Civil lawsuit against Perrish Cox settled

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A civil lawsuit against San Francisco 49ers cornerback Perrish Cox stemming from an alleged sexual assault has been dismissed by a Denver judge, a formal step that implements a settlement reached between Cox and the alleged victim.

According to the Associated Press, court documents indicate the case was dismissed last week at the request of both parties. Attorneys representing both Cox and the accuser mentioned a confidential agreement had been reached out of court.  Cox had been accused of sexual assault after the woman after becoming pregnant with a child that DNA tests indicated belonged to Cox.

The woman had claimed she was raped by Cox after passing out in his apartment.  Cox denied having sex with her at all, consensual or otherwise.

The dismissal of the civil lawsuit comes after Cox was acquitted of criminal charges in the case. Denver Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas was also sued in the case but was previously dismissed from the lawsuit.

33 responses to “Civil lawsuit against Perrish Cox settled

  1. Considering all of the legal crap on Pro Football Talk lately, they should make a TV show…

    Law and Order: PFT

    I got licensing rights Florio….

  2. “Cox denied having sex with her at all, consensual or otherwise”. Yep, didn’t have sex with her…. I guess it’s the 2nd Immaculate Conception!

  3. Let’s see, what’s worse 9er fan, PEDS or Sexual Assault and probably PEDs and/or Roids? Enough said about the sanctity of your beloveds.

  4. Based on what’s happening in beantown and what just went down with Walcott in Cleveland this guy is up for the NFL’s man of the year award.

  5. As always, everybody has a price and if you can pay that price, you can get away with anything you want. That’s ‘Merica!

  6. jdubb84 says:
    Jun 26, 2013 11:46 PM
    In other words settled for lots of money. Only a 49er
    Only a trog would say something so infantile and moronic.

  7. It’s hoodlum day on PFT. You’d think you were reading the police log from the Detroit metro section

  8. I still can’t believe he was acquitted in the criminal case. He denies having sex, she wakes up knowing she was raped and is pregnant with his baby. What a scumbag. Our justice system is a complete joke.

  9. I laugh at you 49er fans. “Well he was a Bronco when this happened”. Yes he was a Bronco. But the Broncos cut him immediately even though he was cleared by the courts. But guess who picked him up. The Broncos did the right thing, they cut a rapist. And the Patriots cut a murderer. Maybe the 49ers will pick up Hernandez because “He was a Patriot when he killed that guy”. Great justification… NOT!

  10. 49er fans way to stay classy and pin the character problems on Denver. Cox is a rapist which is the most terrible kind of person and he is on your team 2 years in a row after the fact. I guess he has a buddy in Crabtree on that team. Try not to throw stones…

  11. “I still can’t believe he was acquitted in the criminal case. He denies having sex, she wakes up knowing she was raped and is pregnant with his baby. What a scumbag. Our justice system is a complete joke.”

    And Roger Goodell did NOTHING!

  12. @themackstrong

    Thanks for posting on every 49ers article.

    That being said, point taken on Cox. Seems like he is not a stand-up guy, but to group him with Crabtree is wrong. He was falsely accused. Similar to the Seahawks signing Brian Banks then?

  13. citynative says: Jun 27, 2013 11:52 AM


    Thanks for posting on every 49ers article.


    I posted on Seahawk/49er exchanges articles linked to both teams. This one I just wanted to point out the hypocritical way some of you look at your team and bash others. Thanks for noticing.

  14. Obviously the woman doesn’t care if she was actually raped or not, she just wants to get paid.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she has kids, each with different fathers.

  15. He said- she said…this stuff happens all day long in all professions. Girl gets drunk, goes to the dudes room, they get it on and then in the morning she’s feeling guilty and cries rape. Especially if the dude’s a celeb or has money. He should have worn a rain coat but having sex when you’re single in your 20’s doesn’t make him a criminal…case dismissed.

  16. These mods that are Whiners fans are soooo obvious. Don’t you low-lifes ever get tired of defending the Red and really yellow?

  17. @thesportgenius… I don’t know if you followed the case at all. DeMarius Thomas, his own teammate testified against him. So actually it is “He and She said vs He said”. Thomas said she was passed out and Cox told him “She’s ready”. Thomas refused to be a part of it which is why she dropped the case against him. Cox is a creeper.

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