Hartline doesn’t want New York fans at Sun Life Stadium

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At a time when the Dolphins and every other team want to see as many paying customers as possible regardless of fan affiliation, receiver Brian Hartline has a message for folks inclined to attend games at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium:  We don’t want New York fans.

“In the past there have been some New York teams that at times have had some pretty good representation at our stadium, especially in the lower seating,” Hartline said during a Tuesday teleconference with fans, via Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post.  “We definitely want to get that fixed.  We want to get more of our Dolphins fans, hear more of the roars on our plays that are successful.”
Ideally, only Dolphins fans would attend Dolphins games.  But owners don’t discriminate when it’s time to sell tickets.  Though they’d rather sell a seat to a fan of their team than a fan of the opponent, they’d much rather sell a ticket to a fan of the opponent than no one.
Especially the Dolphins, who in 2011 held a University of Florida reunion game on Miami University’s field in order to attract as many folks as possible who’d be rooting for former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

43 responses to “Hartline doesn’t want New York fans at Sun Life Stadium

  1. Dallas, San Francisco and Pittsburgh fans are OK…but keep out the NY fans.
    Makes sense to me.

  2. Let the Jet fans come, they won’t have anything much to cheer about for the next couple years.

  3. To be fair, when Tebow started that game the Broncos were 1-4 and the Dolphins were winless.

    So it’s not too big of a stretch to say more Tebow fans would have been in attendance.

  4. Jet fans are the most annoying, like the Knick fans and Yankee fans. I’d say all NY fans are annoying but Giant fans are usually pretty classy and knowledgable.

  5. Florida as a whole has a problem, 71% of the states population was born outside of its borders, I don’t have statistics on how many are from New York, Boston, New Jersey, ect, ect, but it’s safe to assume that it would be a lot.

    The Dolphins, unlike the Bucs & Jags are at the distinct disadvantage of having division rivals in New York and Taxachusettes.

    It will always be a problem, until they’re successful again.

  6. Hilarious Brian your fans ( all twelve of them) are the most annoying in sports.
    You must really enjoy playing in an empty stadium don’t know if you’ve noticed but the lower bowl are the seats with people in them and they’re the opposing teams.

  7. Hartline is not an idiot. The New York fans are the worst of the lot, and I agree with him. They cause
    a problem where ever they sit, it doesn’t matter.
    It’s the most unpleasant time when they sit by us, and anyone is better than them. Sure they come here because they have horrible weather in the winter, and South Florida is a lot better than NY.

  8. If it were not for New Yorkers, Southern Florida would be a swamp. I have been to Sun Life and the fans, ushers, etc should be ashamed how us New Yorkers are treated. Heart line can kiss my NY where the sun doesn’t t shine.

  9. Without opposing fans in Miami, no pro sports team would ever survive there. Lord knows they cant get more than a few hundred of their own “fans” to show up at any given sporting event, unless it involves a championship. The whole state of Florida is pitiful when it comes to true local fans of the teams. They just dont care, unless the word “playoffs” is printed on the ticket.

    Deny it all you want. I’ve lived here for years and see it every single day.

  10. Doesn’t Hartline realize that New Yorkers will take any chance they can to leave New York in the winter? Even if it means paying money to watch the Jets?

  11. Is it me or are the Dolphins just popping off this of-season. Anyway, i cant blame them its the of-season.

  12. 15 or so years ago the Colts hosted a playoff game against the Titans and it litteraly made me sick to see and hear The Hoosier Dome fillled with Titans fans. They purchased their tickets from season ticket holders that did not yet believe in their home team. Multiple 10+ wins every year (except 1) with a couple Super Bowl trips and a Super Bowl win has changed everything. So if you don’t want other teams fans sitting in the front row in your house, to quote the late, great Al Davis. “Just win”.

  13. I absolutely agree with Brian. New Yorkers are the lowest form of people in this country. It sickens me to see them at any Florida event.

  14. There is a lot of smack talk coming out of Dolphin land this offseason from the players. That usually doesn’t end well.

  15. Try winning that usually solves that problem. Only problem with that is the afc East belongs to the pats, even with all our current “issues” I don’t see that changing anytime soon. But hey second place is better than third

  16. I went to a game there as a Bills fan during the JP Losman years. There were so many Bills fans there that they got off a “DEFENCE” chant that could be clearly heard throughout the stadium. I can see his point.

  17. @rodge1
    you must be a giants fan..
    i would know, i live in ny hence my
    my screen name..but the giants
    and the steelers are the worst fans

  18. I feel Brian pain….I remember watching one game on tv in which the Jets were getting the better of the Dolphins and I could clearly hear Jets chants….you know that lame J-e-t-s. It was loud and clear….there had to be a large number of Jets fans there if the chants were as loud like it was

  19. Miami Dolphins fans do not pack Joe Robbie nee a million other names Stadium. I’ve been to a dozen games since moving to Miami and the other team almost always has a very good and much more vocal group of fans.

  20. Start winning games and season ticket holders will stop selling their seats to other team’s fans because they’ll actually want to go to the games themselves.

  21. All of the true Dolphins fans in Florida go to a game at SunLife. Okay, that takes care of one end zone. But who are all of the beer hawkers going to sell to among those empty seats in the other 3/4ths of the stadium? Show some compassion for the working people, Brian.

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