NCAA punishes Chip Kelly, not that it matters now

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Eagles coach Chip Kelly has bolted college football for the NFL in time to avoid NCAA sanctions.

Kelly has been hit with an 18-month show-cause penalty, Bruce Feldman of CBS reports. That means if Kelly wants to return to coaching college football in the next two seasons, he and the school that hires him will have to show that they have a plan in place to abide by any restrictions that the NCAA puts on his recruiting.

Of course, there’s approximately zero chance that Kelly will want to return to coaching college football in the next two seasons, as he has a lucrative contract to coach the Eagles. This punishment matters not at all to Kelly’s coaching career, present or future.

It may, however, matter to his past, in the sense that it could tarnish Kelly’s reputation as one of the best college football coaches in recent memory: According to the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, Kelly built his Oregon football powerhouse in part by violating recruiting rules. Pete Carroll’s reputation in college football circles has similarly been damaged by revelations that USC broke the rules while he was the school’s coach, before he left for the Seahawks.

But like Carroll before him, Kelly left for the NFL before the NCAA could get him.

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  1. The NFL suspended Jim Tressel for his actions in College. I don’t understand how this is any different? Sounds like a double standard.

  2. Student athletes have to follow rules or be punished and shamed, but multimillion dollar coaches can break them w/o any recourse? NCAA is a joke!

  3. Kelly planned this thing out beautifully. Escape the penalties at Oregon, get some cash from the NFL for the two disasterous seasons forthcoming, then come back to (probably) USC once Lane has run his course in 2 years. Basically move to a bigger power, in the same conference, while making some cash to do so. Genius.

  4. The real joke is that the NCAA is so slow to act that the rule breakers have months to plan their escape.

  5. I have been in favor of most punishments the NFL has handed out and dont believe as many do that the power is abused. Having said that I am confused why the NFL would allow coaches to enter the NFL under a cloud of suspicion for violations by the NCAA. One would think if you want a pristine looking league it would start at the top. Once the investigation is completed or if a violation was found the coach should be held accountable in some manner. Just look how long it has taken players under Carroll to lead the league in suspensions, I dont believe it is by coincidence.

  6. Of course, there’s approximately zero chance that Kelly will want to return to coaching college football in the next two seasons, as he has a lucrative contract to coach the Eagles.

    Tell that to Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino.

  7. O you chipper you did it again got away with it in NCAA .But your Beat Downs start in the NFC East Division. Starting with week 1 Humiliation Beat Down on Monday Night. It will be nice to have a punching bag for at least 2 years. HTTR.

  8. It’s not like no one knew this is why he going to the NFL. Or that anyone took seriously his statement that he was going to stay at Oregon.

    That NFL life raft is great now, but if he fails in Philly, he won’t have many alternatives left. So Eagle players be warned, he’s likely to sacrifice anything and anyone to keep that raft afloat.

  9. If anyone read the charges, they were self reported by kelly to the ncaa. They were actions taken by the university in hiring a recruiting agency, not by kelly himself. It’s funny how badly some of you want him to fail simply because he is not your coach.

  10. The reason college coaches don’t do well in the NFL normally, just like why a lot of college graduates don’t do well in the real world, is that it’s much harder to cheat.

  11. I find it funny how people think a coach should be punished in the NFL for recruitment violations in the NCAA when every spring we come to PFT to read about clear and outright tampering cases during free agency.

    Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, meet pot.

  12. Kelly owes the NCAA and it’s petty sanctions nothing. He brought more to the table than he took. There are arcane rules about how a guy can be recruited, and the guy he hired to do that broke them. He knew that and self reported. Carroll is a talented NFL coach and Kelly will be too. This a an organization that changes records by fiat ( Paterno), makes other folks pay to build it a headquarters, and makes rules that stops athletes from attending relatives funerals. They have no real ‘high horse’ or ‘great morality’. ‘My house, my rules’?? Fine, but talented young freshman and sophs leave your house every day as well as great coaches.

  13. Actually Pete didn’t get a show cause penalty from the NCAA so what the NCAA is saying is what Chip did is worse.

    Of course after Todd McNair takes the NCAA to the cleaners it will be revealed that USC really did nothing wrong and still got the biggest sanctions since SMU.

    Thanks Reggie.

  14. Amazing how everyone thought the Bucs should have hired Chip Kelly. Greg Schiano hasn’t had any accusations arise.

    Chip Kelly might get away with it, but each of his players will consider him a hypocrite now.

    Greg Schiano is a man who leads by example. Gotta love it.

  15. @savocabol1

    The Colts suspended Jim Tressel not the league. There is not a double standard from the NFL, just different owners and management staffs have different values which you saw.

  16. cunninghampeetemcnabbvick says:

    Jun 26, 2013 12:15 PM
    I find it funny how people think a coach should be punished in the NFL for recruitment violations in the NCAA

    Yeah, tell Roger Goodell that. He made Jim Tressell sit in the press box for a year because of what happened at Ohio State. Goodell is a power control freak and a megalomaniac. If the sanctions had come down on USC and Oregon before Carroll & Kelly got into the NFL, Goodell would have “sanctioned” them too.

  17. Whether or not you agree with the penalties handed down to Oregon, or with Chip Kelly’s actions, it is my opinion that the NCAA is once again demonstrating its inability to be an effective governing body over college athletics.

  18. Ron meyer started it all, jumping to New England to avoid what he knew would happen at SMU.

  19. As far as NCAA penalties go, this is nothing more than a slap on the wrist for both Oregon and Chip Kelly. Must have been pretty minor stuff if that’s the extent of the penalties. And the fact that Kelly self-reported them once he found out about it tells me that he’s not nearly the boogyman some of you want us all to think he is.

  20. Yeah. Got out just in time to avoid that massive one scholarship loss for two years. Not sure his career would have survived not having that one extra player around for 2 seasons.

    Whew! Close one.

  21. Let’s recap… paid money to a recruiting firm… which is something a majority of major programs do… then signed two of those players because there “may” have been some inappropriate contact by the recruiting firm! Now people who are green with envy (yes I meant the pun) and have Nike jealousy are screaming for this young powerhouse program to be sanctioned and their program to be shut down! Let me know if I missed something…
    So all that stated… I think the penalties assessed to Oregon are appropriate since the violations occured under Kelly… Why punish the student athlete’s and fan base when they didn’t commit the offenses!
    Kelly got his punishment now he’s on to bigger things… The rest of you Oregon Ducks haters cope… or do we so easily forget the Cam Newton booster scandal and the fact that Clemson should have been NAILED to the wall for GENUINE RECRUIT TAMPERING AND BRIBES!!! But alas it’s the SEC (Second to Everyone Conference) who have a lucrative contract with ESPN and massive support from alumni and boosters on the BCS board… is there any wonder why they via for the national championship every year? Just look at their combined bowl game stats year in and out and you’ll see the Big 10, PAC 12, and virtually every other conference out perform them yearly in bowl games!!!
    Okay so enough of my little rant there… ultimately Kelly doesn’t get punished by the NFL because that’s not their job! Oregon has light sanctions because the violation wasn’t egregious or intentional and the current coaching staff and students shouldn’t be punished for Kelly’s actions. Oh and all to of you non-PAC 12 Oregon Ducks haters (cause it’s okay to hate if you’re PAC-12 it’s called rivalry) give it a rest… you all are just scared because in your minds the only schools that exist past Oklahoma/Texas are USC or UCLA because they have a HUGE media market and that upstart school called the DUCKS who do they think they are with their rockin uniforms, high-tech facilities, Nike sponsorship, and new fangled football! Quit hating because your teams are stuck in 1949waiting for their bid to the Cotton Bowl afraid that you’re monopoly on the national spotlight will be faded!

  22. At the very least, Kelly shouln’t be allowed to coach at the college or NFL level for a season.

    He showed no interest in coaching in the NFL earlier then all of a sudden he was headed to Philly. I would say he knew something was about to go down with the NCAA.

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