Goodell wants NFL teams to view Hard Knocks as “shared obligation”


Hard Knocks is good for the NFL: It provides a fascinating glimpse at the work that players and coaches do during training camp, and serves to get fans excited about the upcoming season. But while the whole NFL benefits from the publicity of a popular, well-made show that generally casts the league in a positive light, only one team has to deal with the potential distractions of cameras and microphones following everyone around at all times.

Those distractions are why most teams don’t want to do Hard Knocks, and some years there is no Hard Knocks because no team will do it. And so NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is hoping that NFL teams will begin to view Hard Knocks as a shared obligation that can benefit the entire league.

We noted in our Monday morning one-liners that Goodell praised the Bengals as being “great” in allowing access to the Hard Knocks cameras, having done the show in 2009 and agreeing to do the show again this year. But while Goodell appreciates the Bengals doing it again, he also said he’d like to see more teams welcome the cameras into their training camps.

“We’re talking about some kind of formal rotation where teams participate in the show on a more regular basis,” Goodell told “Not necessarily more frequently, but on a regular basis so that it is a shared obligation and it would give more teams an opportunity to have this.”

It’s easy to see why Goodell wants teams to buy into the league’s view that Hard Knocks should be a shared obligation. But unless the NFL is prepared to force Hard Knocks on a team that doesn’t want to do it, there are some coaches who will simply never go along with having cameras and microphones in their film rooms and team meetings.

25 responses to “Goodell wants NFL teams to view Hard Knocks as “shared obligation”

  1. I say mandate Hark Knocks for every team every year.

    Make these “stars” actually do what the fans want them to do to help justify their massive salaries. We should be a more developed society to the point that every team can be viewed under this especially fascinating type of lens. That would be really great for the sport and the league and everybody involved. All of the people of the world would benefit to some small degree. Except maybe the players who have to deal with the cameras. Oh well, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Bring on the “shared obligation” and call it a routine practice of principles and prosperity.

  2. Wow! So now The Emperor is gonna force teams be on “Hard Knocks?! Big surprise there! It’s obviously not enough that he make teams play in London, make’s the players play twice in a week (although somehow he’s not being hypocritical even though that makes them more likely to get injured with less off time) and hands out the punishments whether they are warranted or not? Um mm, OK.. Great!

  3. Goodell please tell the bengals thanks but no thanks, let’s mandate the Patriots CIRCUS for this year.

  4. Hey, if the NFL can make players pull up their socks so as to not “diminish the brand”, they can make teams do this.

  5. I like that the Bengals are doing it again, as a fan of the team I like seeing the innerworkings of this team.. I’m surprised more fans wouldn’t want this.

    I think it would be cool if they did the AFC North as a whole one year..

  6. Just play a repeat every year.

    See one and you have seen them all.

    IMO, they are a waste of my time. Watched a couple. Never any more.

    In plain English, they stink!!!!!

  7. Keep it simple. Have the lowest-seeded Wild Card losing team from the conference that loses the Pro Bowl the automatic host of Hard Knocks the following summer.

  8. Probably less intrusive than the cameras the NFL mandated be put in the locker rooms.

    I mean, if any other business – hospitals, factories, anything – put cameras in locker rooms, the company would be prosecuted.

  9. Honestly, if you want to get someone in your house; wife, finance, or girlfriend to watch football then watch hard knocks. It has very little to do with the game but opens up the game for them. Now Sundays are football ALL day for me.

  10. One thing about Goodell and the NFL is that it’s always about one thing…money.

  11. Mr. Goodell, the “reality star” fans of cheese bay are probably all about hard knocks. But, I think I speak for the rest of the 31 teams by saying, F*ck you.

  12. No interest in the Bengals. The Super Bowl winner should be obligated to do Hard Knocks the next summer.

  13. can be a fun show, but you gotta have a team with some personalties. anyone remember last year’s snooze fest out at dolphins camp?

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