Richard Seymour: Reunion with the Patriots not in the cards

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As the NFL settles into summer vacation mode, defensive lineman Richard Seymour remains unsigned. He has been linked to the Falcons, but as he told Sirius XM NFL Radio on Tuesday, there’s “really nothing new to report” on that front.

Before that update, he addressed an interesting question from Sirius’ Rich Gannon: would he consider returning to the Patriots, who traded him to Oakland in 2009?

Seymour’s answer was clear, and it reflected both his feelings and his sense of how the Patriots feel, too.

“I always felt like that chapter was closed when I left there,” Seymour said. “I’ve always been grateful for the time I spent there, and we had a great time together. I thought it worked well for both sides, but I kind of moved on from there.”  (And, as Seymour noted, the Patriots “moved on as well.”)

“I don’t think that will be anything that we see in the future,” Seymour said of a second stint with the club that drafted him in 2001.

While the Pats could perhaps use more defensive line depth, they will probably have to look elsewhere than to a player who was a key part of their three Super Bowl-winning teams.

23 responses to “Richard Seymour: Reunion with the Patriots not in the cards

  1. Translation: I don’t want Belichick sticking microphones under my shoulder pads any longer, I’m kind of over the whole “cheating” thing.

  2. The poor guy should hang them up while he can still walk a little. He’s a mess…

  3. Seymour was awesome for the Patriots and he’s still a solid starter now. Why hasn’t he been signed? He can play in 3 or 4 man fronts on any down. There aren’t a lot of players of his experience and ability who can do that.

  4. Big Sey was a heckuva player in N.E. The Pats clearly preferred signing his Oakland line mate Tommy Kelly this off season.

  5. He was still a good player when the Pats traded him before the 09 season, but I was never a fan of him personally. The 09 team was horrible, esecially in the lockerroom. Seymour whined publicly even in the good lockerrooms, so he would have made the 09 lockerroom even worse. And the 09 Pats weren’t really even good enough to make the playoffs but they did, which is the opposite of the 08 Patriots. Seymour would have been Adalius Thomas’ best (whining) friend in 09.

  6. Not usually one of those”I said it back then” lame o’s…but I did say it. Everybody was saying what a genius Bill was for getting a first rounder for him.

    Seymour was the backbone of that D no question. Their Dynasty ended the day they traded him away. He ended Kellen Clemens career before it got started. He was a monster.

  7. My favourite all time quote, Richard Seymour shortly after reporting to the Raiders, when asked how things were going for him in Oakland, he says, “Well, the weather is nice.”

    Enjoy you freedom. You’ve earned it.

  8. Big Sey and Big Bill need to put the past behind them and make a 1yr deal with laden incentives to maybe come back for more…

    Winning cures all ailments and squabbles..and I’m sure something can be worked out here

  9. well he could always go back to the pats, and have belladick remove the knife from his back.

  10. The Patriots traded him before the 2009 season to Oakland for a first round pick. That pick was used on Nate Solder and he’s been nothing short of fantastic in his first two seasons in a Patriots uniform.

    Seymour was really good for a lot of years in New England but the decision to trade him was a no brainier for Belichick and considering what the Patriots gained (a young, potential all-pro left tackle) it seems obvious that he made the right choice.

  11. Just a matter of time before he signs with Atlanta, IMO. Makes too much sense considering his Georgia ties and the fact that his (adopted) son has commited to UGA. At some point he and the team will meet halfway on contract expectations and the deal will get done.

    A healthy Seymour on Atlanta’s DL would be HUGE!

  12. I’ve always supported the Seymour trade. The Pats got exactly what they needed in a great young left tackle. The Raiders got a very angry Richard Seymour that single handedly made huge improvements to the Raiders D line (a move that a better franchise could have easily capitalized on).

    But at the end of the day I still don’t blame Seymour for being mad about it.

  13. Seymour and Wilfork’s contracts were coming due at the same time. The Patriots couldn’t afford to sign them both so they chose Vince and traded Richard. Seymour got very rich from the Raiders and the Patriots got their replacement for Matt Light. I say both sides won. The only thing that got hurt was Seymour’s ego. He was a big part of the Patriot’s Dynasty and will always be remembered in NE for that.

  14. Once the rookie contract was up the all-pro appearances ended. Like Revis, he has the talent, but once he got the money it was 3/4 speed ahead.

  15. hey, wait…no bellicheck is a genius stuff in the article???

    I’d take him now, he could be a good backup/mentor for the 4 studs I have on my dline right now. (maybe teach them and rex the “patriot way”?)

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