Mike Williams had tonsil surgery


Since the start of the offseason, we’ve had plenty of stories about surgeries for players around the league.

Those surgeries usually involve knees, hips or shoulders, but there’s an occasional curveball thrown into the mix. Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams has thrown just such a curveball.

In response to a follower who asked why Williams posted a picture of him in surgery to Instagram, Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times replied that Williams was having an operation on his tonsils. Williams took a trip to the hospital earlier this offseason as a result of tonsillitis and it appears he decided to take action to guard against a recurrence of the problem during his busy season.

Williams said recently that he was “very close” to reaching an extension with the Buccaneers. There’s little chance that the tonsil surgery will get in the way of that deal nor should it have any impact on Williams’ readiness for the season.

We’d tell Williams to enjoy the ice cream that movies and television have told us for years is the reward for such a surgery, but we learned the hard way 25 years ago that those weren’t documentaries.