Vernon Davis says Seattle “building a dynasty”

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The battle for the NFC West crown this season is expected to be a fiercely contested duel between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks in one of the fastest growing rivalries in the league.

The head coaches don’t like each other. The players don’t like each other. The players don’t like the opposing coaches and so on and so on. It makes for a delightfully entertaining war of words this offseason and adds to the hype for a pivotal early season matchup between the two teams in Week 2 in Seattle for Sunday Night Football.

One member of the 49ers isn’t trying to stir the pot any further, however. 49ers tight end Vernon Davis spoke with Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network from the rookie symposium and said he’s incredibly impressed with the job the Seahawks are doing in trying to supplant San Francisco at the top of the division.

“You have a team like Seattle who is coming up. They are building a dynasty over there. They have some good players over there who are eager to win. These guys are starving. We have to really keep that in mind because these guys are coming to take us out,” Davis said. “I respect them, just like I respect my team, but we want to win too. We are in it to win.”

Whether Seattle truly is building a dynasty remains to be seen but it’s obvious the Seahawks and 49ers are among the most talented rosters  in the league. It should make for a pair of fantastic games this fall.

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  1. Who would have thought that the 49ers and the Seahawks would make an interesting rivalry.

    I am definitely getting my popcorn ready when these to face each other!

  2. I’m not a 49er fan, but that was classy, classy, classy!

    What a good dude. While all the fans are tearing at each other like wild animals, this guy comes with respect. We should all take a page from Mr. Davis’ book, I like this guy. A+ character and player.

  3. The Rams arent a joke anymore either. All the cards need is a qb to compete and the nfc west is the cream of the crop in the nfl

  4. I’m not a fan of either team. My view is that even though Harbaugh has had better early success, Carroll has done a better job building his roster. Harbaugh inherited a talented roster with a lot of pieces in place, Carroll did not. Carroll’s job has been significantly more challenging in my view. He also out-foxed Harbaugh to get Harvin who is clearly one of the most talented players in the league. It will be a great battle, but I’m leaning toward Seattle winning it this year.

  5. Vernon Davis showed some class last year when Kam Chancellor leveled him & Davis said it was a legal hit , which it absolutely was even though the league fined him .

    Both teams are built to be good for quite a while . This is going to be a lot of fun this season .

  6. this is good stuff. that SF / St Louis rivalry is turning into one of the best ones in sports. Must see TV next year approaching the level of Packers / Vikings, Bills / Pats, and Steelers / Ravens where it really doesn’t matter where either team is in the standings, it’s going to be a brutal hard fought game where they play for more than just that Sunday. they play for pride.

  7. Can’t day anything bad about Vernon Davis. He plays with passion and is top 3 at his position. No 49ers coach and 95 % of their fans, that’s a different story. Go hawks

  8. Great attitude. Although Browner and Tate made some less than thoughtful comments after being baited by radio hosts, I think a majority of Seahawks players would have very similar feelings. These guys on both teams recognize talent, and even though they are in an arms war, there was to be mutual respect.

  9. Yo Vernon and Seattle. You are talented, and deep, but don’t let your egos get the best of you. There is someone you ain’t respecting. They don’t have depth, but they have nice corners, an AWESOME defensive line, great young skill players on offense, a revamped offensive line, and a qb who nobody is counting out yet. And you don’t here a peep about how “great I am ” from them. Maybe not this year, but ya’ll better watch out for the Rams.

  10. Vernon Davis has blossomed into one of the classiest players in the NFL. Kudos, sir!

  11. No doubt Seattle and San Francisco have the two most talented rosters.

    However, tell the last time the most talented team hoisted the Lombardi the end of the season.

    All the teams that come out on top have a few things in common. They stay healthy, peak late in the season, get a few breaks, and have a fair amount of unexplained luck.

  12. While SF and SEA both look poised to be very good, let’s not go overboard with the D word.

    You know why those two teams seemed to have unlimited spending money with all of the offseason acquisitions? Because they’re paying their QB’s like kickers. Just wait 2 years when they have to give Kaepernick and Wilson market value contracts, and suddenly it makes paying that all-star supporting cast much harder.

    Both those guys had incredible first season’s as starters, but let’s not forget guys can come back to earth after that kind of season (see Cam Newton). Not saying they will, because I think both guys are better passers than Newton, but it’s possible.

  13. So happy the NFC West has regained respect. There were some dark years not long ago when we had a 7-9 team win the division and commentators reminded us how much we sucked EVERY chance thy could.

    Fun Fact: the NFC West is the only division in football to never lose in the first round of the playoffs for 8 straight years

  14. Seattle may be building a dynasty, talent wise, but can Carroll control the immense talent pool that seems to say and do whatever they want? We shall soon see….

  15. I think Seattle’s starters are as good as any team right now but they lack depth and character. They remind me so much of the 2000’s 49ers that went from 12 and 4, to 10 and 6, to 7 and 9, to 2 and 14. But that’s wishful thinking, of course. lol

  16. Just about 5 years ago the NFC West was the weakest division in the league with the division winner consistently winning 7-9 games. Now its one of the strongest divisions in football. The Niners finally found a coach to take their team to the next level along with their top 5 defense, the Seahawks built a strong team thats in contention for a division title and possibly even a top 3 seed, and the Rams will be competitive as well if Bradford plays well. Even the Cards look like they could make some noise given the right circumstances and a good performance by Carson.

  17. Seattle has as much depth as you could imagine…I think the only team with more depth at some positions is the 49ers because you have drafted guys that can step up. But look at Seattle WR depth and look at SFs….Huge difference…CB position Walter Thurmond if healthy could be a starter anywhere else and he is 4th in line plus there is Lane/Simon still behind that…We have 1 LB spot open and 3 guys that can win the job according to reports from their OTAs. Other positions that have depth where we never even had anything close to it is our offensive line. Tom Cable has coached up 7-8 guys to be able to play our zone blocking scheme as good as any team.

  18. “class·y” – adjective – of high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant.

    I for one am tired of hearing the word “classy” as a measurement to equate NFL players (or fans) for something they say or do. I see really no player that reflects that definition on the football field, nor do I want to. One comment does not determine class.

    NFL players are paid to play a game of violence, and that is what I want to see. I don’t want them patting the other team on the back or giving them high-fives if they ran a good play. The NFL is not for classy play or classy behavior. I want my team to knock the other team down, and play snot-nose football. Violent, tough, and sometimes not family friendly. Keep your class for tea parties.

  19. Dynasty???? Dynasty???? I think that both Seattle and SF are building and have put together the makings of very competitive teams and should be that way for the next few years…..If all goes well.

    Potential Dynasty I could agree with…. But there are about 3-5 of those types of teams out there right now.

    I think that Vernon Davis is class… are many over there in SF. Looking forward to the coming season and hope that the competition lives up to our expectations.

  20. As Seahawks fans we hate the niners and razz their fans, but definately respect them for the team they have. I love the rivalry that now exists and hope it stays that way for years to come. Good luck to both teams, but you know who I’m going for!

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