Appeal of decision to hold Hernandez without bail coming soon


On Wednesday, a judge decided to hold Aaron Hernandez without bail pending further proceedings in his murder case.

Those further proceedings could happen as soon as Thursday.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hernandez will appeal the initial decision via a hearing to be held this week.

In 2000, a judge in Georgia initially decided to hold former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis without bail after he was charged with murder.  Less than two weeks later, Lewis was released on $1 million bail.

For Hernandez, the key question is whether he presents a flight risk.  Apart from the modern techniques for digitally monitoring his whereabouts, the media has been staked out at his North Attleboro home on a round-the-clock basis.  It’s unlikely, however, that the media presence will continue through the trial of the case, which could happen at some point in early 2014.

99 responses to “Appeal of decision to hold Hernandez without bail coming soon

  1. Would the same considerations be given to the average guy on the street? Don’t tell me people with money and high profile athletes are not given preferential treatment…

  2. A 23 year old multimillionaire who’s about to spend the next 40+ years in some crap hole prison?

    Is there actually anyone less likely to run ?

  3. I have no sympathy for Hernandez, but I just don’t seem him being held for months without bail.

  4. Personally, I hope they keep him incarcerated,however, if, as the above post states, the issue is whether or not he is a flight risk, then I do not know how they will be able to keep him locked up. Given the publicity, the news and sports stations monitoring him, electronic devises that can be attached to him, his physical size, not to mention his apparent inability to demonstrate the SLIGHTEST bit of behavior that is not incriminating and obvious since the onset of this criminal act, it could be rather difficult to prove that he is a flight risk. Can’t they keep him locked up because he is more than likely an extremely dangerous, violent person?

  5. The guy who was murdered is in a box for eternity because of what this scum bag was a part of. He belongs to sit in jail until his trial. Maybe he didn’t pull the trigger but he was involved.

  6. The whole east coast should just fall into the ocean…what a freakin mess and embarrassment this sector is to the rest of the states…

    Glad I live in LA baby!!!


  7. Funny…..he did everything he could (destroyed video surveillance equipment, his cell phone, wouldn’t talk to law enforcement, etc) to thwart the justice system but now he wants them grant him a hearing on demand to appeal the no bail decision. The judge should tell his lawyers that “sorry, my calendar is booked up for the next few months”. Cooperation is a two way street.

  8. Im aware that someones “innocent until proven guilty” in a courts eyes, but if theres enough evidence to charge someone with 1st degree murder, i feel they shouldnt release you to the general public…

  9. Hernandez is no longer employed, nor is he ever going to be employed by the NFL. With unlimited funds at his disposal and no job, I’d say that might make him a flight risk. He belongs behind bars…

  10. I don’t care about him being a flight risk. He shows he has a problem with wanting to go around shooting people. He doesn’t need to be on the street.

  11. Works if he pays the tab for home confinement and doesn’t add to the taxpayers burden….

  12. Assuming he committed this senseless act, let’s hope bail is denied limiting his ability to taint witnesses. Keep Lloyd’s family in your prayers.

  13. This murderer should NOT be allowed out of prison. He clearly murdered this poor man. And while he wants to be home — will his child & his family, there is another mans family wishing he could come home just one more time, at least to say goodbye — but he won’t be coming home, he was KILLED by Aaron Hernandez…

  14. Not only would they have to decide if he is a flight risk, but if he is a danger to society or himself? I would def say he is a danger to society when you have the possibility of premeditated murder. With all the facts presented so far, I will bet the judge continues to remand in state custody with out bail.

  15. He presents a threat to witnesses, such as the employees who heard the gunshots, or the other two guys in the truck…

    They know he can’t run far. That’s only a small part of the problem…

    But then again, if he is in a gang, he can shut people up from behind bars also…

  16. If I was him & they gave me bail, I’m taking my money & going Snowden on these mofos. Think you got me? Nup, I’m in Hong Kong. Nope I’m in Russia. You’ll never catch me coppers.

    In other words, giving him bail is not a good idea.

  17. You’d think that if he were going to flee, the time for him to do that would have been sometime over the course of the past week and a half, when there was nothing legally preventing him from going anywhere he wanted.

    But then again, Hernandez has proven over the past week and a half that he’s perhaps not the brightest dude on the block. Can’t you imagine him destroying his ankle monitor and then thinking that the authorities couldn’t find him?

  18. Meanwhile, all of us making 5 figures….

    We wouldn’t be able to afford to appeal this early in the case.

    And we would sit.

  19. well, to me, he’s not a flight risk, it’s only circumstantial evidence (I know what you’re thinking….). This is a chance for the state to demand $10,000,000 bail… It would be a smart move. The state would have 10mil to work with, and he’s not going anywhere. He thinks he can beat it, so why would he leave? Instead, tax payers get to pay for his stay there! I think it’s a big loss on the states behave.

  20. If I was in Hernandez situation the judge would slap $1 million bail on me in a heartbeat knowing full well I could not raise it.

    I also would not have had a week to get my affairs in order and would have been hauled off to the joint on Tuesday of last week.

    I think the thing that makes me the most upset is how contrite he is in the pictures.

  21. I dont want to play the devils advocate here —

    But given the week of police searches, media coverage, knowing that you are in big big trouble, your going to PRISON FOR LIFE why did he not flee or make a run for it.
    To think the last days of your life were spent at home watching TV, with Bob Holtsman camped outside your house… Bummer.

  22. He’s volatile and a risk to the community. What happens if someone else sets him off? A baby lives in that house. It’s safer for everyone if he stays locked up until trial.

  23. Hernandez’ body language in that shot is troublesome.


    Like Jackie Chiles says…

    “Your face is my case”

  24. The mountains in Pakistan or Afghanistan,,,,, that’s about all he can do. Even then, they would probably turn him in for money. Iran or North Korea might take him just to tweak the US.

  25. The appeal is a waste of time, IMO. Very few defendants charged with first degree murder get bail. It’s the one charge where the prosecutor does NOT have to prove that the defendant is a flight risk.

    I’m not sure what the circumstances were in the Lewis case, perhaps the prosecutor was already pretty sure the case was moving away from first degree murder by that point, but the vast, vast majority of first degree murder suspects await trial in jail.

    I would be stunned if the judge reversed himself this quickly.

  26. I’s just what lawyers do. Did it in every case when bail was denied or too high for my Client when I was a Defense atty. Had it done “too me” when I was a Prosecutor. I can’t think of a case where bail was denied that there wasn’t an appeal.

  27. You let him out and there won’t be a trial. He will kill his GF, then himself just like that other sorry NFLer. Hopefully that baby won’t be in the house when he does the deed.

  28. I just got to say, kudos to the state police and all the law enforement in Mass, with all of the stuff going on around Boston this year, the people in Boston should be proud of their boys in blue, they never get enough thanks for the hard job they do.

  29. i get the impression, and it is unbelievable, that hernandez’ priority was to bankroll and drug operation. and his source of capital was his nfl job. but that job was secondary to his drug operation. it was a front or cover. and this guy was a stud TE. just think how good he could have been if being an nfl TE was his priority. what a wasted talent.

  30. Jay-z should sign this guy. Though highly unlikely it would also be highly ironic if the Giants picked up AHern. Seems more of a Jets type guy anyway, plus Jets did just lose Keller. Woody wouldn’t mind sticking it to Bob if he could.

  31. There two issues for bail; risk of flight AND danger to the public. It is this 2nd issue his attorney needs to concern himself. Remember this is the 2nd time this year he has had something to do with shooting someone.

  32. Think about it for a minute.
    This POS whacks someone because he doesn’t know if he can trust him.
    Hernandez thinks he just walked of the set of Scarface.
    Two egos like that can never fit under one hoodie.

  33. Hernandez may find it difficult to raise $1M for bail within a few days. Other reports indicated the Patriots will try to recover money from him for the signing bonus they recently gave him. Given the charges against him, I expect the Patriots’ lawyers to get an injunction or order freezing Hernandez’s bank accounts and assets while they sue him. Cut off from those funds, he will likely not be able to make bail or continue to pay his legal team.

  34. Even if he’s not a flight risk it would seem pretty lame to let a guy chill in his million dollar mansion when we all know he killed someone. Let him rot

  35. All the Comments about ‘this dude should have been smarter’ are funny. Obviously this man is of epic ego. He believes he is smarter than everyone else. part comes from youth, part comes from he’s a complete idiot. He seems to have thought he was too smart to get caught. Who’s the idiot now.

  36. I think the thing that makes me the most upset is how contrite he is in the pictures.

    Looked like he didn’t have a care in the world. Maybe reality is starting to set in while he sits in his cell. No way he is going to be let out on bail. He has proven to be a danger to society given his history before he murdered the guy.

  37. Flight risk is only one half of the analysis. The other prong is “danger to the community, or self” That’s where the case in FL is going to come into play. I don’t see the appellate judge weighing the factors in favor of AH.

  38. I have to believe then that this was about more than the murder. What was he upset or didn’t trust about the guy?

    Maybe this stemmed from the original shooting where the guy ‘refused to cooperate with police’ and this guy was a witness

  39. scytherius says:
    Jun 26, 2013 10:32 PM
    I’s just what lawyers do. Did it in every case when bail was denied or too high for my Client when I was a Defense atty. Had it done “too me” when I was a Prosecutor. I can’t think of a case where bail was denied that there wasn’t an appeal.

    If Aaron saw this post, he would feel hope.

  40. I don’t think Hernandez pulled the trigger. This is about the prosecutors pushing him to tell them what happened.

    His problem is that whatever his involvement, it could still be a murder charge – maybe not first degree, but his career is still over.

  41. “Well, I guess this makes Seahawks/Broncos pretty much a Super Bowl lock.”

    Which means the Seahawks and Broncos are pretty much toast for 2013. Front-runner in the NFL is the 2nd worst place to be (next to: being in Aaron Hernandez shoes).

  42. It’s hard to accept that Hernandez had the mental and psychological wherewithal to make it through the rigors of college and college football, and then keep it together to play in the NFL up until now. From a human nature standpoint, it will be fascinating to learn more about this jackass.

  43. It’s amazing how fast technology moves and how fast we’ve done away with innocent until proven guilty. I see no difference between this and the Ray Lewis case yet the reaction seems so much different now. It’s so weird that Ray Lewis is still a respected player by most. Not to mention Pacman hasn’t been released yet, which is pretty insane.

  44. beerbudsnbevo says: Jun 26, 2013 9:46 PM

    Meanwhile, all of us making 5 figures….

    We wouldn’t be able to afford to appeal this early in the case.

    And we would sit.

    I’m surprised it took this long before the $$$ card was played. Amazing how the holier than thou, do gooders just love to see millionaires fall. In the meantime, homeless people love to see you dollarnaires fall.

  45. Dude is covered in tattoos. He’s as much of a flight risk as Lil Wayne.

    Hernandez ain’t going nowhere.

  46. If he makes bail, the Seasquawks will sign him, since the trial won’t happen until the season is over. He’ll fit right in.

  47. He needs to buy a ticket to Russia, and with a tent, set up in the transit area for life. No extradition. See pics of his tattoos to live.

  48. Anybody who thinks Hernandez needs out of jail for defendants to come up missing/dead, obviously doesn’t understand just how connected this man obviously is.

  49. what about the risk that this guy may killing someone else if he is allowed to roam the streets?

  50. jprcox says:
    Jun 27, 2013 12:30 AM
    I don’t think Hernandez pulled the trigger. This is about the prosecutors pushing him to tell them what happened.

    It’s a common misperception that you have to pull the trigger to be guilty of first degree murder. The fact is that multiple people can be convicted for first degree murder of the same person.

    If the prosecution can prove that Hernandez ordered someone else to kill the victim, which they have alleged, then Hernandez is guilty of first degree murder just as much as the shooter.

    Many people have been convicted of first degree murder for hiring hit men even when they were hundreds of miles away at the time of the killing.

  51. Absolutely laughable that Hernandez wants his bail reduced when you consider that he has purposely made it difficult for the police to conduct an investigation by destroying the evidence.

    And without a murder weapon, I wouldn’t grant his team the opportunity to appeal the no bail decision.

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