Sapp digs in on his Rice-Strahan assessment

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If the Hall of Fame busts really do talk to each other at night, it’ll be interesting when Warren Sapp’s and Michael Strahan’s are in there together.

Sapp, who previously said he was worried about not getting a spot in the Class of 2013 because he was competing with “media darling” Strahan, has since launched an anti-Strahan campaign, arguing repeatedly that Strahan is less worthy than Sapp’s former teammate, Simeon Rice.

Sapp reiterated his position Tuesday on NFL Network.

“For all of the people who are not historians of the football as I am, Michael Strahan started his career at right defensive end in New York to replace Lawrence Taylor.  The great Lawrence Taylor.  In those three years, [Strahan] had 12 sacks, which averages out to four a year.  So they put ‘B-U-S’ and they said, ‘Wait, before we call him a bust let’s move him to the left side.’  Hey, there you go.  Ten-and-a-half sacks a year, 128.  He’s a great left end.  Simeon Rice [had] 122 [sacks] at right end and ain’t never been moved.”

It’s the same argument Sapp made last week, down to the ‘B-U-S’ shtick.  While it’s generally accepted that the left tackle is better than the right tackle (for teams with right-handed quarterbacks), the right tackle typically isn’t the worst of the five linemen, contrary to what Sapp said last week.  Moreover, great pass rushers draw double teams and chips and all sorts of extra help, regardless of where they line up.

Case in point:  Reggie White spent most of his career at left defensive end.  That’s something most historians of the football know.

While there’s nothing wrong with Sapp propping up a former teammate, he shouldn’t be knocking Strahan, especially when it’s clear that there’s some sort of rivalry or jealousy between the two men.  While Sapp is paid for his opinions, this opinion is tainted by whatever is going on between him and Strahan.

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  1. As an Eagles fan, only thing I agree with Sapp on is that Rice should be a HOF.

    Strahan was a monster and deserves to be in the Hall.

  2. Im not sure what to think about Sapp’s assessment they were pretty close – Strahan and Rice. For a few years I would say Simeon was the better player. But Strahan got better with age and longevity at a high level of play should put him in.

    But Florio’s right Reggie White is the best defensive end I’ve ever seen and he did mostly go against the RT. Sean Jones was lined up over LT.

  3. Let them duel to the death. That will settle this. Can’t hurt to have one of them silence either.

  4. Do me a favor and don’t both reporting anything that Sapp says. His mouth is like an opposing offense against him – it can run all day long.

  5. Give him hell Sapp that gap tooth idiot from NY couldn’t do it from the rightside moves to left became good Rice did it period I am not comparing am just a Rice fan

  6. I hate Sapp as much as anyone else, but Rice really is underrated and deserves to be in the HOF as much as Strahan.

  7. Makes you wonder why this guy even has a job on tv. Most likely because he’s “controversial” and people think controversy equals rating. He should’ve been worried about not geting in the Hall of Fame because he’s an arrogant, self absorbed douche. Not to mention, kind of over rated.

  8. “Sapp digs in on his Rice-Strahan assessment”

    Too bad Strahan wasn’t born Michael Pilaf. It’s hard to imagine Sapp digging into anything that doesn’t have food involved.

  9. Jealous?!? Strahan does have a better post-NFL gig than Sapp. Maybe that is what is bothering him. The fact that he can manage money better too. Sapp is funnier to listen to though. Especially when Dan Patrick interviews him.

  10. Sap, shut your enlarged pie hole. You blow hard. You just can’t seem to stop putting your foot in mouth. I hope Stray will have something to say to you to send you crawling back into your oversize hole. Ya immature punk.

  11. Hey Warren- did you forget already how soft Simeon was against the run compared to Strahan?

  12. This guy must have something on the nfl network executives or is sleeping with someone because he should of been fired by now. He’s a rambling idiot! If we go by his mind set than Reggie White wasn’t as good as others when in reality he was one of the best if not best all around end ever.
    I’m not one for wishing people losing their jobs but he has to go. Anytime he comes on I turn the channel.

  13. You’re the instigator, the orator of the town
    You’re the worst when you converse, just a big mouth clown
    You talk when you’re awake, I heard you talk when you sleep
    Has anyone ever told you, that talk is cheap

    You talk too much You never shut, up!!
    I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!

  14. Sapp is right. Sapp knows football..period.

    As a RE you’re going up against LTs who are exceptional pass blockers. At LE you’re up against RTs who excel at Run Blocking rather than pass blocking. It’s a lot easier to make living rushing the passer from the left side than the right side. The right side is what SEPERATES the men from the boys.

  15. I didn’t care for Strahan much as a player, even though he was great. But I like him a lot more as a commentator. And although I didn’t care much for Sapp as a player either (loud mouth) although also good, I like him less in the news these days. Didn’t he lose a SB ring to the maid or something? Yea, right.

  16. Keep talking Warren. Eventually the hate for you will get loud enough we won’t ever have to hear you again, and the world will be a better place. Sorry to hear you are broke, since you take such good care of your kids. Loser.

  17. While the right tackle for most teams usually isn’t as talented as the left tackle when it comes to pass blocking, there’s a reason for that. The left side is called “The Blindside” because QBs are less able to see pass rushers coming from that side.

    So defenders who line up against the left tackle face a better tackle but gain the benefit of knowing that if they beat that tackle, the QB won’t know he’s coming. Defenders up against the right tackle are getting a lower quality tackle to matchup against, but at the same time, most QBs favor passes to the right (meaning they’ll be looking to the right if the defender beats the right tackle).

    Ultimately, if getting sacks was FAR easier against right tackles than left tackles, all elite pass rushers would be matched up against right tackles (since a sack is a sack, whether it comes from the right or left side). It’s not that straightforward.

  18. As Sapp would know, there’s more to being a great defensive end than just sacking the quarterback. Playing on the left side meant that Strahan had to face the run more than Rice did and by all accounts he excelled at stopping the run for more than a decade. If Sapp wants to push for Rice to be in the HOF then that’s fine, but it’s just silly to try to diminish Strahan’s game and career accomplishments.

  19. Warren Sapp knows how to stimulate a great thought provoking conversation.
    If only the media could think that deep.

    Unfortunately, the media only reaches for low hanging fruit on the tree or the rotten fruit laying on the ground.

  20. Sapp is a blow hard but I lost every bit of respect for Strahan when he took Favre’s gift to get the record. He should have begged the NFL not to rule it a sack. As far as I’m concerned Strahan has 127 career sacks.

  21. Someone please tell sapp some pkayers are naturally better on the right side or left side. Sacks are sacks . Disruption is all the same wherever it comes from and Strahan was a force.

  22. Many of Sapp’s opinions seem tainted.
    I cannot for the life of me understand how he is gainfully employed as an analyst/talking head.
    He constantly interrupts with repetitious blathering.

  23. Awesome Florio! Well played, intelligent and absolute fact. Sapp is a waste of an opinion when it comes to the NFL. How did this clown get a job at the NFL network??? Hopefully his mouth will get him fired.

  24. Just watch, if Hernandez ends up pointing the finger at one of his associates, Sapp will chime in. Not because of the possibility that Hernandez would be lying, but because “you just do not snitch.”

  25. As a buc fan for about 25 years, i can assure you that Sapp is, and it seems always will be, the biggest horse’s ass that ever wore the “jersey”, as he so elliganty asked the GB coach many yeays ago. I think the name was Mike Sherman.

  26. Hates on Strahan, hates on Suh…next he’ll be talking that Clowney at South Carolina has zero chance at making it in the league. Maybe he’s jealous of those first two because they know how to hold onto their money.

  27. I hate how petty Sapp is being in regards to Strahan. Warren was a “crazy good” DT for much of his career, but his play tailed off and his time in Oakland was a money grab. Warren was done.

    Strahan may have not had the peak that Sapp’s career had, but the stretch was of top play was longer. Strahan could’ve held on for 2-3 more years and got paid and stretched his sack total…just as Sapp did, but he didn’t.

    I’m not a Strahan homer by any stretch. The “sack” on Favre should have an asterisk, or should just count as a tackle for loss, not a sack. Sapp’s point about having to be moved to the right side is a valid one, but (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this) your point Florio, about Reggie White playing on the right was a better point than Sapp’s. Is Warren now going to tell us that Simeone Rice was a better pass rusher than Reggie White?

    Strahan should be in the HOF. Heck, Simeone Rice might be someone who gets some attention from the HOF people too. Maybe that was Sapp’s point…”take a look at Rice’s numbers too.” But just because Sapp has the soapbox to speak his mind, he should spew BS just because he has a rivalry going with a guy. It just makes Sapp look petty and stupid.

  28. Can’t believe that I agree with Tiki Barber…this guy is an idiot. Can’t he just shut up and go away? He’s already in the HOF.

    can we get a recount on last years vote?

  29. Should have let Tiki h w the last word. That would have made a follow up irrelevant & let a dead dog lie.

    But bust? Strahan? Huge stretch. Stupid.

    Hall of Fame? Yes. Hall of can’t keep your mouth shut? Mt. Rushmore status.

  30. Sapp is a disgusting pig! He used to talk about how he wouldn’t shower or brush his teeth for weeks, so that he was completely offensive smelling to the opposition. That’s great but what about the people at home or in the locker room, who have to deal with his stench as well???

  31. Or how about we state the obvious…in a league of
    right handed QBs, it’s just as difficult to put up those types of sack numbers that Strahan did because the right tackle is blocking in the passer’s line of sight. That’s the entire purpose for having an elite left tackle; even if a guy gets behind the right tackle, he’s still going to have to plant the QB before he gets the ball away. Much easier to dump it off when you can see a guy coming right at you than when he comes from behind.

    Ridiculous argument from Sapp. How any organization would put him in front or a camera and pay for his opinion is beyond me.

  32. what a loser ! Simeon rice was great but he wasn’t as dominate as ole gap tooth.with the exception of the record carve laid down for.he was the better defensive end.sapp needs go back under his rock.

  33. Warren just needs to keep his personal beefs to himself, get a better money manager, and stop trying to slam Michael Strahan. Is he jealous Mike went out on top? Or the the fact he’s smashing a 10, does commercials and is on TV every morning? Jealously is a hell of a thing, kinda like the coke Warren was sniffing at UM..

  34. So Sapp played DT, he lined up against Guards, you know, the guys who aren’t athletic enough to protect the edge, but not smart enough to call line commands at center… Perhaps the only person who benefitted the most was Sapp himself, perhaps Simeon Rice is the one who should be in the Hall of Fame for being a greater threat than Sapp… As a Raider, he was one of our bad FA signings, no Rice, no HoF.

  35. Rice played on one of the all time defenses for much of his career and alongside sapp who commanded 2 blockers most times. Strahan played alongside nobody and was constantly double teamed and chipped his whole career. Not to mention… Half his career he played on a crap offensive team that could barely muster 14 pts a game. Teams weren’t throwing much on us and he still had sick numbers. Sapps argument is garbage

  36. I’m not comparing Strahan to Reggie White or Deacon Jones, but they were both left DEs. Probably the 2 greatest DEs in NFL history. I’m not saying Strahan was better than Rice or vice versa. I think Rice was underrated a bit and Strahan was overrated a bit. But Sapp’s reasoning is not very good.

  37. I spend a good amount of time on PFT, NFL Sirius Radio, the NFL Channel, and print media. Really enjoy my football and have for half a century. The only one I automatically tune out and off is Warren Sapp. Not sure why they still keep him around. “Nuff said.

  38. We live in the U.S.A., therefore Warren Sapp is free to voice his opinion. He may do that more than some other people do, but it is his right. In this case I do not agree with it. I don’t think Strahan or Rice belong in the Hall of Fame. Then again, I feel the same way about Warren Sapp.

  39. Strahan is a Giants homer on the pre-game shows and an irritating TV personality but he deserves to be in the hall of fame and Sapp should just take the high road and apologize. Digging in just makes him look like a fool.

  40. Under normal circumstances I agree with Sapp but this time I would send Strahan to the HOF first not that Rice shouldnt go but
    just not before Strahan. I also think Strahan should have went in the HOF with Sapp

  41. I have to say Sapp does have a point. His attacks seem petty and I am not sure why he is going after Strahan but he is right. Strahan got better when the Giants loaded up their D-line with great players. His single season sack record will always have an asterisk. Favre gave him that sack.

  42. Not a fan of Strahan nor Sapp, however, Sapp brings up a valid point that being playing in NY or LA or any other major city or big market gets you more points than playing in a smaller market.

    And with the help of the likes of the 4 letter network and highlight reels some guys do get more pub and seen more often.

    There are numerous players who should be or were held out of the HOF because of where they played and what era…when you have a guy who has better career numbers and doesn’t get in for lame reason…for example Art Monk had better numbers than Michael Irvin yet Irvin made it in before Monk? As a matter of fact the only receiver in the HOF with better numbers is/was Jerry Rice!

  43. 1 Bruce Smith 200
    2 Reggie White 198
    3 Kevin Greene 160
    4 Chris Doleman 150 1/2
    5 Michael Strahan 141 1/2
    6 Jason Taylor 139 1/2
    7 John Randle 137 1/2
    Richard Dent 137 1/2
    9 Lawrence Taylor 132 1/2
    Leslie O’Neal 132 1/2
    11 Rickey Jackson 128
    12 Derrick Thomas 126 1/2
    13 JOHN ABRAHAM 122
    Simeon Rice 122
    15 Clyde Simmons 121 1/2
    16 JARED ALLEN 117
    17 Sean Jones 113
    18 JULIUS PEPPERS 111 1/2
    19 DeMARCUS WARE 111
    20 Greg Townsend 109 1/2

    Warren Sapp’s 96.5 career sacks puts him 34th on the all time list.

  44. The LT is generally better than the RT but when you come from the right the QB can see you coming and more easily avoid the rush. If it was as easy as Sapp says everyone would put their best pass rusher on the right side instead of the left.

  45. You people think just because he is more popular a player is better than anyone else. Rice was the man. Those who think he wasn’t better than Strahan speak out of complete ignorance.

  46. Sapp helped turn the fortunes of an entire franchise around while playing DT. I don’t think you people realize how hard that is to do. I also don’t think you guys realize just how pathetic the Buccaneers used to be.

  47. jhein23 says:
    Jun 25, 2013 10:02 PM
    Im not sure what to think about Sapp’s assessment they were pretty close – Strahan and Rice. For a few years I would say Simeon was the better player. But Strahan got better with age and longevity at a high level of play should put him in.

    But Florio’s right Reggie White is the best defensive end I’ve ever seen and he did mostly go against the RT. Sean Jones was lined up over LT.


    That because Reggie was a better Base End than Sean Jones. More stout against the run. He tossed RTs around like rag dolls. Reggie would have dominated from the right side as well. Moved to Base End out of necessity:

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