Hernandez charge won’t be disclosed until he appears in court

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We know that Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been arrested.  We don’t know why.

Massachusetts State Police have issued a statement via Twitter (where else?) indicating that they won’t be disclosing the charge against Hernandez until he appears in court.

It’s unclear when he will appear in court.   It presumably will happen at some point today.  But he’ll need to be processed first, including mugshots and fingerprints and whatever else they do when someone is arrested.

20 responses to “Hernandez charge won’t be disclosed until he appears in court

  1. With $12 M guaranteed, I could think of a lot better things to do than shoot some one in the head or be associated w/ murderers.

  2. Unless Hernandez snitches on himself, they found DNA evidence, or something in the lake related to murder….this charge will be obstruction of justice

  3. I’m guesssing the police have more on him than just obstruction of justice, otherwise they could’ve arrested him last week. The other 2 people involved are probably singing like birds…

  4. If you are with someone committing a homicide, and help cover it up, obstruction charges are just the first of the many problems you’re going to have with the law.

  5. I didn’t know that charges were refiled against him in Florida for another shooting.

    YIKES. . . This guy could be in BIG trouble.

  6. Oh there is no way they would be this secrative if it were only obstruction of justice charges. Either murder or conspiracy to commit murder are coming up.

  7. “Get ready for the Jake Ballard/Tim Tebow TE combination pats fans.”

    How about Gronk and Ballard? Or Fells and Ballard? Or Gronk and Fells? Or Hoomanwanui and Fells? Or Gronk and Hoomanwanui? Personally I hope they sign Dallas Clark and pair him with Gronk when he returns.

    Gronk will be back at some point. It could be week one, week three, or week seven. Not sure why people keep acting like his career is over.

    As for Hernandez I hope he’s released. Although the Patriots need to first see how much money that can recoup from Hernandez. If they have a good feeling they can get it all back I could see them releasing him before training camp starts.

  8. Even if he’s innocent, it wouldn’t surprise me if Goodell suspended him the entire 2013-2014 season for bringing negative PR to the NFL. We’ll see if he has a team shortly, either way.

  9. Believe the local sources said that he would be arraigned at 10:30 am in Attleboro.

  10. Alright Aaron it’s time to read the tea leaves. If you know something, and/or have been covering for someone, it’s definitely time to spill the beans and throw your friends under the bus.

  11. they would not of showed up early morning on a weekday and cuffed him in front of media for obstruction of justice, not a high profile person. he is being booked for murder and patriots know that as well, thats why they cut him

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