL. His ability to run in addition to throwing for nearly 8,000 yards already in his career gives the Panthers a dynamic threat at the quarterback position.

That being said, the Panthers want to reel Newton’s running in just a little bit. According to Dan Pompei of the National Football Post, Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula still understands the need to utilize Newton’s athletic skills but want him to make better decisions with the ball in his hands.

“In this run/read offense, there are decisions he makes with the option,” Shula said. “Don’t make decisions where he gets hit right away. If you are not sure if you should hand it off or keep it, then hand it off.”

Newton actually led the Panthers in rushing last year and that’s not something Shula wants to see again. He still wants to take advantage of Newton’s skills and realizes the advantage it gives the team offensively. However, Shula says the key is to find the best way to do so while protecting Newton in the process.

“That first year you wanted to do everything with him, and we still do,”Shula said. “The challenge is to keep him healthy doing those things.”

12 responses to “Mike Shula wants Cam Newton to be smarter rusher

  1. Oh no — Mike Shula, the guy so bad he nearly got Dungy fired from the Bucs is running the Panthers offense? Ugh. Yeah I know he was at Indy as well, but they had Manning. Unless he has Manning to call every play for you guys, you’re in trouble.

  2. @mhs8031 obviously, you are not a Bucs fan. ALL Bucs fans understand that Shula was absolutely horrible as a play caller in Tampa. Les Steckel came in and improved that offense by a ton with the same personnel.

  3. Cam’s got a clothing line now, so he’s already preparing for life after the NFL.

    Thank God the Charlotte-based department store chain threw Cam this life line because his time as quarterback and cultural icon are rapidly fading. This upcoming 6-10 season will be the nail in the Newton coffin, I’m afraid.

    All the wishful thinking Cam lovers need to pull up their socks right now and tell the rest of us how Cam this year will be about TEAM instead of about ME. Without that attitude and some degree of maturity, which Cam apparently can’t master, Cam has had his day in the sun with his big individual numbers.

    Now the rest of the NFL has his number and the outcome is not going to be pretty this season. Put book on these words because they are the truth.

  4. I just cannottttt for the life of me understand the “selfish” and “stupid” tags that people love to place on him..i really love it. He’s done nothing but run what the coaches ahve called..his pouting is one thing but that’s pretty much done with..give it up with the hating IT’S OLD

  5. Just like LeBron, Alex Rodriguez and Serena Williams, people hate the person and let it carry over to the game. Cam will be fine and still in Carolina. And you guys will continue to work the thrid shift at the quickie mart. #Slurpee machine broken, fix it.

  6. I don’t get it. How can people talk about Cam being a failure or not good? All he’s done is throw for 7800 yards and rush for 1500 yards in his first two years. He’s taken a two-win team to more and more wins each year. What will 2013 hold? 4000 yards passing and 700 yards rushing? 30-35 TDs and 15 int? How has he been disappointing? Quit hating!

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