Rice likes his Top 100 ranking, disagrees with Flacco’s

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NFL Network’s Top 100 list continues to provide plenty of us with things to discuss during the slow months.  Which qualifies it for, you know, the Mt. Rushmore of time-killing topics.

Most recently, Ravens running back Ray Rice provided a mixed review as to two of the specific rankings.  Appearing on NFL Network, Rice expressed agreement with his placement at No. 13 (behind only two running back), and disagreement with quarterback Joe Flacco’s position at No. 19.

Rice is wrong on both.  He’s too high, and Flacco is too low.

“I think Joe should be ranked a lot higher,” Rice said. “It is a ‘right now’ league and what he did with his Super Bowl performance, his playoff performance, he [is] very deserving of being a lot higher in my eyes. I am not saying that because he is my quarterback, I am saying that because, Joe Flacco, I know what he is capable of doing.  I have been around the guy, he is a darn good quarterback, a very elite quarterback.”

Rice said that he personally plans to be even more elite in 2013.

“I know I have a lot of great football left in me,” Rice said.  “I am going into year six, so it might be time to turn it up another level.”

It’ll be hard to do that, if Rice loses touches to Bernard Pierce.  We don’t know what more Flacco needs to do to get to the top 10.

24 responses to “Rice likes his Top 100 ranking, disagrees with Flacco’s

  1. This is the same list that had RG3 ahead of Flacco and Matt Ryan…..seriously. I understand the hype that surrounds RG3 but Luck and Wilson had better years in my opinion; and are actually better QBs. Plus Flacco led his team to a Super Bowl victory and Matty Ice had an awesome year.

  2. Peyton Manning came into the NFL in 1998, and in his 15 years has won 9 postseason games including one Super Bowl. Joe Flacco came into the league in 2008 and in his 5 years has also won 9 postseason games including one Super Bowl.

    Seems like Flacco has a much better record than Manning!

  3. What I can’t figure is how rose thal on the nfln says that Ryan is so far ahead of joe. Their stats are almost the same, with one huge difference. Ryan has only one playoff won and one or two losses. Joe has one of the best playoff records in nfl history, a Superbowl win and MVP. And his playoff last year goes down in the books as one of the best ever.

    I guess I am biased, but I’ll take Flacco over Ryan any day of the week. Ryan has a little of the bad side of Peyton. He tosses ints at the wrong time. Flacco may not have Matty ices stature but he is a better qb and his playoff record shows it.

  4. There are no player voters anyways. They say that the list was voted on about halfway through the regular season, and yet Flacco is 19th? Ya right no way he was put that high pre Super Bowl.

  5. Ray Rice should not be ranked above Jamaal Charles…. there is ample video and statistical evidence of this fact

    don’t hate on me Ravens fans, you have a first class organization but come on you know i’m right on this one!

  6. If Rice says Flacco should be “a lot higher”, and Florio thinks Flacco currently “is too low”, then Rice is not “wrong on both.”

  7. “Rice is wrong on both. He’s too high, and Flacco is too low.”

    Ah, isn’t he correct on one of them?? Pretty sure he is saying Flacco is too low…

  8. I tend to agree with Rice… I hate to say it because I don’t like Baltimore at all but Flacco came up huge last year…

  9. One thing Flacco could do to be a top 10 player would to not have 3 games with a QBR under 7 in the season. That would be a good step. Honestly, how in the world could you even argue that he should be top 10? Pro Football Focus had him exactly 100th. I don’t see how its even arguable that he’s not as good as guys like Rodgers, Brady, or Manning, or elite non-QBs like Willis, C. Johnson, Green, Von Miller, Sherman, and JJ Watt.

  10. if that’s the case and this is a “right now” league, if Flacco should be higher then Boldin should be #1! he’s one of the main reasons why Flacco’s #19 and has a $120M contract.

  11. Ummm he was way in front of Marshawn Lynch And Marshawn had an much better season than Rice, he is lucky he’s an popular player, he was voted too high.

    Joe isn’t even top 20 material, he had an excellent run in the playoffs but wasn’t great for long stretches. He won I think 10 games, and he wasn’t top qb quality.

    I do believe Joe is set to have a great season, his contract and locker room credibility is soaring, they will out it in his hands and he will do work. Not another superbowl though maybe in an couple years once they recover from all the lost players.

  12. Rice is a nice, versatile player but one of the more overrated in the league in my opinion. Very good catching out of the backfield and has been durable but I can think of several RBs who are better pure runners from scrimmage. Mostly pedestrian in the post-season too, look it up. And fwiw I’m not a Steeler, Bengal or Brown fan either lol just calling as I see it.

  13. “We don’t know what more Flacco needs to do to get to the to 10.” That’s easy, he needs to continue to do what he just did over a longer period of time. Closing one season strong is a good start but not enough.

  14. Really? Eli Manning won his 2nd SB last season and had a much more impressive season (in 2012), but only topped out at 31. But Flacco should be higher?

  15. It’s apparent his contract and the SB win has softened Rice, and his motivation is now gone.

    A few days ago he was pleading for his back-up to take his carries, and now he’s content with his ranking instead of trying to improve. I guess we can cross him off the list of Oz’s veteran locker-room leaders.

  16. Maybe Rice is just reacting to the fact that the only news coming out of Steelers is that the fans peed all over Heinz Field and Terry Bradshaw wants to be a Vegas showgirl.

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