Te’o on overcoming adversity: “I’ve been there and done that”


Chargers linebacker Manti Te’o has experienced plenty of things in the past six months.  Some good, plenty not so good.

As he learns at the Rookie Symposium how to deal with the challenges of being an NFL player, Te’o realizes that he can relate.

“The best thing about my whole situation is that when they talk about overcoming adversity, I’ve been there and done that,” Te’o told Alex Marvez and Jim Miller of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “A lot of things [being stressed] are, ‘Don’t be afraid to reach out. Don’t be afraid to tell somebody if something is wrong.’  I’ve been in those dark places.”

Te’o has emerged, by all appearances, stronger.  And while things may have worked out well for him in any of the other  various NFL cities, there’s a sense he’s in the right place with the Chargers.

“What everybody is seeing in San Diego is who I am,” Te’o said.  “What everybody is seeing is what everybody at Notre Dame has seen and what my parents have known me to be as.

“I just keep my head down and work hard.  If that’s all they know me as, I hope they know me as that.  I didn’t say much or talk much, but somebody who loves the game and keeps my family as the most important thing in my life.  Someone who will work hard and overcome anything.”

He has overcome plenty in a short time, and he has handled himself very well in recent months, as the shock and the scrutiny of the scandal subsided.  Already, it feels like ancient history.  If he emerges as a great player, it’ll be like the situation never existed.