Tim Ruskell moves up a rung for Titans

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The Titans shuffled around their scouting staff, moving a former NFL General Manager up a rung in the process.

Among the moves the team announced was Tim Ruskell’s move from Southeast regional scout to position where he’ll cross-check all areas east of the Mississippi River.

The Titans hired Ruskell, who once called all the shots in Seattle, into the Southeast job last year after he was let go by the Bears.

Former Bucs scout Mike Yowarsky replaces him in the Southeast, while Combine scout Brandon Taylor will now cover the Midwest. Former pro scout Dale Thompson will now be the Titans Combine scout.

They also added former Bears scout James Kirkland in the pro personnel department.

17 responses to “Tim Ruskell moves up a rung for Titans

  1. Feel sorry for any team that had him as GM…….He ran the seahawks right into the dirt…….Aaron Curry anyone?????

  2. Ruskell cratered the Seahawks, he paid linebackers like quarterbacks and was allergic to wide receivers and cornerbacks over 5’10”. He must have some sort of other skills to keep on getting work.

  3. Tim ruskell is to talent evaluation as ___________________ is to quarterbacking.

    a. Tim Tebow
    b. JaMarcus Russell
    c. Ryan Leaf

    for all you youngens studying for your SAT, the answer is:
    d. all of the above

  4. Oh man as a Seahawk fan I hate seeing the name “Ruskell” He took a Superbowl team and in 3 years turned it into a team of old, overpaid, softies. I don’t blame him for the Aaron Curry pick, look at that draft class even the top 10 is filled with busts. At least Seattle didn’t have to deal with Sanchez as our QB. I too am amazed he keeps getting work but I guess he knows his NFL circles.

  5. If this guy is ever your GM, I hope you enjoy short CBs, trading valuable picks for questionable players, overpaying older talent, and looking for starting offensive linemen two weeks before the season kicks off.

    The good: Lofa Tatupu, the no-brain trade in his final draft that gave Seattle Earl Thomas (swapped a second rounder for a first-rounder the next year).

    The bad: Traded up to get John Carlson, traded a #1 pick to NE for Deion Branch, Kelly Jennings, Aaron Curry.

    The ugly: Offensive line his last three years with the team, signing Shaun Alexander to a huge extension when he was 30 years old, and giving TJ Houshmanzadeh $40 million at the age of 34.

  6. Wait….the guy who took aSB roster and turned it into one of the least talented teams in the league in a few short years still has an NFL job!?!?!? Took PC and JS HUNDREDS of moves to just get the Hawks back to mediocre. Amazing.

  7. This guy DESTROYED the Seahawks’ roster. How he has a job in football at all, let alone a position of talent evaluation, is mind boggling. Poor, poor, Titans. They don’t deserve this.

  8. Just seeing his name made me throw up in my mouth a little. Of all his screw ups listed you guys forgot the biggest one, he ran big Mike out of town in favor of Morah the lesser.

  9. … AND – he failed to Franchise Steve Hutchinson and we lost him to the Vikings .

    In the dictionary under ‘epic fail’ , it says “see Tim Ruskell” . God help Locker et al ..

  10. Tim Ruskell thought Jim Mora to be a great coach. That alone should tell you this guy isn’t any acquisition that the Titans should be happy with. Sorry you guys lost Fisher, but don’t shoot yourselves in the foot by letting Ruskell, run your show. You-Will-Live-To-Regret-This.

  11. No one hates Ruskell more than Jim Mora. People need to relax a bit and realize he is just a scout. I am sure he knows something about football, and so long as someone is over him, he’ll probably do just fine.

  12. I guess he was just lucky his first year in Seattle since his later moves were so bad (especially the Hutch thing), but its hard to ignore that his first draft arguably is what propelled the Seahawks to the Superbowl at the end of the 2005 season. He drafted Tatupu and Leroy Hill and both were starting and starring linebackers by the end of the year. That had a huge positive impact on the defense. He also took Chris Spencer, who although he didn’t start in ’05, was the starter for the next five years in Seattle at center and later for the Bears.

  13. The 2005 Seahawk’s team that made it to the superbowl was mostly built by Mike Holmgren. Tim Ruskell comes in and starts drafting these short corners and bringing these “nice” guys. It was a good day ehen the Seahawks let him go.

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