Vick “very surprised” people thought he was pressuring Kelly


Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who stirred up a controversy when he said he wants coach Chip Kelly to name a starter before training camp, now says he was taken aback by the reaction.

I was very surprised because I didn’t try to say it in a derogatory way where I felt like Coach should make a decision or there’s pressure on him to make a decision,” Vick told “I was just asked a question, and I answered it the best way that I could. But Coach is totally involved in our team and what we’ve got going on and what needs to be done. Like I said, we’re all going to sit back and make sure that we do exactly what he asks us to do, regardless of who’s out there on the field.”

Vick said he texted Kelly to say he didn’t intend his comments to be disrespectful.

“Coach is just so straightforward,” Vick said. “After the first four or five words, you already understand and know where he’s coming from. So we talked the next day, and I sent him a text and he called me back and we talked and that was it. Like I said, everybody on that football team respects Coach Kelly and likes what he’s been able to accomplish so far. He’s grabbing the attention of everybody on our football team. We’re just focused trying to do what’s best for the organization.”

Kelly will do what’s best for the organization in deciding among Vick, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley. And Kelly will do it on his own schedule.

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  1. I am very surprised your still playing football. Vick is RGKnee in about 10 years, without the dog fighting(maybe)

  2. All of these fans can roll Foles or Barkley out there if they want to…… 6-10 in year 1 if they do….Block for Vick this year you all win at least 9 games…Dont and you pick top 10 in 14′

  3. Kelly seems like a “down-to-earth” Schiano. Furthermore, I believe Schiano has more potential to lose a locker room.

    Bucs lost their guy in Kelly,

    but hey, I hear that Revis kid is alright

  4. BOTH you and DeSean have pressured coach to make a decision publicly – regardless of the fact that DeSean even stated that none of you have really differentiated yourselves as the starter.

    Until that happens – where one of you clearly demonstrates you are head and shoulders better than your competition – what point is there to name a starter? Training camp hasn’t even started yet.

    Slow your roll. There will be plenty of time for you to play lights out football for one half, get a concussion or injury of some sorts, and miss the next 6 games.

  5. All of the above have to be some of the dumbest comments ever recorded on this or any site. Dogfighting comments, failed attempts at writing something clever, and grammar so bad that the meaning of the comment changes. God help us.

  6. (Mike Vick): Yes, I reached over and flipped the light switch from the down position to the up position. I was very surprised when the room suddenly got much brighter.

    “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

    That’s Mike, just movin’ on through….

  7. jwil007 says:
    Jun 25, 2013 4:17 PM
    All of these fans can roll Foles or Barkley out there if they want to…… 6-10 in year 1 if they do….Block for Vick this year you all win at least 9 games…Dont and you pick top 10 in 14′

    You do realize that Foles had less pieces around him, worse defense playing for his team, and yet he still led the Eagles to more points per game than Mike Vick did, yet, they have no hope over him. Y’all Vick fans need to get with the times and realize that 2010 was a sham and he isn’t in 2003 form any longer. Send him out to pasture as he’s done.

  8. Here’s a reminder of what he said:

    “Hopefully, Chip makes a decision before training camp and we won’t have to answer that question, so we can go out there as quarterbacks and just focus on this season and not answer questions about competition every day,”

    I actually agree with Vick. His statement was relatively innocent, and the media just took off with it.

  9. jwil007 says:
    Jun 25, 2013 4:17 PM
    All of these fans can roll Foles or Barkley out there if they want to…… 6-10 in year 1 if they do….Block for Vick this year you all win at least 9 games…Dont and you pick top 10 in 14′

    Of course because Vick is good for 9 wins every year!!

    The people that defend & shill for Mike Vick never cease to amaze.

  10. Vick is a complete liar, he absolutely meant to call out the coach and try to get public and team support on his side. Vick is a coach killer and always was. HE is at best a mediocre QB and has not earned the starter spot and hopefully a trade is coming.

  11. Vick is so stupid its hard to tell if he really didn’t understand that his comments would cause a ruckus, or if he’s being disingenuous and just playing dumb while busting Kelly’s balls.

    I think he’s just playing dumb though. He’ s been around the press for many years and I think he knew exactly the result his comments would have in the press.

  12. Why doesn’t everyone just let Vick play football and not get involved with the press making a big deal out of everything he says? He’s obviously not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and constantly hounding him with this stuff just brings that out even more. He’ll never win any games as a politician, so let him concentrate on football where me may win at least a few.

  13. Vick shouldn’t be surprised that so-called “fans” always think the worst of him.

    You would think the level of vitriol hurled at him just on this site would be reserved for those who murder people or orchestrate genocide. But Vick is living in a time where killing dogs is considered the most unforgivable crime.

    Vick cancelled his book tour because of actual death threats. Not even Donald Rumsfeld (he who orchestrated the death of thousands of Americans) had his life threatened. Even he was able to go from city to city, happily telling his tale.

  14. ColtsWinColtsWin!! says:
    Jun 25, 2013 4:13 PM
    I am very surprised your still playing football. Vick is RGKnee in about 10 years, without the dog fighting(maybe)
    your total lack of impartiality and just plain player hatin is sad

  15. @11inthebox

    Mike Vick didn’t just kill dogs, he tortured them as CRUELLY as he possibly could. He took harmless family pets & taped their mouths shut & threw them into a fighting ring with his trained killers because he enjoyed watching them suffer. He liked seeing them get torn apart. When one of his trained killers was beaten or crippled in the ring he personally & with extreme malice would slam them into the ground over & over, or electrocuted them or drown them. It was always to torture, inflict more pain & to watch those animals suffer while he laughed about it. When he was caught, he lied & lied & lied. Now why lie if you didn’t know it was wrong? Then he pled to a much lesser charge than the animal abuse he enjoyed so much would have gotten him.

    Once back on the street he then tries to tell everyone he didn’t know torturing animals for ghoulish satisfaction was wrong. lol The dude is sooooo full of baloney. Now he stirs the pot in Philly & once again pleads ignorance to his actions. Why not, all his supporters believe anything he says.

    He’s an awful QB & an even worse individual. And making references to anyone else’s behavior doesn’t take away at what a monumental disappointment this man is both personally on the football field.

  16. Not a philly fan or anyone else in NFC east.

    But I made a Philly fan friend of mine a$200 bet that Vick would never QB a superbowl winner, anywhere. (bet was made when Eagles first signed him)

    Vick is just flat out too damn dumb! Period

  17. Sure mike…just like you were surprised dog fighting was happening on your property. I can’t decide if he’s just an idiot or being passive aggressive. I can’t wait till this POS is out of the NFL and bankrupt again.

  18. The trouble with the Eagle offense is that they don’t have ANY quarterback. Vick is too old and Foles and Barkley are too inexperienced and no one knows if either Foles or Barkley have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. It looks like another long season for the Eagles.

  19. If Chip Kelly doesn’t bring that offense that made him famous at Oregon, into the NFL after seeing Washington, Seattle and San Francisco have major success in the playoffs with that scheme, the Eagles and Kelly are complete fools. They have a healthy and good offensive line, a top running back and speed on the outside with a capable freshly drafted Tight End.

    The Eagles using an Option Spread could and should score 35pts a game.

  20. What Bullshizz…Mike Vick new exactly what he was doing. The reporter he talked to was on the radio that very day talking about how annoyed Vick was and how he asked Vick twice if he realized that they were talking On the Record. Vicks responce to him was “Print it!”
    This victim act has grown old…almost as old as he is.

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