Mike Wallace: Our receiving corps is going to have fun


There are two big reasons to believe the Dolphins will have a more effective passing offense in 2013.

The first is that the team went out and added three targets to their receiving corps in an effort to give quarterback Ryan Tannehill more to work with than he had in his rookie season. Wide receiver Mike Wallace was the headline name in that group, but Wallace thinks that it is going to be the quality of a group including wide receiver Brandon Gibson and tight end Dustin Keller that winds up making life difficult for defenses.

“We all present a different type of challenge for the defense,” Wallace said, via the team’s website. “We’re all different types of players. When you get us all together, it’s going to be fun.”

It’s not all newcomers, of course. Brian Hartline is back after a breakout 2012 season and he outlined the other reason why optimism is everywhere you look in Miami. That would be Tannehill with a year of experience under his belt.

“I mean everyone said, all the quote unquote experts say that there’s a big jump for a lot of guys from year one to year two and with Ryan I fully expect it,” Hartline said. “I think at this point he’s focusing on taking it one day at a time, understanding that he has to go through all of camp and get into the season and play through the whole season, so there’s a lot of football to go to get evaluated on. But I couldn’t ask for more, he’s making every throw, his deep ball looks awesome, intermediate ball is great, he has great touch, you don’t feel like it’s a rocket coming into your hands. His improvement has been amazing.”

The revamped Dolphins offense is one of many things we’re excited to see in action when players put on pads upon their return to work in a month or so. If Wallace and Hartline are on point, opposing defenses may not feel the same way.

19 responses to “Mike Wallace: Our receiving corps is going to have fun

  1. The Dolphins offense should be fun to watch for the first time in about a decade or so. Bush was fun the last couple years but his dancing jitters were frustrating.

  2. The WR’s in Miami need a QB to get them the ball in order to have fun…I guess they missed that part this year in free agency.

  3. I used to be a logicalvoice fan, but it feels like he’s just in reruns now. Time to cancel the show, buddy.

  4. Don’t know what kind of arm strength Tannehill has but if Wallace ever finds a QB who can throw an accurate deep ball, he’s going to be a deadly weapon.
    My biggest fear, as a Steelers observer, was that he would sign with the Ravens. Flacco’s arm and Wallace’s speed would be a sensational combination…

  5. You’re going to have fun throwing the ball to each other? Dolphins.have.no.quarterback.

  6. For those who still think the dolphins don’t have a qb, Tannehill was 3rd in the league in accuracy for passes over 20 yrds minimum 30 attempts and was one of the top in the league and best in the afc east in play action and passing on the run, and that was with the receivers he had last year. Not bad for a receiver playing qb huh haters. Now you add one of the best deep that receivers and he will open up the field for hartline, Gibson, Keller and Miller, Fully expect Tannehill top be pro bowl or an alternate this year and multiple pro bowls in the future. This team has a bright future ahead. 2nd youngest team in the nfl and still has over 17 mil in cap space.

  7. Dolphins are looking good with this coaching regime that the players believe in and respect… Also, if Lamar Miller stays healthy look for him to have a huge year too.

  8. As a Ram fan, there were 3 FA losses that hurt: Steven Jackson, Danny Amendola, and… Brandon Gibson.

    Gibson can really play. He’s not the fastest guy in the world, hence perfect as a #2 or #3 receiver, but he can catch the ball in traffic. Heavy traffic. Gibson made plenty of clutch catches in 2012. The biggest knock on him last year were the mental errors. He cost STL a victory (ended up tied) vs SF by lining up wrong at the line of scrimmage in OT, wiping out an Amendola 78-yard pass play (if memory serves; my numbers might be slightly off.) And several other high-profile mental errors.

    But the guy can really play. Dolphin fans might be surprised at how clutch this guy can be.

  9. logicalvoicesays says: Jun 26, 2013 6:35 PM

    Top 5 WRs in professional football – Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Pierre Garcon, Steve Smith and Santana Moss. In that order.
    Ironically only one was on team with a winning record. Having Moss on any such list is illogical.

  10. Dolphins will have more fun if Wallace can show he can still catch a football. Last year was an embarrassing performance. He regularly dropped routine passes dropped right in his hands.

  11. Not really sure why people are saying Miami doesnt have a Qb..?? He was pretty from last year fron lack of receivers and he was a rookie so im not sure how you can say that because he was only a rookie? Why do people take time out of the day to come to a dolphins article and talk trash..? Like go to your own teams articles and worry about yourself and fjnd something better to do…

  12. I wonder where all these Tannehill haters are going to be when he turns out to be a good QB? …. Probably not here

  13. bobzilla1001 says: Jun 26, 2013 7:02 PM

    Don’t know what kind of arm strength Tannehill has but if Wallace ever finds a QB who can throw an accurate deep ball, he’s going to be a deadly weapon
    Answer- Tannehill has a big time arm. Wallace said it is stronger than Big Ben’s. Lots of talent with Ryan and it should show this season.

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