Bizarre Sanchez video appears online


The arrest of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has provided a timely diversion for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

But it’s impossible to turn the other cheek (yeah, I said it) when it comes to the bizarre video posted by of Sanchez dancing with a couple of women and, naturally, showing his bare ass to the camera.

Of all players in the NFL, it’s fitting that it would be Sanchez, who became the butt (yeah, I said it) of jokes from sea to shining sea after running into the rump of guard Brandon Moore during a prime time Thanksgiving game and fumbling the ball.

The new video, which clearly contains separate images of Sanchez’s face, comes at a time when Sanchez hopes to fend off rookie Geno Smith for the starting quarterback job.  While it shouldn’t affect his standing among teammates and coaches, it gives the media and fans even more reason to shake their heads and wonder whether Sanchez truly gets it.

He’s on his own time, and he can do whatever he wants.  But when he’s facing the most important training camp of his NFL career, it makes sense to be careful about not doing dumb things like, you know, dancing with his pants down in front of any electronic device capable of delivering its contents to the Internet.

So, basically, in front of any electronic device.