Chargers make small changes to uniform

When teams make changes to their uniform, there are a couple of routes to go.

There’s the path the Jaguars took this offseason, one that includes radical changes to helmet or jerseys in an effort to move things in a totally new direction. And then there’s a less drastic option, tweaking smaller things here and there in a manner that many people would miss if the team didn’t tip people off. The Chargers have chosen that second path.

The team announced this week that they have made a few small changes to their uniform for the coming season. The colors of the font on the nameplates of their three jerseys (home, away and the powder blues of AFL fame) has been changed, the collars of the jersey will now match the color of the rest of the jersey and there’s a gold stripe in the middle of the socks.  The iconic lightning bolt helmets have not been touched at all.

“We have been thinking about this change for several years,” Chargers executive vice president/CEO AG Spanos said in a release. “We knew exactly what we wanted to do.  We didn’t have to redevelop the uniforms.  We like the uniforms, but we felt like we could adjust a few details and make them better. The changes aren’t big changes. They are really just tweaks.  We didn’t make this change so fans had to go out and buy new jerseys.  It was never been meant to spruce sales.  We wanted to change the jersey because we thought it would make it better.”

It might not have been done to spruce sales, but one imagines the Chargers won’t mind too much if people decide to pick up a new Eric Weddle or Antonio Gates jersey to get ready for the 2013 season.

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