Ochocinco merits a spot on Bengals’ Mt. Rushmore

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The Bengals, despite plenty of bad years and worse teams, have had plenty of good players.  Four of them earned spots on the team’s Mt. Rushmore.

Unveiled on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, the four men on the mountain include Ken Anderson, Anthony Muñoz, Corey Dillon, and (yes) Chad Johnson/Ochocinco.

Though he took the playfulness and frivolity a bit too far later in his career, Johnson had a great career with the Bengals, as explained in the segment from the show posted below.

Shaun King agreed with me.  But PFT Planet didn’t.  Ochocinco and Dillon were replaced by Boomer Esiason and Paul Brown.

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  1. As a Bengal fan, I completely agree with chad being on our Rushmore. Anyone outside of Cincinnati doesn’t understand what that man single handedly did to cincy football. He made it fun again for our fans and gave us hope. Something we hadn’t had in a long time. It wasn’t always pretty or perfect but we knew it was worth a watch.

  2. Seriously? Chad or no, how can you not have Paul Brown? CD was big for the Bengals, but Brown started the franchise and was responsible in part for their SB appearances.

  3. No Paul Brown. Awful. A travesty.

    Probably should’ve left the 4th spot reserved for A.J. Green


  4. And having the picture with the “Ochocinco” nameplate is the worst argument you could make for his inclusion. Once he did his silly name change his career went straight down the tubes.


  5. Carl Pickens, Chris Collinsworth or Isaac Curtis were all better WR’s than Chad Johnson. People forget that Johnson had a terrible time running precision routes and QB’s simply did not trust him to be where he was supposed to be on timing routes. he also had sporadic issues with the dropsies early in his career. In fact, he was always pretty much a one-trick pony who excelled at go routes and little else. If you consider TE’s than Bob Trumpy or Dan Ross are also better selections than Johnson.

  6. Chad Johnson should not be rewarded in any way for attempting to market himself via ESPN within a team concept. He was a laughable character who would have been completely irrelevant if not for TJ Whosyourmama, who was far and away the Bengals’ best receiver.

  7. “PFT Planet” got it right. Esiason and Paul Brown are both better choices than #85…and it isn’t close.

  8. In the few year stretch of outrageous and ridiculous touchdown celebrations, Chad “eight-five” Johnson (I still to this day wonder why he didn’t go by Ochenta Cinco, for “eighty-five”) still has the best of all of them in my view, with his CPR rendition on the ball in the endzone. I even like it better than the celebration which started that craze… T.O. and his Sharpie

  9. How can you even have a Mt. Rushmore without Paul Freakin’ Brown?! And where’s Ken Riley? There’s no defensive representation at all.

    Dillon and Johnson played fine – they had nice careers, but they were not particularly significant – neither had even the impact of Boomer, and I’d make him a distant 5th choice. These are fanboy picks and don’t measure up even under mild scrutiny.

    Brown and Munoz are HoFers and Kenny Anderson and Ken Riley should be.

    Dillon and Johnson should be out, replaced by Brown and Riley.

  10. Issac Curtis was better and without the headaches,dillion was good but again a problem child always wanting more money.

  11. I’m fine with Chad being one of the four. He had a spectacular career with the Bengals and was the face of the franchise’s resurgence.

    I cannot, however, fathom any good reason for not including Paul Brown, the father of modern football coaching.

  12. This guy was a force until his later years, I remember going to Watch two bengals games versus the Browns (different seasons) and all the Browns in stadium announcer literally said all game was pass complete to 85 Johnson, a 15 yrd run by Rudi Johnson over and over again it was a beauty to watch how he strafed that hapless secondary. He was fun to watch that’s for sure.

  13. Yea, leaving Paul Brown off the Bengals’ Rushmore is akin to leaving Al Davis off the Raiders one. Not to mention the team’s sucked since he died and was a perennial playoff/Super Bowl contender up until then.

    In that same train of thought, don’t know if two players from their worst years merit a spot there. Neither would I put Boomer there since he essentially had 3 or 4 good years much like Carson Palmer before disappointing for years. I think Munoz, Ken Anderson, and Paul Brown could get one more player from their hey day back in the 80’s that would be a better representation of that team’s best players coinciding with greatness in relation to winning.

    If Chad Johnson goes up there, why not Carl Pickens? Corey Dillon probably would make more sense for the Patriots because he actually won there and they weren’t exactly a great franchise previously outside of a handful of years before 1996.

  14. For the Bengals, Chad Johnson stayed out of trouble, had fun, talked trash, and backed it up. Now? He’s 0 for 4 in this area.

  15. I thought Munoz and Paul Brown were givens, and if anyone got knocked off the list for Dillon/85 it would be Ken Anderson.

    Wow, PFT planet sure messed this one up.

  16. Chad Johnson was the Bengals best wide receiver ever (all due respect to Isaac Curtis). And on the subject of receivers, Chris Collinsworth? Pickens was better. Nonetheless, best shouldn’t have been good enough to get on Mt. Rushmore.

    You’ve got to start with the HOFers, which means it’s just a travesty that Paul Brown isn’t up there.

    Finally, this whole Mt. Rushmore thing proves itself to be a joke by virtue of Ken Riley not even being an option. 5th all-time in career interceptions, “the Rattler” probably has the 2nd best snubbed HOF argument after Ken Anderson (again, all due respect to Isaac Curtis).

  17. While Paul Brown warrants a place on the Rushmore, let’s not forget he grew jealous of a young Bill Walsh and tried to blackball him. Instead of making Bill Walsh head coach, he chose Bill “Tiger” Johnson to succeed him. Enough said. Terrible decision just because he was jealous of Walsh’s football knowledge. Walsh and the Niners go on to win Super Bowls and the Bengals win nothing.

  18. 10 years in Cincy – 751 receptions for 10783 yds and 66 TDs.

    You may not like him or his antics, and none of us approve of his legal troubles of the past year but no logical person can deny Chad belongs.

  19. once again Ken Riley, just like with the hall of fame, has been forgotten. Riley recorded a total of 65 interceptions, 596 return yards, 5 touchdowns, 18 fumble recoveries, 96 fumble return yards, 334 kickoff return yards, and 15 receiving yards. His interceptions, interception return yards, and interceptions returned for touchdowns are all Bengals records.
    corey dillon was a great individual player, not a team player by any stretch of the imagination. i worked security for the team and one memory of CD comes to mind. after breaking the single game rushing record and on his way to the locker room, i said “good game mr. dillon”. his response was “mr. dillon dont need your f ing opinion”. that encounter always sticks out in my mind when it comes to CD.

  20. The stats are deceiving. If Isaac Curtis had played under the rules Johnson did he would have put up monster numbers, bigger than anyone than perhaps Jerry Rice. But if we do look at his stats in 12 seasons, all with the Bengals, Curtis had 416 catches for 7101 yards, a 17.1 yard per catch average, and 53 touchdowns. Had he played under the rules Johnson did, cornerbacks could mug receivers all over the field for most of Curtis’ career and they did everything to Curtis to throw him off of his routes except shoot him, Curtis would have easily equaled or bested Johnson’s numbers. Collinsworth had 417 catches in eight seasons for 6698 yards, a 16.1 average and 36 touchdowns. Pickens, in eight seasons with the Bengals, had 530 catches for 7129 yards, a 13.2 yard average, and 63 touchdowns. But the real story is that all three of these guys ran better routes than Chad Johnson. Johnson was a fast, post/go route specialist who couldn’t run a timing route to save his life and he had a penchant for dropping the ball early in his career.

  21. Its crazy to see actual Bengal fans ( all 5 of them) write that Chad Johnson wasn’t even the best WR to wear 85..even for those who didn’t approve of his celebrations, talk ect..he was a very good WR..and IMO could still play in the NFL.

  22. If you think Chad merits a place, then where does that leave the most forgotten man in the NFL, Ken Riley? Fifth in NFL history in interceptions and still not in the HOF. AND he wasn’t even a CB when the Bengals drafted him.

  23. How can you leave Paul Brown off? He’s considered a top 5 coach of all time (top 1 by Bill Walsh & Bill Belichick) in most circles. What about Isaac Curtis? Ken Riley? Don’t get me wrong Ocho is an important figure in Bengal history. And for 4 to 5 years was probably the best WR in the NFL. But putting him as a top 4 figure in Bengal’s history is just wrong.

  24. I didn’t realize this was the final list. Dear god- how in the hell do you leave off Paul Brown? Did you forget about January of 2006? Chad freaks out at halftime of a playoff game that we are winning, takes a swing at a coach? The dude never went over the middle, alienated himself amongst teammates, constantly complained about his contract, pouted when he didn’t get the ball, didn’t block. He couldn’t take over a game like Andre Johnson, give me a break. If you’re going to put him on Mt Rushmore, his face should be on all 4 spots to reflect how he acted as a teammate…me,me,me.

  25. davemishr’s post is full of ignorance. At some point in Chad’s career, he started getting blamed for the decline of Carson Palmer. All the Palmer apologists started claiming Chad couldn’t run precise routes or that he freelanced etc, which is total BS. You don’t lead the conference in receiving 4 years in a row by being a “one-trick-pony”.

    Chad was an outstanding WR and easily the best in Bengals history. And for those claiming Collinsworth belongs, please research his career. Just because you’ve heard of him (thanks to his broadcasting career) doesn’t mean he had a better career than Chad, or Carl Pickens for that matter.

  26. Ken Anderson – No issues with this choice

    Anthony Munoz – Hall of Fame Player so no issue

    Corey Dillon – got his Super Bowl ring with New England but he’s not the best running back in the team’s history that would be James Brooks at least to me

    Chad Johnson – borderline at best to me – Issac Curtis would be my choice over him

    And Paul Brown not on the list?

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