Hernandez will be arraigned at 2:00 p.m. ET


We still don’t know what Aaron Hernandez will be charged with.  But he will be charged with it later today.

According to WCVB, Hernandez will be arraigned at 2:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

It had been reported that Hernandez will be arrested for obstruction of justice.  But the mood since then has definitely turned ominous.

As we were told earlier today by a source with knowledge of the situation, “Assume the worst.”  Which would push the needle away from obstruction of justice and toward something closer to murder.

As Tom Curran of CSN New England said on Wednesday’s PFT Live, “Keep it simple.”  Whose house has been searched multiple times by police?  Hernandez’s.  Whose rental car initially was found, reportedly, in the vicinity of the body?  Hernandez’s.

Who by all appearances has been the focal point of the investigation?  Hernandez.

Don’t be surprised if, come 2:00 p.m. ET or at some point thereafter, Hernandez is charged with something worse than obstruction of justice.

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  1. Wow, what a way to throw away you life. Remember guys when keeping it real can go terribly wrong.

  2. I dont disagree with the “Keep it simple” theory.

    But was Hernandez’s house the only one subject to search? I ask because no one REALLY knows the names /locations of the other two suspects…

    So there’s likely not 20 camera crews posted outside thier homes.

  3. Been busy this morning… It’s about time they arrested Hernandez… Hopefully, they have a witness or some concrete evidence to charge him with murder. Regarding the salary cap… There should be no relief for the Patriots cutting Hernandez… You as an organization are responsible for every person you give a contract to… Sean Taylor DIED & the Redskins got no relief. Enough said.

  4. Some of the comments in other articles state that this is a no bail situation according to rumors. I’m no law professor but I wouldn’t think you would get denied bail for obstruction of justice..

  5. Not sure if it’s true, however, it has been reported that The Pats can’t take back any of his bonus. This condition, I assume, does NOT apply to AH’s law TEAM.

  6. Unless he is charged with murder, he will probably get bailed out.

    I think he is going to be wearing an orange jumpsuit for a long time.

    By 2:15 PM we all should know.

  7. If he is found guilty of murder I hope they give every last dime he had to the victims family.

  8. Safe to say the Police up there have no leaks in their department. We haven’t heard names of other suspects, what AH is charged with, anything ! Everything has been reported by the media, who we all know makes up stuff to get arise. No one knows what the hell is about to happen in this case. I like the supense !

  9. First, Patriots cut Hernandez, and the Browns cut Ausar Walcutt (Undrafted rookie) after he was charged with attempted murder this morning…trendsetters?


    Who is better to play Aaron Hernandez in ” The Aaron Hernandez Tragedy” based on resemblance?

    Vin Diesel

    Adam Sandler


  11. With hindsight being his release from the team, though it is unconventional and radical, Hernandez should have retired from the NFL. He should have issued a statement that during this legal matter football could no longer be a priority in his life and that he needed to focus on clearing his name. The team would be rid of the distraction and Hernandez would have an avenue to return to the NFL if he is exonerated. The risk that stopped him was the loss of the bonus money, which could happen anyway. And now he is 24 hours away from being a former NFL player with no team.

    Just thinking outside the box.

  12. Florio…start your header:

    “Hernandez Charged for 1st Degree Murder…no bail” smoking gun found in puddle near his house

  13. The people saying patriots should not get relief.. it’s not about the Pats getting relief.. it’s about Hernandez being able to keep the money when he can’t do his job if he’s arrested and convicted.. And this is about thinking that there should be some stipulation that is in all NFL contracts protecting all teams against this type of thing. It should be standard.

  14. Wasn’t it just a day or two ago that an article was posted on here about the law moving slowly with deciding on what to do with Hernandez?

    Yeah, that article looks pretty silly now. Wonder how long it’ll take for the case to go to trial. Could it happen before the end of the year?

  15. Scumbag. Rest of us works our butts off at 9-5 jobs and this guy gets blessed with a gift and throws it away because he hangs out with trash. Waste of life. Waste of talent. Waste of oxygen the rest of us could be breathing with.

  16. I don’t like the Patriots, but I like less how gleeful people are over this situation. Someone was murdered and a promising career has been squandered by a young man with no guidance in his life. This is horrific. The Florida situation is looming and I wouldn’t be surprised if investigators re-open the Gainesville shooting. I hope he doesn’t kill himself.

  17. I think the NLF needs to take a hard look at who their have play on these teams .


    Who is better to play Aaron Hernandez in ” The Aaron Hernandez Tragedy” based on resemblance?

    Vin Diesel

    Adam Sandler

    or George Zimmerman

  19. Just speculating here, but it looks like he will be charged with an “unarmed robbery”

  20. The fact that he was arrested at his home plus the location where he was taken to both suggest that he is going to be charged with Murder 1 or Murder 2. There will still be a bail hearing even if he is charged with Murder 1 and the prosecutor will be required to explain why no bail should be granted. Assuming that there is a reporter in the courtroom, that should provide some insight into what the investigation discovered.

  21. is anyone else as excited for 2pm as I am ? Nothing like a good who done it mystery, eh ?

  22. The reporter on the video stated when you are arrested and when you are charged it is public information … which would mean the other two guys have not been arrested and charged as of yet, unless they were also arrested today. We should know who the other two are today, unless they are off the hook for now.

  23. Ray Lewis 2.0, Hernandez was just riding in the car when the victim was shot and killed in Hernandez’s driveway. He’ll be in camp on a team by August

  24. Maybe by “keep it simple” he meant lets all stop pretending we have a clue and see what comes out. Don’t forget that the original headlines were that Hernandez was not believed to have any involvement.

  25. another loser that had it all and couldn’t figure it out…make new friends…..

  26. I heard it only for petty theft, didn’t pay for a Big Bite Hotdog and a big gulp at a 7-11 store couple weeks ago.

  27. Messages have been recovered from Hernandez’s smashed phone:

    Tell ’em your girlfriend did it – Manti
    Is it what it is? – Bill Belichick
    Was the gun registered, dude, you can get serious time! – Plaxico
    You told me to throw it in the pond. Sorry, but I think I missed – Tim Tebow
    Call me! Now! – Casey Anthony
    R U stupid or what? – Marvin Harrison
    R U stupid or what? – Ray Lewis

  28. Patriot’s investigation may have confirmed AH involvement/coverup but also likely uncovered more issues, and they cut with extreme prejudice. The curse of Pete Carroll is alive and well in Foxboro.

  29. A long list of felonies that would net a “normal citizen” 15-25, and he’ll get off with house arrest until trial, and only manage to do 3-5 max. Watch.

  30. Last summer, Patrick Kane was photographed TRASHED in Madison, WI – and people were calling for him to be traded.

    Meanwhile – Aaron Hernandez was handed a great contract extension.

    What a difference a year makes.

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